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Fanboyism (Blackest Night 1 Spoilers... Kinda.)

So I have totally gone super fanboy over Green Lantern lately, especially with all the news & hype buzzing around right now.  I'm stoked that Ryan Reynolds will be playing Hal Jordan, 100% happy with that choice.  Green Lantern is also one of the absolute best books out there right now IMO and Blackest Night #1 was so damn EPIC.

 What is there not to like about the GL universe right now?  I know there are some people not digging it out there but I could care less honestly.  Biggest complaints I've heard lately is about Ryan Reynolds and about how he's too goofy, or not a serious enough actor to be GL.  Truth is though he is a GREAT actor and anyone who doesn't believe me should watch Smokin' Aces, The Nines, or Amityville Horror.  Granted one or two of these movies weren't good in and of themselves but Reynolds did tremendously well in them, as well as display his range for playing different types of roles. (And let's not forget what kind of character GL actually was in the Silver Age, and for christ's sake he's not that serious of a character, he thought Larfleeze looked like a god damn muppet!)

Oh and Blackest Night, I'm tired of hearing people complaint about issue #1.  I mean come on people it was a great issue and extremely well written.  Some complain the end was unnessacary and that the characters who died at the end were pointless deaths but in truth they were serving almost no point in the current continuity so why keep them around?  Besides I really hate one of them and was really hoping he'd die anyway. 


Go to hell Fox (Watchmen)

So what comes out next year that us Comic Book Fanboys and Fangirls have been both, looking forward to, and absolutely dreading?  That's right!  NOTHING.  Fox has won the rights to the upcoming Watchmen movie according to IESB.net.  Now before you light your torches and sharpen you blades nothing is confirmed as whether or not the release date will be pushed back yet again or if the movie will be canceled altogether but I for one, am worried.  

Warner created The Watchmen in 1986 and since then the book has become one of the largest milestones in the Comic Book industry as a whole.  Now Fox comes along just months before the release of the movie and decides to claims rights to the title.  Warner obviously pushed forward, ignoring Fox as much as they could, continuing their mass marketing of the movie.  Back in the mid 90's Fox was given the opportunity to do something with the title (Why Warner did this I have no idea.) but they did nothing with it.   So here we are now.  Fox can potentially cancel the movie completely and piss off all of us and there is nothing we can do about it.

Unfortunately there is not much more to be said here other then...




He's a much better character in the chair.  It creates a humanity to Professor X and makes him more intersting of a character.  Outside of the chair he's just another mutant.

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Not as much as I wish I could.

In response to the Question of the Day.

I usually hit the comic shop every other week on payday and when I do I buy as much as I can afford.  I usually spend between $40-$70 every 2 weeks on comics.  But I also get a 10% discount where I go because I have a pull list there.  It also depends on whats out, or what I can find, or if they're having a sale (Which they do about once a month and it's a pretty kick @$$ sale, 20% off new comics and 50% off of just about everything else.)  Usually it averages out to 40 issues a month plus whatever trades I come across.

What does 90 bucks get you?


On Saturday my favorite comic book shop was having a sale; 20% off of all new issues and 50% off of all back issues. They also had just about everything else on sale for 20% as well. So I decided to take advantage of this opportunity

and use it to beef up my collection. Here's what I got:

"New" Issues:

Ms. Marvel #25

Her series has been doing pretty well and I've been enjoying her series so far.

Hulk #2

I originally said I was going to wait until this picked up a little more after reading #1 because it was so dry. But my friend Jeff told me that #2 was really good. And he was right.

Green Arrow & Black Canary #1-6

I haven't read any of this yet. I kept hearing good things about it so it's next up on the stack.

Daredevil #100-106

It's been a while since I've picked up a new issue of Daredevil which is odd because he's an old favorite mine so I'm gonna get caught up on what's going down in Hell's Kitchen.

Wonder Woman 15-18

Same story as Green Arrow & Black Canary. I'll probably read it before Green Arrow and Black Canary though. Honestly, these are the first issues of Wonder Woman I have ever picked up. Ms. Invisible would understand why though lol.

Batman Confidential #14 & 15

Batman Confidential has been one of those, "relax & enjoy" type of books for me so far and I like it that way.

Back Issues:

Nightwing & Huntress #1-4

This was a pretty good read but I was a bit distracted because the writer's name was Grayson and I thought it was ironic.

Daredevil: Father #1-6

Really good read. Loved the ending.

Batman #655, #656, #657, #658

Batman & Son, story arc. I have scans of the issues on my computer but I wanted the actual books for my collection.

And finally I found an issue of Batman that I have been trying to find for months now. Batman #497; Breaking the Batman. I didn't want it because it was worth anything (because it's not worth anything lol). I wanted it because it was such a great issue and it was so pivotal.

It got to the point where I didn't know what else to get. So I walked in with about $150.00 I bought over $120.00 worth of comics for $90.00 and I still had plenty left to play with.

Now the problem is pacing myself. I need to not read all of these in one day. Which is gonna be tough. Comics are like crack to me!


The Spoils of WAR!

So panelsofawesome.com AND fortheloveofcomics.com are currently running a fictional tournament between some of the greatest comic book heroes thought of. This week It's THOR vs. Spider-Man. But two weeks ago it was, Batman vs. Iron Man. And there were alot of people who doubted the Dark Knight, but of course I stayed faithful and confident in THE BAT. Out of all of the non-believer's there was one in particular that just didn't seem to get it so we made a bet. If Batman won the fight (Which he did.) he would have to write an essay with a minimum of 1,000 words on why Batman is better then Iron Man. So the day came when the results would be posted and I had won of course so as the rules stated in exactly 7 days after the results the essay must be posted. So that time came along and there was no essay. I thought to myself, "Where my freakin essay at?!" But AJ (My opponent) had given good reason as to why it wasn't ready and promised it soon. Well, today was the day. I present to you: The Spoils of War! Enjoy:

Batman. He’s a man, not a bat, but that doesn’t make him any less awesome, does it? You bet your “Holy Moodiness!” it doesn’t. No, Batman truly is the peek physical specimen that any hero should aspire to be, and marvel at when he or she is not. Meanwhile, his opponent in this battle, Iron Man (Super alias of Anthony Stark), is what? A sniveling drunk, that’s what! Some gullible naves (myself not among them of course, I obviously know Batman could and did kick Iron Girl’s ass) actually believed that Stark had the one-up on Bats because of his armor. Bah! Anybody who’s read a comic besides Archie knows that Batman has countless weapons at his disposal, such as EMPs and grappling guns to dispatch the Iron Whimp. Batman is also an expert in many, many hand-to-hand forms of combat, something Tony can’t claim. Sure, Tony may have sparred with Captain America or Hawkeye a few times, but you know who he sparred with a lot more? Jack Daniels, thats who!

Another point in Bruce’s favor is his wealth. According to the Forbes List at http://www.forbes.com/2007/12/11/richest-fictional-characters-oped-books-fict1507-cx_mn_de_1211fictional15_land.html , Bruce Wayne is ranked Number Eight in the Top Fifteen Wealthy Fictional people, while Tony Stark is stuck in double digits at Number Ten. And, on top of that, Bruce spends his money on crime fighting and charity. You know what Stark spends it on? The Avengers, booze, and whores.

And that’s not all. According to BusinessWeek, at http://images.businessweek.com/ss/06/05/smart_heroes/index_01.htm, Batman comes in at Number Two on the Top Ten Smartest Superheroes, while Tony Stark is close behind at Number Three, with the key word being, behind. As in “Tony Stark may get more behind, but Bruce Wayne is no slouch either, and he doesn’t need a parade of bimbos to make him feel better about not being Batman…because he is Batman.” Put that in your Stark Enterprises brand pipe and smoke it!

Lets take a second to examine the cast of characters that these two surround themselves with. Batman has the the Robins - Dick Grayson (who became bad ass Nightwing), Jason Todd (who became a bad ass corpse, and later bad ass resurrected and pissed off dude), and Tim Drake (who is still a whiny pansy and occasionally cool), and that chick one who died but no one seems to remember or really give a damn about. There’s also Commissioner Gordon, who’s played by Gary Oldman, ’nuff said. Then theres Barbara Gordon, Catwoman, and all his various allies and their baddassery. On the flip side, who does Iron Man have? Jim Rhodes, who is actually a cooler version of Iron Man than fucking Iron Man! Happy Hogan, God rest his soul, who isn’t around anymore. Pepper Potts, who Tony spent all his time trying to get with, despite the fact that she was married to his buddy Hogan. Gee Tony, you sure do know how to pick a bunch of winners. And then theres Jarvis. I have to give it to Jarvis. I couldn’t even lie and say Alfred Pennyworth is cooler than Jarvis, because Jarvis is fuckin’ harsh. Keep it real EJ, keep it real.

Okay, so lets move on to the rogues galleries of the two combatants. Clayface, Scarecrow, Penguin, The Riddler, Killer Croc, Ra’s al Ghul, Two-Face, and of course the mothafuckin’ Joker! Not to mention hundreds more, all of whom Batman has opened a can of whoop-ass upon. My God, what a group of amazing villians. I may make mine Marvel (Alliteration Ahoy!), but the Joker and Two-Face are by far two of my favorite comic villians (which is why I’m psyched for the the upcoming Dark Knight). So complex and layered, and fucked up…gah, I could do a thousand words alone on why those dudes are awesome, but I won’t. Conversely, who does Iron Man get? And, for the record, I’m not talking Avengers villians here, I’m going with original Iron Man villians. Fing Fang Foom, M.O.D.O.K, The Mandarin, Titanium Man…eh. I mean, sure, they’re aight, but they’re no Harvey Dent or Joe Kerr. Plus, Iron Man actually has a villain called “The Unicorn.” A Soviet super soldier called “The Unicorn.” If I was a Soviet, and somebody told me I could be a super villain, but I had to be “The Unicorn.” I would go “For the Motherland!” and shoot myself in the face.

So, anyway, what else is there to say? Iron Man is currently starring in Mighty Avengers, in which he seemingly dies in almost every god damned issue, only to miraculously and unfortunately not be dead in the next issue. He’s also got his own series chugging along “Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D”…whoopee. He got Captain America killed because of his stupid Civil War…asshole. He’s probably going to be revealed as a Skrull, absolving him of every wrong-doing he’s committed recently, while causing a massive continuity train wreck, which Joe Q will just shrug off and give a passive aggressive insult to the heart of the fan base. Iron Man will come out of some kind of prison, give up running S.H.I.E.L.D, which will of course return to the infinitely more capable hands of Nick Fury, and tell everybody that everything that happened he would’ve done the opposite of. He will miraculously clone Captain America, marry him, and reunite the Avengers while causing Maria Hill’s head to explode….okay, the Maria Hill head explosion thing is just wishful thinking, but you all know you were thinking it too.

And what will Batman do? Batman will continue being awesome, fighting the Joker, Tim Drake will die or disown him sooner or later to drive him even further into his cause, The Dark Knight will do better at the box office than Iron Man, the Iron Man game will be “aight” but overall disappointing, and Batman will forever reign supreme.

Thee End

It was worth the wait...

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