My Top 25 Best Comicbook Movies

This is my list of what I think the top 25 best comicbook movies are. Hopefully I'll go back and fill in some info on each as to why I think they are on the list, and how I ranked them.

My Thoughts Into Comicbook Movies:

The Villain makes the story:

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I cringe every single time I hear or read someone state that the villain makes the story. Um, unless it's a movie like Split or Nightmare on Elm Street where the main character is actually the villain, than NO. The villain does not make the story, the freaking HERO(PROTAGONIST) makes the damn story. Having a great villain can elevate a film to a higher degree, but having a great villain isn't really necessary at all to tell a great story.

Fight Scenes/Action Scenes:

Fight scenes and action scenes can have a major impact on Comicbook movies as most Comicbook films are action movies, action comedies, or thrillers. So the action does matter. The key ingredient is you have to actually care about the characters, understand why they are fighting(a director giving them clear motivates helps a bunch), and giving the audience a satisfying ending to the conflict(Here's looking at you Martha Scene***Fart Sound***).


My Top 5:

The 1-5 top films are arguable interchangeable. I really had to mull over what I thought was better Logan or The Dark Knight, and due to some minor flaws with in the Dark Knight(the fight scenes). I had to place Logan above it. Don't get me wrong the fight scenes in the Nolan movies are good, but they aren't what I would call all time great. Of course there is a lot more to making a good film than having really cool fight scenes(see Batman V Superman)...


I don't think I would ever place any of these on my top 5 list besides perhaps Kick Ass & Sin City because of their uniqueness & originality. I feel very strongly about Civil War's place on my list. It's a very good story, and they handled the huge cast load quite well, but at the same time it suffers from tonal shifts(The Airport scene was more of a fun banter fight in the middle of an incredibly intense film). The ending battle then shifts the story back to Iron Man & Captain America trying to kill each other(or at least hurt each other really bad). Clearly Iron Man was going to murder Bucky, so the shifts are bad enough to keep it from being a Top 10, but they are clearly bad enough to forever it keep it out of my Top 5.


Any of these films could have made my top 10 to be honest. What sets 6-10 apart from 11-15 is their uniqueness & originality. Also 11-15 probably had a more noticeable story problems like in Man of Steel with the way the not saving your Dad thing was handled. I believe the point Zack was trying to make was that Mr. Kent really didn't it was Clark's place to play God in human events. By saving people and maybe having to ignore the plight of others Clark was choosing who lived and who died. Also Kent realized the more people Clark saved, the more questions would be raised. Some of those questions may have put his son at risk.


I know I'm going to take flak for not having Spider-Man 2 higher on my list. I'll explain why. Yes I realize that the majority of Super Hero movies that were filmed after 9-11 are heavily influenced by it, but JESUS does Spider-Man 2 lay it on thick. Watching this film in the early 2000's and seeing the New Yorkers stand up for Spider-Man brings a smile to my face. Watching it now with a lot more reasonable cynicism, the scene makes me cringe. That's not what people do in an emergency situation. Sure, maybe a 1 or 2 people would have stood up, but it plays out very corny when everyone is like "Nawh **** you super powerful villain, Spidey is my main man." GAG...

Batman Returns is a good film, but it's just not as good as the others and certainly not as good as the original Batman, where Joker and Batman feels like a strong personal vendetta. Batman vs Catwoman & Penguin turns more into a love triangle. I would have actually though Burton should have fully explored Penguin as the Mayor and how that would have changed Batmans position on working with authorities.


21 through 25 was really tough. There are so many honorable mentions I could name that almost made the list: Dick Tracy, The Dark Knight Rises, GOTG...but in the end I picked these above those in the 30's & 40's because these rise above to try and become more than just your typical film. The mixture of Horror, Thriller, Mystery, and science fiction in From Hell is incredible. The noir vibe in The Crow, and the Heroic vibe in The Rocketeer are both outstanding. I really think the attribute of taking risks and trying to bring something different to the table help elevate these films onto the list.

Noticeable Absences From My List:


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There's really nothing inherently wrong with this movie. It's exactly what it's supposed to be. A goofy action comedy version of Star Wars. Hell it's why Disney considered Chris Pratt for young Hans Solo. But, I just flat out feel there are a number of films that did the whole whacky action comedy thing a lot better, which is what bumped them into the Top 30 instead of the Top 25.


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I find Antman to be quite overrated. Sorry Baskin Robbins. While it's a cute and funny film, it's literally just a remake of Iron Man with some funny side characters, and guy that doesn't make his own suit.

  • Rich Scientist makes a suit.
  • Handsome Quirky White Man puts on suit and becomes a hero.
  • Rich White Bald Guy tries to take over another man's company & steal his tech.
  • A Fellow Avenger pops up(Think Iron Man 2 Black Widow = Falcon).

But, people like what they like and people wonder why Marvel won't change it's patented formula.

Wonder Woman:

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I totally get why this film is getting so much hype. You've got a Happy Go Lucky character in the face of the more gloomy Batman & Superman characters in films before it. You've got a female director & female star making big waves in the industry, and you've got critics and a fanbase hungry to gobble up something decent. Problem is in no way can you ignore that this film is the same damn thing as Captain America: First Avenger. FIGHT ME!!!!

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  • Superhuman Warrior Fighting In A World War.
  • Goes against the grain to rescue people during said war.
  • Using hope and optimism to keep a high morale amongst the troops.
  • Falls in love with a handsome white male solider(Sorry Peggy, we all know the real love interest is Bucky).
  • Beats up German Soldiers using a shield.

The Dark Knight Rises:

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I was tempted to put this one on my list, but it came right at number 26#. It really is a great film, but the story structure flaws and the lack of any actual Batman in a Batman movie keep it out of the top 25.


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The more I watch the Avengers, the more I see how truly flawed it is. The achievement and joy in watching this film is the fact that it ever got made and Marvel was actually able to create a real cinematic universe in the first place. The story is trash, Loki's plan is asinine to the point where the movie itself laughs at it's own stupidity with Tony Stark's "Not a great plan speech", and much of the dialogue is tv level cheesiness...Also Hawkeye is wasted as a Zombie for much of the film and Captain America's Costume is so bad it takes me out of the movie. This is a top 50 Comicbook film, but don't know that it would even make my top 35.

Hellboy & Hellboy II:

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Sorry, Hellboy(Top 35 material), the work Dark and Moody hero thing was done better in other films like Logan & The Crow. The sarcastic badass was done better in films like Deadpool & Iron Man. There were just too many good heroes who've done what you do better. Don't get me wrong the atmosphere and costumes in Hellboy & Hellboy II are amazing, but it's not enough to get it a spot on the top 25.

List items

  • Built on the shoulders of several previous X-Men & Wolverine films, this film is an outstanding conclusion to an incredible long form story telling movie franchise. It not only gives excellent closure to the title character, but to the X-Men as a whole. Not only that, but it manages to sneak in some excellent questions on immigration & racism.

  • Christoper Nolan's masterpiece is more than just a really good villain performance. This film raised the bar on what a comicbook & superhero film could be and set the stage for Logan to be made. This film raises some incredible questions on privacy vs security, terrorism, and crime. Health Ledger's Joker is hauntingly real & terrifying, as he battles Batman across Gotham City. The stakes are raised to battle for the very heart & soul of what Batman stands for.

  • The best of the MCU films and 1 of the 3 only MCU films that would ever make my top 25 list(Sorry GOTG you would be in a top 30). The Russo Brothers take the tone of The Dark Knight, but find their own very unique voice to deliver their message on terrorism, crime & punishment, and privacy vs security. The Russo's also make very wise choices in how Captain America fights and overcomes physical obstacles.

  • A very physiological thriller take on Batman. You can really feel Bruce Wayne's trauma, he's PTSD, he's rage, and his deep pain. This is the closest Batman ever comes to being the most interesting character in his own movie, but alas he's still upstaged by Ras Al Ghul.

  • A very simple story with some incredibly deep psychological & spiritual meanings. Perhaps David Cronenberg's best film, is the story of a man hiding from his dark past and how violence can change our lives.

  • Matthew Vaughn's best film is an incredible parody of the Super Hero genre of sorts, that plays with your expectations. At the same time it delivers a true hero of it's own and has some incredible action scenes with it's female lead Hit Girl. It also works as a very funny Dark Action Comedy. Hit Girl really stands out because there are only a handful of Comicbook Female Heroes like her and Wonder Woman that aren't overshadow by some male counterpart: Captain Marvel, Supergirl, X-23...etc.

  • Robert Rodriguez's cinematography is to die for. One of the most faithful comicbook adaptations of all time. Comicbook accurate does not always equal good(looking at you Watchmen***), but in this case it was spinning gold onto the screen. The dark moody atmosphere and great performances with a stellar cast create an excellent film.

  • The best Superman film to date is the story of a God, who really wants to be a man. Zod is one of the greatest live action Comicbook Super Villains of all time. Here he battles the Man of Steel for World Domination.

  • RDJ turns in a career rectifying performance and put him near the top of the A List. Jon Favreau builds the foundation that the MCU would lay it's billion dollar empire on. The story raises questions on a post 9-11 warfare world that actually provide some excellent think piece material.

  • One of the most intense Marvel movies out there. The frenemy rivalry comes full circle as Captain America & Iron Man battle it out. This film contains THE GREATEST Superhero fight scene of ALL TIME. Period. I would rank it 2# for greatest action sequence ever only behind the final chase in Mad Max: Fury Road. Also the film circles around questions of responsibility and how heroes should conduct themselves in conflicts.

  • Another hit by Vaughn, this film is a parody of classic Bond movies. At the same time it delivers a fun action adventure of it's own and excellent character development of its main character Eggsy.

  • Will Smith launched his career with his rap music & Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but Independence Day & MIB sent Smith into Super Stardom. The funny action comedy of MIB would be tried to be imitated & duplicated by many movies to come including 21 Jump Street & RIPD.

  • Tim Burton's gritty & stylish take on Batman shows some of the more vulnerable aspects of Bruce Wayne's personality. Micheal Keaton is the greatest Batman of all time, even with that in mind...he still gets upstaged by the Joker. This film has got some great dialogue and very quotable lines.

  • Deadpool is the 2nd best X-Men film ever. It's got plenty of jokes, and charisma. But, it's also got some actual character building moments for Wade to go along with the very cool action scenes.

  • I DON'T CARE HATERS!!! COME AT ME BRO!!! I love this film, it's got a lot of heart and soul. It's a super emo take on Superman, but it's done for a purpose: to further explore Superman's loneliness and confusion at being a God on planet Earth. Also it's got one of the most epic climatic battles ever put on screen.

  • The only X-Men team film that ever got it right and they didn't even have to hide behind Wolverine to do it. Magneto and Charles have a great bromance, and Mystique is great as the awkward young mutant stuck in the middle. Also this is the only X-Men movie Jennifer Lawrence seemed to actually give a ****.

  • Another great film for Tim Burton. This is one of the only(if not THE ONLY) film to get the multiple villain thing right. Batman Returns further explores Batman's quest to protect Gotham City from what goes bump in the night. Batman's villains are always funhouse mirror versions of Batman and it's never more true than in this film. Penguin is a rich orphan boy trying to reclaim his birthright, and Catwoman is a twisted vigilante prowling the night for justice & revenge.

  • An incredible love story, a dynamic yet sympathetic villain, some great action sequences, and very rich character development for Peter, Harry, and Mary Jane create an incredible Spider-Man film. The best Spidey movie to date(crosses fingers for Homecoming).

  • Before there was Deadpool there was The Mask. Jim Carey is spectacular & hilarious as an ordinary man who finds the mask of The God Loki. The Cuban Pete scene in one of the funniest things you'll ever witness. Sorry Star Lord, you didn't invent dancing off with your enemies.

  • Chris Evans shows he's got more in his acting repertoire than just Captain America. A very dark take on what it means to be human, and some very inventive action pieces hold this film together. It's a very thought provoking film that will haunt you long after the credits roll. What kept it from being higher on the list is plot holes and it's not a movie for the squeamish either, which lowers its replay value a bit.

  • The story is kinda simple which helps and hurts it a bit here. This is a really underrated film though. Slap a Marvel Brand on this baby, and let a few Avengers make a cameo in an after credits scene and this Film makes just as much if not more than GOTG. Honestly this film actually stumbles upon a very good way of how to make a live action video game movie.

  • Blade II is a solid action film and an improvement upon the original. Here the action still holds up to modern movies. The martial arts and fight choreography is excellent and Wesley Snipes is in his prime being as charming and bad ass as ever. The Blade films reopened a door propped open by Tim Burton's Batman films for Superhero movies to be taken seriously.

  • A really dark stylish revenge tail. It's a true cult classic.Brandon Lee really puts together a great performance as the tragic hero. The story is strong, Michael Wincott is great as Top Dollar, and the fight scenes ain't bad either. All in all an excellent film.

  • The Hughes Brothers direct this riveting & very stylish who done it thriller. Johnny Depth is in his prime back when he was actually interested in acting and not just in being silly to cash in 20 Million Dollar checks from Disney.

  • Classic spy thriller, with a true American Hero. This film never gets enough love. This amazing action adventure that's a real crowd pleaser. The humor is always cute & funny and the leads Billy Campbell & Jennifer Connelly have great chemistry. This is another film that if it were to come out now, slap an MCU label on it, it would have made Antman type money. The film is a tribute to the old 1930's serials like Buck Rogers & Dick Tracy.