Best DC Animated Movies

These are my favorite DC Animated movies. There were so many great ones to choose from, but I think these are the best of the best.

List items

  • Based on the Flashpoint story line which rebooted the DC Universe into the New 52 Line, this is the best animated movie. This was when the DC animation department probably reached it's peak IMO. Everything we got after this except Justice League: Gods & Monsters, was never of the same high level quality we had experienced with past projects. The stakes are high, the emotions are raw and real, and there are real consequences giving for character decisions.

  • The best animated Batman Film isn't Mask Of the Phantasm, it's this!!! I know Kevin Conroy purists may be slamming their fists, but Bruce Greenwood is a damn good Batman!!!

  • Based on the Grant Morison Comic of the Same Name, this is a heart warming and yet very sad tale of Superman facing his mortality and the realities of life and death.

  • Unsurprisingly a lot of these movies on the list are going to be Batman films. This is one of the most important comicbook movies ever, because it showed us how great America animation could make something of such high quality. It's a amazing piece of storytelling and it gives Batman/Bruce Wayne a real sense of vulnerability.

  • I'm just going to put this as the place holder for part 1 & 2, because they are two halves of a complete picture. This film is such an accurate adaptation of the material at hand. It's so impressive what they did with the soundtrack as well. Peter Weller is such a great Batman, in his younger days I could totally see him as a live action Batman as well.

  • I love else-world stories and this is a really good one. We get a really different take on the DC trio and it's truly unique.

  • Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the live action Suicide Squad movie. I bought it on Itunes, but this is what the SS should have been. This was the template, this is a fantastic action movie, but at the same time you get enough of the character bits to know who each character is depth wise. The pacing if fantastic and the voice work is amazing.

  • This is such good damn movie, I really hope they take this into the DCEU and run with it. This has one of the best Batman speeches we've ever gotten(when he's fighting Owl Man), and it's got real stakes and consequences considering what Batman does to Johnny Quick...

  • This film had a real emotional core to it. The animation is solid and so is the voice cast. Bryan Cranston is a great Commissioner Gordon.

  • With this Bruce Timm produced project, adapted from the Comic Book DC: The New Frontier, we really got a chance to see something truly different. It's a Golden Age, meets Silver Age type of story. There is a lot of good stuff to the old style of comics, but they still recognized some of the awkwardness of how people were back in the "good ole days"...