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What I Liked & Didn't Like About The Wonder Woman Trailer


  1. It felt fun: This is important because often one of the complaints about DCEU movies is that they are too dark and dreary(SS was also fun though).
  2. Gal Gadot can clearly act: This was a bit of a concern as well, because her resume is pretty thin, and she doesn't have any major acting school/theater background.
  3. Her chemistry with Chris Pine reminds me of "The Notebook": I personally love a good romance, and this will also help attract the non comicbooky female viewers to the box office.
  4. WOW COLOR: This is another major complaint about the DCEU; that the color palette of the cinematography is quite drab. Well here the action takes place during the daytime and there are plenty of bright colors on display.
  5. WOW HUMOR: Embracing the funny side at the end was great with Lucy Davis as Wonder Woman's "Jimmy Olsen" type character/sidekick. It didn't feel forced, and it totally fit the tone of the movie embracing "GIRL POWER".
  6. The Action: I liked the bullet timing scenes. Very cool, I just hope they don't overdo the slow motion Ah La Zack Synder...
  7. The Set Locations/Design: Did you see that beach scene? Wow I love these locations. It's very eye popping on screen and really helps breathe life into this story. One of the complaints about Batman v Superman was that it never really draws you into the world of the characters, and that there were too many close ups to help you appreciate the scenery and put you in the place of the characters. The locations in this trailer really stand out to me.


  1. It Looks Like Captain America: First Avenger: This is my biggest dislike. It literally looks like the same movie at certain points. I'm not saying now no one can ever do a WW I or II movie now that Cap has done his. What I am saying is that the director, producers, & script supervisor have better be aware that their movie looks like a rivals film that didn't come out too long ago.
  2. No Gods, No Monsters: This goes hand in hand with dislike number 1. Instead of fighting cool monsters & Gods it looks like WW will mostly be beating up generic human solider fodder.
  3. Main Villains Look Boring: A mustache twirling General and a Amazon gone bad...Yawn...