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Overall I'm pretty positive with my feelings towards Defenders & the MCU Netflix TV Universe. The strongest part of the universe is clearly Daredevil with Luke Cage & Jessica Jones tied in 2nd place. The weakest part is clearly Iron Fist. Iron Fist was a bad show, it had a few good parts to it, but overall its a bad show. Biggest problem I see moving forward is how to continually make their non Daredevil shows interesting.

Step One: Cancel Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, & Luke Cage

All of these shows have been green-lite for 2nd seasons so this wouldn't happen just yet, but I think they should cancel all of these shows and just toss them all into a Heroes For Hire show. Iron Fist would benefit the most from this. They need more material to work with so things don't feel as if they are being dragged out.

Step Two: Green-Light Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, and Blade

I think these characters would help add a very interesting dynamic towards the Netflixverse and all of these characters are very different as far as what we've seen from Superhero TV thus far. Oh and honestly they mine as well stick with Latino Ghostrider since he's already established and the audience is invested. Somewhere down the line they can work in the other riders.

Step Three: Up the Budget

I don't expect these shows to have a massive production level, but because of the amount of money I assume they had to spend on showcasing all of the superpowers on Defenders the production quality was shaky at times IMO. If you go back and watch you notice there are a shit ton of scenes where characters are just sitting down and talking(zzzzzzzzzzzzzz). Also a lot of the scenes take place in big empty buildings instead of more interesting locations.

What are your thoughts on the Netflixverse??? How can they improve?