so guys im going 2 supernova a awesome Australian comic con as my followers know i am wondering for those who have been to cons how much money should i bring?

also is any one going?

place it in the comments or PM me


visit their site @

see ya guys

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what 2 buy

what is Nicola Scott best comic art ?

Dave gibbons?

gale somone?

mainly trades please please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


haz uz had cheezburgaz pt 2

in a episode of big bang theory SPOILER! Sheldon has to go to court

and misses out on seeing Stan lee who is at the comics shop

but in court there is a judge (oviously)and his name is.......

J.KIRBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS IN JACK KIRBY

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:D have a nice day guys

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