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Your top 10 most powerful super-villains of all time.

What super-villains are part of your top 10 most powerful villains in comics, NOTE pre crisis or pre-retcon villains are allowed in your top, only if you choose to add them. Your can base your picks on intelligence and feats, also past villains now heroes or neutrals can also be added to your list, also characters with power items and additional power are also allowed. Who in your opinion are the top 10 most powerful supervillains:

  1. Pre-retcon and Pre-crisis like villains are allowed
  2. In the present

The character introduction and present bio thread

I thought of all those bio forum threads where people post their bios and want to see what reaction the others have.
So I've decided to make this blog to end them all, people can give advices and critics to one's bio. Just post your bio and let the the other talk if it is good or not.


The Vineverse RPG martial artists

Now when I say RPG martial artist I am not referring at a character with martial arts skill but at a RPG that knows how to use martial arts in his post with that character.
Which are the Vineverse's best martial artists in your opinion?


Marvel brings back Crossgen

Marvel is bringing Crossgen back into the world of comics, looks like the Disney deal is finally paying off, because at the 2010 Comic Con, Marvel showed a image of Crossgen and one of what could be the future for Crossgen, but unfortunately we will have to wait a year for this, because there was a year in the second image, 2011.
Makes me wonder what else Disney has planned for Marvel, but enough about that, what characters would you like to see in the Marvel Universe? Would you like to see Crossgen characters in the Marvel Universe?

Top 20 most powerful superheroes

So since I've seen how the Wizard's top 20 most powerful superheros, I've seen a few flaws so how about we let the comic vine community decide who are the most powerful superheroes of all time are, remember powerful not strongest, this isn't just about strength. And keep in mind superheros, cuz if you put the Void possessing Sentry's body, he wasn't actually a superhero, even if he acted like one.
So who are the top 20 most powerful superheros superheros?

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