• Date joined:2008-08-29
  • City:West Palm Beach
  • Gender:Male
  • Alignment:Good
  • Points:26 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled


Enhanced Strength:

I can lift cars and other heavy objects over my head up to 5 tons (10,000 lbs) similar to Kang, Jackpot, Ulysses Bloodstone, Menace, Mad-Dog, Captain America (Earth-1610), and Cyborg. My strength also extends to the rest of my body allowing me to jump higher, punch harder, and demolition objects.

Enhanced Speed:

I can move at mach 10 (7,700 mph) similar to Quicksilver, Northstar, and Velocity. I can vibrate my molecules to walk through walls, run on water, and run up any surface. I also have enhanced reflexes that allow my body and mind to move at lightning speeds. This power also allows me to perceive time at a slower rate than normal, like seeing a railgun move at a torpid pace.


I am completely immune to mental, physical, mystical, spiritually, temporal, and probability affecting attacks, or everything else that would otherwise harm me. I can't be injured or manipulated by anyone, not even by the One-Above-All, the Presence, or even a God. I also don't need to eat, sleep, breathe, or have bodily evacuations because I am completely self-sustaining. I also don't age and stay in appearance to a 25-year-old.

This ability also keeps me from being affected by the time stream I am not in the future or the past I am only in this particular moment in time. For example, if a time traveler were to go back in time they would not see me there, and if they were to travel to the future, I would not be there either, because I am in the present time exclusively. I am also immune to reality bending or the altering of the space-time continuum. I can not be copied or mimicked by anyone else either, so if a person who copies powers came along they would not be able to copy my abilities at all, this includes cloning technologies, genetic manipulation, and even basic procreation. I am completely unique within the multiverse.

I can not directly or indirectly be affected by any outside source. Albeit some effects can still influence me, for example, energy manipulators may be able to deflect or absorb an energy ball I threw at them or a strong character can destroy a rock I hurl at them. I can still be knocked back with sufficient force, like being punched by Superman, I would just be unfazed by the attack. I could also still be imprisoned or incapacitated in some way either by removing me from the battlefield or by trapping me in something that I can't get out of like a ton of rubble, or an impenetrable barrier, or by banishing me to another dimension.


The power level of this ability is akin to the White Phoenix of the Crown.

Allows me to control objects and manipulate matter on a whim. For example, being able to manage water in the surrounding area from afar or throwing a person out a window with a mind blast. It is mind over matter, with the matter being all the molecules that make up such objects. With this, I can also heal people of their injuries, crush cars with a thought, fly, or alter the very fabric of space-time to teleport.

Allows me to manipulate and create energy, the energy I emit can turn into whatever type of energy I would want be it fire, electricity, a solid constructs, or just light. I can conjurer any shape imaginable swords, shields, guns, concussive beams, or force fields. The energies I constitute are red and black.


Martial Artists:

I am a trained fighter I know many different fighting styles combining them to make a perfect cocktail for my skills and personality. However, I would rather not get into confrontations and would try and talk it out or avoid the situation altogether, but if that's not possible I will unleash my skills on my adversaries.

If the obstacle is too dangerous, I can use all my abilities at once for a devastating attack, like using my energy manipulation, super speed, and super strength in unison. For instance, punching a hole through the ground causing an earthquake to appear underneath my opponent then blasting them down into the ground then closing the chasm burying them beneath. Or using my telekinesis and holding my opponent down while I pummel them at rapid movement. The name of this dexterous fighting style is Shikai.