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Malakai D. Javier

Alias: Pathoblitz

Age 19

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 180 lbs

Race: Black and Hispanic mix

Eyes: Deep Amber color

Hair: Dark brown, almost black, 4" tall mohawk.

Build: Lean and long, but strong.

Moral Alignment: Neutral

Psychological State: Damaged but healing

Outlook: pessimist

Powers (Mutant):

Telempathy: able to perceive and mimic the emotional state of others and project his emotions both consciously and subconsciously on those in his immediate vicinity through low level telepathy

Pathoboosting: Malakai's body generates energy based on his emotional state. The more intense or powerful whatever emotion(s), be it anger, sadness, happiness, stress, etc, the more energy his body generates. Malakai uses this energy to move, think, and react at super speeds. The energy also generates a force-field along the surface of Malakai's entire body to protect him from the physical stresses of moving at speeds beyond the capabilities of the human body. The force-field also doubles as protection from the attacks of others. At a relatively "normal" baseline emotional state Malakai can move, think, and react at 10x that of a peak human being and increases exponentially as his emotional state intensifies. While no upper speed limit is known, Malakai's top known speed as of yet is mach 3.

Skills: Malakai has almost no formal training, however he is an adept street fighter, having fended for himself from a young age. Since incorporating the bo-staff into his weaponry Malakai has begun training himself in Shotokan Bojutsu Karate to increase his effectiveness with the weapon.

Equipment: Malakai carries a pair of nth metal knuckles to increase the damage and strength of his blows. He also carries a compressed nth metal bostaff that carries a variety of attachments including but not limited to :

  • Compressible blade
  • Tear Gas mister
  • High Powered Grappling Gun System
  • Blunt tip
  • Dart Gun
  • Taser End
  • Flamethrower
  • Detachability ( into smaller tongfa or escrima sticks). Both of these weapons he received from Cain's armory, he highly recommends it if you are in need of any weapons.

Weaknesses: While Malakai is opening himself up to his emotions he is still very withdrawn and detached and as such, he cannot always access his powers efficiently. Also, even though experiencing great sadness or depression will boost his powers greatly, it also induces in him a profound apathy and disinterest that often discourages him from engaging with the outside world and others. His body also has all the normal weaknesses of a human.

Origins: Malakai grew up in an abusive home in the small city of Pocan New York. His mother and father argued constantly, often times ending in blows. The two would frequently take our their anger on Malakai. Because of this, Malakai emotionally sealed himself off and was very cold and withdrawn as a child. While in high-school Malakai met Maria, a young girl from his neighborhood with a similar situation at home. However, unlike Malakai. Maria's abuse intensified her emotions and creativity; she was loud, and loving, and did everything with the passion of someone acutely appreciative of the beauty that can be dug up in everyday life. Maria recognized the pain in Malakai and reached out to him, hoping to help him learn to deal with it all. For months Malakai rebuffed Maria but, her determination and desire to help him remain steadfast and Malakai slowly began to let her in. Soon after Malakai began to open up and confront his emotions, including his strong feelings for Maria, he lost her. While on driving home from a party she was hit by a drunk driver and was rushed to the hospital. The emotional shock when he heard the news activated Malakai's powers and he ran to the hospital outracing cars on his way there. Still, he was too late, and by the time he reached the hospital Maria had en route to the hospital. Now fully overcome with grief and finally giving in to his emotions Malakai's powers fully manifested. Malakai distraught and lost, ran home and packed his bags within seconds then just ran. He ran and ran, and ran until he purged himself of his overpowering emotions. Finding himself at the Florida coast Malakai sat at the beach contemplating what do with his life now. In honor of Maria's memory, and as a final condemnation of the cruelty of his parents, Malakai decided to become a hero. While contemplating on the beach Malakai realized he could feel the emotions of other's as a seemingly happy couple walked by but Malakai could feel the anger radiating from them as they tried to avoid arguing in public. Reminded of his parents Malakai left the beach to pursue his new path.