My top twenty-three favorite superheroes

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  • My number one favorite. He's so relatable, and he fights through even when he's out matched. he fights against his own personal guilt, and makes a big difference. He will always stand up and fight for people, even if he puts his own life on the line.

  • He's a great leader, and he's very moral. One of the first heroes Marvel ever made, he stands for America, being able to express how we as a country feel, questioning the government if we need to, while still being for the American way! He will always stick up for the common people.

  • he's Superman, except with a human identity you can relate with more easily. He's a kid, so he makes mistakes, but he will always rise to the occasion and defend us.

  • blind, but still epic! He saved an older man from a truck, which resulted in his blindness, but his other senses were extremely increased. Besides his radar sense he doesn't have any other powers, but his courage is his greatest asset. You can always count on the Man without fear. He'll stand up for the little people, and is a role model for handicapped people.

  • The big blue boyscout himself! With the powers of a god, he could easily take over the planet, but his Earth life, and the morals instilled to him by the Kents, he will never do that. He strives to save us, and all he wants to do is be like us.

  • I was a huge fan of the original Teen Titans show, and Beast Boy was my favorite hero on the show. A very humourous hero, he likes to joke often, but has had a tough past. He can change into any animal, even aliens.

  • The first ever Robin, and one of Bruce Wayne's closest allies. Richard Grayson was part of the Flying Graysons' act until his parents were killed in front of him. Bruce Wayne took the boy in, seeing a kindred spirit in him. Dick became the very first Robin, Batman's partner, and they had a lot of adventures together. Eventually Dick decided he wanted to try to be a hero without Bruce, and became Nightwing. He's frequently leader of the Teen Titans and the Titans, while still working with Batman. He's one of the more moral members of the Bat family, and gets along with pretty much every superhero in the DC universe.

  • One of the most well known female superheroes around right now. Carol Danvers was a soldier who became a superhero when exposed to a Kree soldier. She's been through much, but she continues to be a role model for female fans.

  • One of the first X-men, and the jokester of the team. He's a very powerful mutant, and can make any shape out of snow and ice.

  • Marvel's archer, he grew up as a circus performer, and accidently became a villain after joining Black Widow. He wanted redemption, so he joined Captain America's Avengers, and has been part of the Avengers ever since.

  • The first significant female superhero, and role model to women everywhere. She's a strong Amazonian warrior who can take care of herself. She keeps up with heroes like Superman, and can kick tons of butt.

  • He's a tough hero, a great leader, and you can always count on him. Without him, the X-men probably wouldn't exist. He must always deal with his visor, while most of the others can blend into society easier. He can never take the visor off or he could hurt people, so he must sacrifices his happiness for the people.

  • (As Superior Spider-Man)

    Once a villain, Octavius had to learn how to be Spider-Man after taking Peter Parker's body. His background makes him similar to Parker, except he had bad parental figures, unlike Peter and his Uncle and Aunt. Octavius, though vicious, tried to be the Superior Spider-Man and Peter Parker, creating lots of gadgets to help him, while getting Peter a college degree and broke it off with MJ forever. In the end, he relinquished Parker's body back to him after finally becoming a hero. His fate after this is unknown, but one thing is for sure: He will be missed as Spider-Man, but Peter being back is nice.

  • The teleporting blue skinned mutant makes the effect BAMF! when he teleports, and that's how you describe him, as a BAMF. A German mutant who was in the circus. He's very handy with swords.

  • He's got the powers of Superman, plus he can absorb sunlight, shape-shifting and change his density. As the last Martian, he holds onto his heritage, and tries to do the best he on Earth.

  • he's the cocky teenage kid we can relate to, but he's grown over the years too. His flame powers have saved the day often, and he brings a lively feel to the F4.

  • The highly underestimated King of Atlantis and 70% of the Earth! He wields a trident, can summon any undersea creature, manipulate water, and much more! He was the first superhero to actually get married (that was shown in the comic) and he even replaced his hand with a hook when it was chopped off.

  • The Scarlet Speedster. The fastest man alive! He's hilarious, and fun.

  • The Thunder God! He fights valiantly, and always with his fellow Avengers! He's extremely strong, can control weather, make portals, and smash with his hammer.

  • A soldier who became a Green Lantern, he uses his military experience to face his enemies, usually making army based shapes with his ring. The Green Lantern of the DCAU of the 90's and early 2000's.

  • Aunt Petunia's favorite Blue eyed nephew is coming in, you better hope it's not Clobbering time! He looks like a monster, but has a heart of gold, and probably the biggest heart of the F4.

  • He punched a dragon in the heart to be able to gain his powers, that's pretty awesome.

  • A wise-cracking, fourth-wall breaking lawyer who got a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce, but kept her intelligence.