My Nine Least Favorite Superheroes

These are my personal opinions. I don't mean to offend anyone with these, but it's how I feel. I'll try to explain as well as I can.

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  • There's a lot of reasons I hate Reed. He ignores his family all the time, he created prison 42, he caused the mission that screwed his best friend's life up, in the Marvel Zombies universe, his curiosity caused his team, him, Iron man, and all the rest of the surviving heroes on the Helicarrier to get infected when he convinced himself zombies were the next step in evolution, and much more.

  • He ripped Ares in half during Siege and was willing to serve under Osborn.

  • I always liked the other GLs better. Hal just seems boring to me, and he has embraced yellow power a couple times more than I'd like.

  • Two words: Avengers Disassembled.

  • Very limited powers, and not very good powers at that.

  • She doesn't have cool powers, she's not too heroic, and she lost to Doctor Doom. Even Squirrel Girl beat Doom! At least Jubilee has vampire powers now.

  • He's tried to seduced Sue so many times, and he tried to seduce Emma a lot. He's too cocky and arrogant for my tastes. Aquaman is a better character of this type.

  • Wolverine is a very overhyped and in so many titles it's getting overwhelming to see him everywhere. He has some good points though too, but his character just seems really muddled from what it used to be. He acts like such a loner, but he's on more teams than any other character. Sometimes he just seems like he's there to make Cyclops look bad.

  • I've disliked Tony since Civil War, and he's always been a douche.