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absolutely hilarious :D 2

I can only say one thing about this issue... ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!Tommy Monaghan makes a triumphant return in this issue, set before his untimely death at the end of Hitman it's a breath of fresh air for the DCU. Firstly a warning, read the Hitman series first or most of the jokes will be lost on you, such as the previous Hitman / Green Lantern team up or the hilarious issue with Hitman throwing up on Batman... or the issue which should have won an award for the best portrayal of Superman wher...

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Finally, the start of something good... 0

ok... for the past few issues we have been treated to the storyline about the crystals in Kara Zor-El, and the fact that she is 'supposed' to kill everything has finally been tipped on it's head, but i'm getting ahead of myself.this issue actually felt right for once, the artwork and script actually fit together, which is something that has been sadly lacking from the Supergirl series so far. is all i finally felt some 'hope' for the series at last.The artwork done by Garza, Alquiza...

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Bloody hell... what a read 0

at first i was a bit aprehensive about the comic, the books are amazing and i didn't see how the comics would be able to live up to them.putting that thought aside i stepped in...first impressions of the artwork... ok, i try and play it cool but my jaw hit the floor... the artwork isn't subtle by any standard, but it's absolutely perfect for the story they are telling.the script was taken pretty much word for word out of the first book (Currently they are on book 14 with more to come), it was ju...

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The start of something new? 0

Overall I was quite impressed with this run of Supergirl, this new issue however didn't seem to live up to the beginning of her 'reign'.The artwork was ok; to be honest I don't think it works well for Supergirl. Alé Garza is a good artist, don't get me wrong but I don't feel that his artworks works well for the story or for the characters involved in this plotline. As for this new plotline involving 'Phantom Zoner's'... I’m not too sure what to think about it at the moment, on the one hand is ha...

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