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Having done a ton of quests now, I have 40k or so in exp from them, which kind of annoys me as I only have 6k from wiki submissions, and I put a LOT more time and effort into my wiki submissions then I have these quests.

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Back on the vine

Hey everybody. After a hiatus of I have no idea how long, I've finally got a computer and a constant internet connection again, so I have decided to re-insert the needle that is ComicVine. Since I was last on the vine, I quit working at DH, hung out for a few months, became homeless and wandered the land for a couple months, settled down and worked in a restaurant, and quit there to start my own company and now mostly chill. It's good to be back.


Our exclusive discount at

Alright everybody, I got us a code for TFAW. The deal is that we get free domestic (including Alaska & Hawaii) shipping on any order over $20. The coupon is valid from tonight at midnight to Sunday at midnight. So the only catches are that it has to be in-stock stuff, and you need to spend at least $20.

To use the code, just click here

The discount will automatically load into your cart. If for some reason it doesn't, or if you make multiple trips or something, you can also type COMICVINE into the gift certificate/coupon redemption area during checkout.

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School ruins everything

So I had a nice thing going, every Wednesday I would swing by the comic store down the street and pick up the new issues. Things ran smoothly for a long time, but this term I have a class on Wednesdays. Instead of being able to pick up my comics, I have 30 minutes to get from work to the University (1 hour drive). Go Thursday right.. nope, I have a class Thursday at 5:30 as well. I have to wait until FRIDAY to get my new issues.