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Dark, Gritty, and.... Kinda Slow 0

I picked up the Premiere Hardcover edition of this arc, because I had heard it was good. All I knew was that Spider-Man and the Lizard get into a very violent fight, which was enough to sell me on it. A complex story is good and all, but sometimes you just want a cool action scene, right? So anyway, after getting the plastic covering off said hardcover, I picked it up and eagerly dove into it... only to emerge thirty-odd minutes later wondering why the action was so slow.  The premise of the boo...

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Moon Knight vs. Count Nefaria! 0

Whilst I didn't enjoy this issue as much as last month's, I think that it was still a very solid issue. The issue can basically be summarised as "Moon Knight fights Nefaria whilst flashbacks explain how he got his weapons." The flashbacks were really helpful, as Moon Knight's weapons arsenal has been a bit vague up to this point. The series probably could have benefited had his weapons been introduced earlier, but it nevertheless still was enjoyable and helpful. One moment in the flashbacks (whi...

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If I described it as rip-snorting, would I sound like an idiot? 0

Once again, Brian Michael Bendis is proving that his run on Moon Knight is going to be a notable one, alongside Alex Maleev's incredible art. Although this issue doesn't actually provide what the solicit promises, I was still pleased with it. It's a nice breather between the previous issue and what looks to be the next amazing arc.  One of my criticisms of some of the previous issues was that we weren't seeing enough of Marc's TV show in effect. Here, we get a nice scene (with a good nod to Moon...

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Buck Lime makes Moon Knight good?!! 0

Possible Spoilers After months of us readers waiting, the moment is finally here: the Kingpin is revealed!! It's good to see that it is the character it's been implied to be so far, although the slight problem with this is that it means what should be a dramatic reveal is downplayed a bit. It's still effective though, and as I pointed out last issue it's good because it keeps in continuity with some of Bendis' other work (see New Avengers Finale).  The way in which Moon Knight draws out the King...

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Avengers L.A.! 0

Possible spoilersThe moment we've all been waiting for since the start of the series- Moon Knight meets the Avengers! And boy is it a good moment when he does! Marc's reaction is priceless to me ("You're here. You're all really here.") Seeing all of the Avengers appear is good, but a small moment in the comic I liked is how the Avengers don't actually hate Marc for what he's been doing. Once he explains that his new personalities are (allegedly) to put the Kingpin off his game, they're all prett...

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Somehow, Buck Lime is to blame for this 0

Possible Spoilers   Readers of the previous issue will know how the situation ended: Moon Knight and Echo were confronted by the police as they finished a quiet date consisting mostly of fighting crime. The start of the book (naturally) opens to this, and it's great to see Moon Knight struggle to know what to do. I'm not entirely sure if it's intentional, but his Captain America persona seems to represent his heroic side, his Wolverine persona his aggression and instincts, and Spider-Man his hum...

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Knight Shift?! 0

Possible spoilers  Well, I may as well start off with the bad news for those fans of last issue: Buck Lime fails to make an appearance in this issue of Moon Knight. Not that it really matters, because this issue of Moon Knight makes up for last issue's slight slow down in pace. Here, we get to see Echo and Moon Knight having a date stopped by the interference of Night Shift.  From there, (about 5-6 pages into the story?) the action doesn't let up. It's great to see the two get interrupted so une...

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Not Entirely a Bullseye, but not far off 0

Possible spoilersContinuing Bendis's current run of Moon Knight, this issue continues Marc Spector's war against the Kingpin of L.A. And by continues I mean it sets up some further stuff for the arc. Honestly, this issue is mostly setting up and introducing more characters.  Not that there's anything wrong with that. Marc ends up getting a new sidekick in the form of Buck Lime, a former SHIELD agent. We also see some of the behind-the-scenes stuff of Marc's TV series, which I enjoyed as the last...

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Does whatever a Moon Knight can? 0

Possible spoilers  So if you've read Moon Knight #1 (of the 2011 series, that is), you'll know how it's going. Moon Knight has three new multiple personalities in the identities of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America. In this issue, we get to see what this'll mean for Marc's war on crime. After a brief discussion between the personalities, the Spider-Man one comes out swinging to find out what he can about the Kingpin of L.A.!  Most of this issue consists of Marc dressed as Spider-Man try...

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You didn't pick this up? You must be crazy like Marc Spector 3

Possible spoilersI must admit, I was a little hesitant to pick this series up. If one character is guilty of abandoning me and leaving me with my wallet intact, it's Moon Knight. (By that I mean his series get cancelled a lot). But since Bendis is the writer (yes, I admit that I like his writing), I'm going to give this a go and pray that Moon Knight sells well.As the other reviews say, it is a little odd that Marc has become a TV show producer, and whilst it isn't exactly explained why he is, I...

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Remember what fun felt like? 0

Since Amazing Spider-Man used to come out three times a month, and is currently coming out twice, I never added the title to my pull list. Sure, I wanted to, as I'm what's generally known as a "massive Spider-Man nerd'', but I managed to restrain my nerd instincts long enough to consider the financial effects of buying as much as I wanted. And so I waited. And watched people commenting on how good the current writing on Amazing Spider-Man is, and how great the series is. So I finally jumped on t...

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Supreme is one word to describe it 2

When people think of the Squadron Supreme, there's usually two thoughts which go through their heads: The first is ''Urgh, Squadron Supreme! Justice League rip-off! Hate, hate, hate!'' But the other thought, which occurs less often, is ''Hey, isn't that that great team which Mark Gruenwald did?'' Because if nothing else, this miniseries shows that the Squadron Supreme may have started as a Justice League rip-off, but has evolved into their own team over time. And this miniseries does much more t...

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Why read Indiana Jones when you can read Captain America? 0

When I was in the comic book shop looking for a cheap-ish TPB to buy, I spotted this, and I immediately decided to pick it up, as the covers of the individual issues it collects looked interesting enough on their own. The blurb on the back told me pretty much all I needed to know about the story, and so I ended up buying it.   The story is an Indiana Jones-esque plot, which has Captain America and Diamondback going around the world to try and collect pieces of the Bloodstone which formerly belon...

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The Human Rocket will blast away your mind 0

When I was in the comic book shop and trying to decide which TPB(s) to pick up, something which I normally have a lot of trouble with, I spotted this. I was a bit wary of the TPB, as pretty much all I knew about Nova stems from a Spider-Man/Nova crossover in the late '70s. I could also see that it was a follow up to Annihilation, which I knew little about ("some guys who I don't know much about fight Annihilus", was pretty much the extent of my knowledge). Still, I had heard that the latest Nova...

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Hello, Old Friend 0

Since Vengeance of Moon Knight/Shadowland: Moon Knight has finished, I decided that I'd pick up Uncanny X-Men to fill in the spot, since I want an X-Men title and Uncanny is supposed to be the ''core'' series. It's been over two years since I've bought an issue of Uncanny X-Men (#500), and whilst I knew the gist of what's happened since then, I didn't know exact details. I did know, however, that some members of ComicVine hate Matt Fraction's writing on Uncanny, and so I was slightly unsure what...

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A very good series to reprint 0

The New Warriors was a popular team back in the nineties, (and if you ask me, the original volume is the only one so far that actually looks like it had decent characters and plots), and so that was what led me to buying this TPB, as well as the fact that the team was made up pretty much entirely of teenagers.   I can happily say that the team doesn't disappoint. Each member of the New Warriors is well-fleshed out, and being a new character, Night Thrasher has enough of his character and origin ...

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Now I remember why I buy this series 2

Story time!  Last year, when I first started buying comics monthly instead of sticking to the old, B&W Essentials, I was having difficulty deciding what to buy. Not wanting to buy too many titles, but still get a wide range of (Marvel) titles and good stories, I eventually settled on New Avengers as one of the titles to buy after hearing a lot of praise for the series here on CV.   Fortunately, this turned out to be a wise choice. I know some people have a problem with Bendis's writing, but ...

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"Wow!" just about sums it up 0

Having heard about the upcoming movie, and some praise for this series, I decided to pick it up upon finding a copy of the first Scott Pilgrim volume in my school library.  And am I glad that I did!  Reading this series, I was immediately drawn to the character of Scott after about ten pages in, despite that I had nothing (or very little) to relate myself to Scott. The dialogue of the characters was just so realistic and funny that I couldn't put the book down without finding out what happens. T...

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Nate and his Subplots vs. Norman and his Avengers 1

Warning! Spoilers! Maybe I'm just a stickler for action, but I really enjoyed this issue. Although the previous two issues in the volume were still good, they basically set up X-Man's return for the rest of the series.   Anyway, if you haven't been following this series, Nate Grey has returned by absorbing the psychic energy of hundreds of telepaths, and has found out about what Norman Osborn has been doing whilst he was gone. And he's not happy. So he breaks into Avengers Tower to try and stop ...

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Good story, not-so-good art 0

Wow, it's Giant Sized X-Men #1. When I read this the first time, I enjoyed it every bit as much as I still do today. I found the plot exciting, the new characters (especially that legend Nightcrawler) creative, but there's one thing about this issue I don't like: the artwork. Sure, Dave Cockrum is really notable in doing the art for this legendary issue, but that doesn't mean his art is that good. Apart from the art, this is a really good issue. The thing that makes me enjoy it so much is the ac...

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What happened to hard fights with villains? 0

This annual is an alright kinda thang, but I personally think that what it needs is MORE FIGHTS!!! I mean like, in most other issues with villains you'd think they'd be smart enough to not have their plans backfire-able. For example, Vulture has to be fairly smart to have created his flying harness, yet when he fights Spidey he get thrashed! And last time I looked, Sandman would have had enough brains not to make his "cell" air tight. Apart from the villains being less smart than usual, it isn'...

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