Who likes webcomics?

Well, I've taken one more step in the long road to the comics industry in that I've made a webcomic. It's called "The Mighty Meteorite" and is pretty much a superhero title. The main character is partly based on my ComicVine character.
So if anyone would like to read the first issue, which I finished just a bit over a week ago, feel free to check it out at one of the following sites: 
(It has swearing in it, so don't read it if you're too young to know of the F-Bomb)
(Also the art isn't that good, please forgive me)


Only for the deserving

I think a good Avengers lineup would be with the "major" Avengers, per se. About 90% of major Marvel heroes have been Avengers (and most of the ones that haven't been Avengers have been on an X-Men related team), and the novelty of being an Avenger wears thin. They should make being an Avengers a privilege, for the characters that actually deserve Avengers membership, rather than just saying "Hey, there's a popular character, lets stick them in the Avengers so we get more sales". 


Nate returns!

Nate Grey returning in Dark X-Men! Nate is one of my favourite characters, and with a bit of luck we'll get to see his full potential.

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(Okay, so technically he hasn't returned yet, but it's pretty obvious he will)
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The Slingers were a great team, and I would love it if they returned.
  • Prodigy could break out of Prison 42 and rejoin his old teammates
  • Ricochet was last seen in Loners, and needs to return
  • Dusk needs to come back and it needs to be explained how she came back to life
  • Hornet is dead, but maybe someone else could wear the armour.
With good writing and art, another Slingers series might succeed where the first failed.
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Er.... how come no one has mentioned this one yet??

What about..... JEAN GREY!! She's died twice! The first time I read Uncanny X-Men #137, I remember saying to myself, "Oh yeah, the X-Men will win. It's not like they'll kill off one of the main characters." How wrong I was.

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And then there was the second time, when that douche Xorn showed what a douche he was.


The one everyone always forgets about

The Age of Apocalypse would make for an awesome game. There could be two modes: Evil Mode and Good Mode. In Evil Mode you get to play as Apocalypse and can choose people to make your Horsemen. As the game proceeds you can play as the Horsemen as well. At the same time you have to try to take over the world and weed out the weak. In Good Mode you play as Magneto at the start, and it is set after Apocalypse has taken over the world. You have to recruit X-Men and overthrow Apocalypse.

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