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Top Avatars for Supernatural Beings

Guys who derive their power from gods, deities, demons, etc.

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  • Mystical Power Source: the demon Zarathos

    Johnny is considered to be the true Ghost Rider and one of the most powerful being on earth outside the cosmic beings and possibly the most powerful Ghost Rider ever.

  • Mystical Power Source: Noble Kale

    Dan Ketch has been bonded with the spirit of vengeance, his ancestor, Noble Kale to form Ghost Rider.

  • Mystical Power Source: chi; Shou-Lao the Undying

    Iron Fist's strength, awareness, and skill level is superhumanly enhanced by the chi of an otherworldly dragon.

  • Vivatma Visvajit is a Burmese version of the Iron Fist. He derives his power from Shiva, Hindu god of destruction.

  • Mystical Power Source: Indra,the Hindu god of war???

    Is his power source mystical? Not a sure thing but he could he be an avatar for the Indian god of War as his mutant power is unlike anything seen before in the X-Universe.

  • an avatar of Bast, he derives an unrevealed amount of strength from his support of Bast

  • an avatar of Bast, she derives an unrevealed amount of strength from her support of Bast

  • Before having Khonshu exorcised from him he potentially would have been able to mimic all the abilities of Iron Fist. However during his time as the Fist of Khonshuu, he possessed many mystical ablities powers derived from the moon. He had enhanced strength, stamina, and reflexes based on the phase of the moon. During a full moon as he could lift the weight of 2 tons and when there was no moon, he could lift around 450 lbs. He could also see magical being that normal humans cannot see and possessed night vision. Moon Knight can become invisible in a shadowed area large enough to cover him. And he has also some kind of "healing factor", his wounds are quickly healed when shined in moonlight. Unfortunately, these powers no longer belong to him as he had rejected Khonshu from his body and Hellstorm exorcised the moon god. Moon Knight has recently been seen fighting to get the spirit of Khonshu back.

  • The Devil of Mexico City. Toltec is a sadistic spirit of Vengeance.