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Superhero Drug/Chemical Abuse

These guys are ingesting stuff that would get anyone locked up  or cause serious harm in the real world .

List items

  • Bane must inject a drug called Venom every 12 hours, as it causes side-effects if he doesn't. It nearly killed him initially, but he survived and eventually became "The Man Who Broke the Bat". He must take it every 12 hours though, as it causes side-effects if he doesn't.

  • heroin addict, used to be called Speedy

  • Miraclo is a steroid

  • Super Soldier Serum

  • Elijah felt compelled to prove his family's worth. Not having any apparent super powers, Elijah used the designer drug MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone) to gain superhuman powers :(

  • drugs warped his mind, Super Soldier Serum

  • Clinton McIntyre was always a violent person. Super Soldier Serum and violent people don't mix

  • the first user of MGH way back when, tried to become "normal".

    it gave him gray then blue fur...However he still experimenting with ways to "cure" his mutation

  • Though he later got a serum which gave him the ability to fly and slowly mutated him further, he was primarily a criminal mastermind and used his shrewd tactical intellect as a weapon more than his other abilities.

  • Inspired by the famous novel, Zabo concocted a similar formula. Repeated use of this formula destroyed his sanity and turned him into a savage schizophrenic creature capable of and willing to do battle with Thor

  • a criminal chemist named Simon Marshall, who was developing a new synthetic heroin for Silvermane and the Maggia, was testing it on runaway teens

    ohnson and Bowen somehow survived injections of the drug, and they fled.

    During their escape, the drug turned them into superpowered beings (it was later revealed that they were both actually mutants, and that the drug had simply awakened their latent abilities)

  • A character with a complicated history, his powers initially drove him insane and gave him a form of cancer.

  • Wolverine discovered that Nitro had been taking MGH to boost his power, which allowed him to devastate Stamford, killing over 600 people. Said event would lead to the Superhuman Registration Act and the superhero Civil War.

  • Alexander Bont, a pre-Kingpin criminal leader sent to prison by young Daredevil, consumed the drug after release from prison as means to get revenge on the superhero. In his case, the effect of the MGH was too much for his body to endure, and his heart exploded.

  • he idolized Captain America and discovered the original Super-Solider serum. He had his name changed to "Steve Rogers" and had plastic surgery done to him. He also had his voice changed to match that of the original Captain America.

    Steve and Jack Monroe injected themselves with Super-Soldier serum and saved the day from a terrorist calling himself Red Skull.

    However, without using the Vita-Ray process they both began to go insane attacking anyone who they thought were Communists. They were captured by the FBI and put in suspended animation.

  • controls his aggression through the use of red, white and blue pills.

  • An English scientist who experimented on himself a potion of his own, designed to alter the refractive index of objects, thus making them invisible. Unfortunately, he can't reverse the process. (League of Extraordinary Gentleman)

  • The dark counterpart of Dr Henry Jekyll. He transforms into Mr Hyde when overwhelmed by powerful emotions. He originates from Jekyll's Legendary formula experiments, at first he would only surface with ingestion of the serum. But after prolonged serum use Hyde was able to take over Jekyll when needed.

  • A former great hunter and adventurer in Africa, he's now an old opium-addicted man. As the League's story moves on, his old passion and spirit for adventure comes back to life.

  • nicotine addict

  • overcame his alcohol addiction "Demon In a Bottle"

  • became addicted to opium to dampen his spirit and avoid the spiritual hunter Zhou Cheng

  • alcohol addict

  • Bushman broke his knees in mortal combat. Crippled and despondent, he sadly turned to drugs and alcohol.

  • Tobacco




    Mia/Speedy 2-Various

    Mirror Master-Cocaine

    Patriot -MGH (mutant growth hormone)

    Puck-Alcohol *good lord don't get me started*



  • Everything in Harry's life seemed great. He had good friends, and a gorgeous girlfriend ( Mary Jane). But then MJ dumped him and his father started putting intense pressure on him by laying all of his hopes on Harry. As a consequence of all this, Harry fell on drugs. Harry went to Detox which healed him physically but he is still psychologically weak.

  • As a result of swallowing an experimental compound, Byth is permanantly able to transform himself into a duplicate of any other living creature he has seen on any planet.

  • Terrigenesis is the process of being exposed to the Terrigen Mists. It is a rite of passage for the Inhumans, and is central to their culture.

    Exposure to human Mutant can result in the further development of their powers, but at a high price. After M-Day several de-powered mutants were exposed to the Terrigen Mists, resulting in the re-gaining of their mutant abilities at a level which they had never experienced before.

  • The Super Soldier Serum is the name of a fictional compound (originally part of process) in the Marvel Universe. It enhances baseline humans to the peak of human potential, both mentally and physically. The most famous and successful recipient of the process is Steve Rogers, aka. Captain America.

  • Terrigen Crystals are an incredibly rare mineral that gives rise to the Terrigen Mist. Guarded by the Inhumans. These crystals form naturally in the subterranean Terrigen Waters on Earth's moon near the city of Attilan. At the correct temperature, when exposed to water the crystals react to produce the Terrigen Mist vapor.

  • Quicksilver regained the ability to speed up his body to the point where he could jump from one time to another.

  • Through Terrigenesis Unus regained his force field, but was suffocated by it as it no longer let oxygen through.

  • Through Terrigenesis Freakshow regained his shape-shifting abilities, but was stuck in the form of a giant disfigured monster with no way to communicate.

  • Callisto's senses were heightened to the point where she was put in a coma from the sensation of raindrops on her skin

  • Wicked regained her ability to summon the spirits of the dead, but could no longer control them. These spirits began to torment her.

  • A highly addictive drug that grants super speed, but speeds up the body's metabolism leading to dehydration, severe exhaustion and rapid aging. The original, developed by Edward Clariss, had no such side effects but the effects were only temporary. Later Deathstroke was able to fashion a particular variant of Velocity 9 devoid of any ill-effects, for Inertia's use

  • Inertia, who was looking to gain superspeed after his access to the Speed Force had been stripped away when it was absorbed by Bart Allen, in exchange for his membership in Titans East.

  • Most of the Qward Johnny Quick history is unrevealed. What is known is that the person who would assume the identity of Johnny Quick is that he was a dangerous drug addict who happened to encounter an unspecified speedster and later killed him.

  • Sublime is a sentient virus that possesses and operates through his hosts via doses of himself inhaled through Kick.

  • BATMAN: VENOM illustrates that although Batman is a great hero, he is simply a human being underneath his costume. When Batman fails to save the life of a young kidnapped girl because of his own physical limitations, he turns to a performance-enhancing drug to increase his strength and stamina. But when the highly addictive super-steroid strips the Dark Knight of his control and morality, he must find a way to free himself from underneath its influence. Struggling with his addiction, Batman must make choose between using the drug again or facing his own probable demise.

  • Once offered cocaine, and then when he absorbed it and turned into cocaine, they packaged him and distributed him to New York addicts.

  • The various chemicals native to Lazarus Pits have demonstrated the ability to resurrect the dead; upon resurrection the subjects exhibit temporary dementia. The substance that fills each pit was originally a chemical blend of unknown composition, until Kobra recreated their unique chemical composition. Ra's al Ghul and Kobra each had their own secret network of Lazarus Pits, and because of their necessity to the Earth's survival, Batman also created a Lazarus Pit in the Batcave.

  • Lazarus Pits, clinically insane

  • spinach dont do that to people

  • normal cookies dont warp your eyeballs

  • uses Sharp an addictive drug that slows super speedsters down

  • Dr. Jerry McGee became obsessed with his research into hyper-physiology, driving away his colleagues and finally his wife. When she began an affair with Wally West, he experimented on himself. Through steroids and electrode implants, he imbued himself with speed rivaling Flash’s then-top speed of 700 mph. At this point completely psychotic and bent on killing Flash and punishing his wife.

  • (the juice)

    This mixture along with Dr. No Face's technology helped to create The Question's special mask.

  • Gingold is a drink made from Gingo fruit that occasionally grants stretching powers when consumed.

    Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man, realized that every contortionist drank a beverage called Gingold. When he tried a pure extract of the Gingo fruit, he gained stretching powers. It has since been revealed that pure Gingold is poisonous to normal humans but unlocks a dormant metagene in Dibny, which is why it does not have the same effect on everyone.

  • While working for a scientist on 30th Century Earth, Chuck Taine accidentally drank an experimental super-plastic fluid while watching a sports event. The fluid drastically altered his body, giving him the power to inflate into a spongy round shape that could bounce and ricochet without harm. A

  • Anti-Cap is a boy who boosted his human abilities with Acetovaxidol (AVX) ( comic: Captain America & the Falcon)

  • When the side effects of the Terrigen Mist began to take effect, he flung Fatale and Reaper into the Brimstone Dimension and followed them. What happened to them is unknown but apparently he along with Fatale and the Reaper are all traped in the Brimstone Dimension.

  • When the side effects of the Terrigen Mist began to take effect, Abyss flung her and Reaper into the Brimstone Dimension and followed them. What happened to them is unknown but apparently he along with Fatale and the Reaper are all traped in the Brimstone Dimension.

  • Upon meeting with Quicksilver, who had gained power bestowing abilities after absorbing the Terrigen Mists, Reaper's powers seemingly reemerged. However, when one of Reaper's teammate Elijah Cross spontaneously combusted after the being re-powered, Reaper's teammate Abyss transported the remaining team members into an unknown dimension. It is not known whether his abilities remained or whether he is still alive.

  • After meeting with fellow depowered mutant Quicksilver, who had stolen and subsequently absorbed several Terrigen Mist crystals, Elijah and several of his fellow X-Cell members were seemingly repowered. However, like with all of Quicksilver's previous recipients, the treatment had dire side-effects. As a result, he spontaneously combusted during battle with the mutant team X-Factor Investigations.

  • Inhuman, exposed to Terrigenesis at a young age

  • King of the Inhumans, Terrigen Mists

  • The strongest Inhuman ever he was Omnipotent and initiated the original Secret Wars. Considered to be the most powerful superhero.

  • Medusa is queen of the Inhumans and is married to Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans. Medusa is best known for her long, thick head of red hair, which she can psychokinetically wield like countless extra appendages.

  • The founder of the Terrigen Mist

    Randac was an gifted scientist who discover the use of the Terrigen Mist and upon coming in contact with it develop Eternal like powers.

  • Dinu is one of the Inhumans, disfigured during his transformation so that he has to wear a mask that covers his face.

  • Prince of Attilan, powers were initially a hypersonic scream. Later, his power evolves into a psionic "evil eye" which can cause death, but this is largely dormant. However as his power grew, it caused insanity that only grew.

  • LOL.

    An Inhuman transformed into the shape of a dog by the Terrigen Mists which also gave abilities of incredible teleportaton feats.

  • A part of the Royal Family of the Inhumans, cousin to Black Bolt. As an infant he was exposed to the Terrigen Mists and as a result he was given green scales. As a result his parents begged his brother, Karnak not to undergo the Terrigenesis process and Karnak became one of the greatest martial artists in the world.

  • terrigenesis made him look like he's on super-steroids

  • Exposed to Terrigen Mist when he was an infant, Gorgon developed hooved feet and a powerful lower body that with a single stomp, he can create powerful tremors

  • Desperate to get his powers back, Quicksilver exposed himself to the Mists, and subsequently talked Luna into returning to Earth with him, where he exposed his 6 year old daughter too. Thanks to the Mists, she can now see the feelings of the people she looks at in terms of colors, as a sort of visual empathy. Having trouble dealing with this, she now must wear shades at all times. Seemingly addicted to the Mist, her continued exposure to the mutagen has apparently enhanced her newfound power to the point of being a full fledged empath, able to sense, remove and alter emotions at will. After the events of Son of M, Quicksilver returned her to Crystal. Currently, the Inhumans are treating her addiction to the Mists, although it is unknown how her body will react to her addiction and if she will retain her abilities longer than baseline humans.

  • Roy Lincoln was originally a scientist working with his father on a special explosive chemical called "27-QRX." However, when Nazi spies invaded his lab and killed his father, he resorted to ingesting the chemical to prevent it from falling into their hands. As a result, Lincoln gained the ability to cause explosions in any object he came into contact with, particularly through his hands; the only way to control it was to always wear special asbestos gloves (which were subsequently retconned into "fibro-wax" gloves after the human health hazards of asbestos were discovered).

  • The powerful serum that keeps Nick Fury youthful (a.k.a. an immortality drug). He needs to receive an annual injection of the formula or he will rapidly age 60 years. Developed by a French scientist, Dr. Berthold Sternberg and initially given to Fury in an attempt to save his life near the end of World War II when he was injured by a land mine. Introduced in Marvel Spotlight #31.

  • nicotine addict; Infinity Formula

  • used kick a highly addictive drug dispensed via inhalant, that enhances special abilities in mutants. Later discovered to be an aerosol compound for distributing a primordial microorganism known only as Sublime. The active ingredient is Hypercortisone-D

  • used kick a highly addictive drug dispensed via inhalant, that enhances special abilities in mutants. Later discovered to be an aerosol compound for distributing a primordial microorganism known only as Sublime. The active ingredient is Hypercortisone-D

  • used kick a highly addictive drug dispensed via inhalant, that enhances special abilities in mutants. Later discovered to be an aerosol compound for distributing a primordial microorganism known only as Sublime. The active ingredient is Hypercortisone-D

  • injected himself with Serum SO-2 to avoid it from falling into the wrong hands, (A.I.M.)

  • Alan Fagan was able to additionally create a drug that made him fearless. He also was an effective lawyer.

  • In the late '70s, Preston Payne became the third Clayface.

    A scientist suffering from hyperpituitarism, Payne used Hagen's blood to

    create a cure but became a clay-like creature that needed to pass his condition onto others to survive.

    Payne comes across a sample of Matt Hagen’s blood, isolating an enzyme within the sample and injects it into himself.

    His condition was used as a metaphor for drug abuse and sexually transmitted disease.

  • The second Clayface was Matt Hagen, a treasure hunter. Upon finding a pool of protoplasm in a cave Hagen immerses himself in it transforming his body into a moldable substance given him the ability to change his body into nearly anything he wished although this was only a temporary effect and Hagen would have to return to the pool to sustain his abilities.

    Hagen later finds a way to copy the protoplasm in a lab but only giving the clay effect for five hours.

    Hagen was later killed in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

  • The Pym Particle delivery system were pills. Also referred to as shrinking capsules.

    allows users to grow or return to their normal size.

  • uses Pym Particles

  • used Pym Particles

  • formerly used Pym Particles

  • Given the same powers as Wonder Man via ionic ray therapy Erik Josten later gained the ability to grow in size and strength from Pym Particles, administered by Dr. Karl Malus. Overkill

  • Brilliant and tough, Goliath fought evil using a variation of the Pym Particles. He was killed during the Civil War by Ragnarok, a clone of Thor.

  • The New Black Goliath; as the nephew of Bill Foster, Tom comes from a very driven and academic family, populated by Doctors and Attorneys. After the death of his Uncle, Tom met and vowed to the Black Panther that he would break the Pym Particles Formula, and when he did, the Pro-Registration side would pay.

  • Using a gaseous form of "Pym particles" kept in a compartment in his belt, Ant-Man had the power to shrink himself (and other people and objects along with himself) to the size of an ant and return to normal.

  • The Irredeemable Ant-Man; Eric O'Grady has Eric has the ability to shrink to the size of an ant and grow back to normal size by pressing a button located on the Ant-Man armor's helmet which releases Pym Particles onto the wearer.

  • A baseline human originally, Cassie deliberately exposed herself to concentrated Pym Particles during her visits to Avengers Mansion, hoping to replace the powers of her father, the second Ant-Man. The attempt was successful, granting Stature the ability to grow and shrink, altering her strength and stamina in relative proportions to the transformations.

    While the upper and lower limits of this ability have yet to be determined, it has been demonstrated that Cassie can grow to a size of at least thirty feet tall, and shrink down to the level of an ant. Due to repeated exposure to the Pym Particles, Cassie's physiology has absorbed enough to let her change size at will.

    Moreover, emotional changes have also caused transformations, as her body subconsciously reacts to mood swings or changes in temperament, Anger causes Cassie to grow and guilt causes her to shrink.

  • In "New Thunderbolts" #18 (April, 2006), Zemo provided this villainess with Pym particles that would allow her to face Atlas in battle. She expressed concern about their effect on her sanity but went ahead with the plan. She was defeated by Atlas who was more experienced at combat while shape-changing.

  • Rita DeMara has no superhuman powers, but her Yellowjacket helmet contains subatomic "Pym particles" which she can release by mental command cybernetically through the helmet's circuitry, enabling her to shrink in size from one-half inch in size and return to normal.

    She also possesses expertise in cybernetic technology.

  • Roger Aubrey was a prisoner in a Nazi death camp. They subjected him to many strenuous chemical experiments, including the Nazi's own super soldier serum, with the end result of shrinking him to the height of twelve inches, yet giving him the physical prowess of a super soldier.

  • His dad injected him with mongoose blood when he was already dying of a fever. His dad was a doctor, I guess he knew what he was doing. Either that or dude was a nuttier than squirrel sh!t. ;)

  • Can't believe I forgot this guy! Due to the ingestion of the jungle potions he carries, Kraven possesses enhanced Strength, Speed, Agility, and Stamina, as well as a greatly retarded aging process.

    A lot of Spidey's foes are on drugs. Not withstanding Kraven's family members...

  • Kraven's son...After drinking the Jungle Serum, Vladimir gain superhuman strength, agility, stamina, and longevity. He also carries many weapons both ancestral and modern, such as knife, spear, rifle, pistol, and blowgun.

  • Edward Whelan was found roaming the streets of New York by Baron Helmut Zemo. Whelan subjected himself to Zemo's genetic experiments, which granted him superhuman strength. However, in the process of the mutation, he manifested a rat-like physical appearance, and was called Vermin. His fighting style is so unpredictable even Captain America and Spidey were unable to predict his moves in combat.