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List of musicians!

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  • In the 90s this guy had a Saturday morning TV show that was great follow-up to cartoons! Never knew he had a comic book until I was older:D

  • A famous and talented musician, Cannonball is her boyfriend

  • This X-Woman was famous before she joined the team due to her prodigious musical gifts. She is a singer.

  • Jay Guthrie was a guitarist and his X-Gene endowed him with the powers of him sound mimicry AND hypnosis.

  • Part of the new generation of X-Men. He's the rebel in the group. Not really interested in being an X-Man. Just wants to play his guitar and rock out.

  • A former enemy of Dazzler back in her disco days, Johnny was never really a successful super-villain. Although he did constantly attempt to make it big with his partner and best friend, Doctor Sax, they never succeeded in realizing their goals.

  • Next to nothing is known of his childhood except he was an aborigine familiar with the mutant Gateway, often ally of the X-men. When his powers manifested he was sent to learn the proper use and application of it with Gateway. Despite his aborigine upbringing however he had dream of being a famous rock star and lead guitarist.

  • Rick Jones has exceptional musical talent and has proven himself to be a skilled songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player.

  • Dr. Sax was a member of a rock band with Johnny Guitar. One night after a show, Dr. Sax and Johnny Guitar were robbing their manager, but were stopped by the other band members. During the fight Sax's face was burnt by a torch, blinding him.

  • When he is depressed he plays the guitar.

  • Haywire was trained in hand-to-hand combat by Nighthawk and other members of the Squadron Supreme. He was skilled in lockpicking, and guitar playing.

  • Can play difficult pieces of music. However, it is only because of his ability.

  • Daniel Drumm was an expert in all aspects concerning the religion of Voodoo, including its music.

  • The Pied Piper has a variety of instruments, which create various effects. These include hypnosis, and paralysis. The Pied Piper is also able to train and control rats. Desaad claims that the Pied Piper can channel the Anti-Life Equation through his instruments.

  • There have been two Marvel characters going by the name Piper or they're the same man.

  • Genetic engineer, former reporter, rock music critic, former rock band performer

  • One of the few to retain her mutant powers, Rhapsody uses music to alter reality.