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Frequent Marvel Concepts (A-M)

 1. 198
    2. Aliens
    3. Alternate Universe
    4. Alchemy
   5. Anthology
    6. Afterlife
    7. Antivillains
    8. Antiheroes
    9. Bizarre Humor
    10. Bad Girl Art
    11. Black Market
    12. Cold-Blooded Killers
    13. Clone
    14. Co-Feature
    15. Comic Book Adaptation
    16. Christmas
    17. Ch'i
    18. Cannibalism
    19. Comic Geography of Earth
    20. Deceased Characters
    21. Dragons
    22. Dark Past
    23. Darkforce
    24. Dystopian Future
    25. Demons
    26. Fourth Wall
    27. Deconstruction
    28. Fastball Special
    29. Ghosts
    30. Genetic Alterations
    31. Horror
    32. Homosexuality
    33. Infinity Formula
    34. Imaginary Stories
    35. Magic
    36. Martial Artists
    37. Mantle
    38. Mind Control
    39. Marvel Geniuses

List items

  • original # of non-depowered mutants left after M-Day

  • Skrulls, Kree, Shi'Ar, etc.

  • What If?; Buried Alien etc.

  • magic meets science; see Hickman's S.H.I.E.L.D. series

  • A collection of stories about different characters; designed to decide which story, or character, they like best and that one becomes more prominent in the stories and sometimes even moves on to a host their own series. Many of Marvel's most famous comic book characters first appeared in an anthology. (Spider-Man; N'Kantu)

  • see Wolverine Goes to Hell

  • A person who is driven to commits immoral, evil, or unjust actions in attempts for "the greater good". The greater good being the world not 1 country or minority. In recent years Magneto and Dr. Doom have been cast as having noble goals when seen from their perspective.

  • see the Punisher, Ghost Rider, Wolverine. Heroes who do bad things to protect people.

  • Satana and Black Cat are usually drawn in this manner

  • A place where illegal goods are readily available for purchase. Guns, organs, people, drugs (Super Soldier Serum anyone?) and many other things re all purchasable at these bazaars.

  • bring back Ben-Reilly!

  • see Wolverine goes to hell, etc. different from an anthology.

  • Comic book versions of movies! see MCU, I disapprove

  • Christmas is in many comic books!

  • many Martial Artists use the concept of Ch'i to their advantage! Iron Fist, all the Immortal Weapons, Shang Chi, Elekta

  • Sh*t happens...Characters from Marvel who have Engaged in Cannibalism

    Venom (Mac Gargan)


    Ultimate Hulk


    Deacon Frost


    Weapon Omega


  • see Latveria, Wakanda, Subterranea

  • some1 dies

  • Cloak, Shroud,The Spot, Darkstar etc

  • Alternate Realities; see Messiah Complex where Bishop goes batsh*t nutty!

  • show up from time to time; New Mutants; X-Men; Ghost Rider; Sorceror Supreme

  • Deadpool, She-Hulk frequently break it

  • breaks down the character from a different/more realistic perspective so u can see the inner workings of a hero/villain, sometimes the MAX series does just that, often involves "Real World Stories"

  • ghosts, intangible demons, etc

  • Despite the picture, Wolverine was not genetically altered/enhanced. Spider-Man, Sandman, Electro, and Captain America (Vita Rays serum) were however!

  • Man-Thing, N'Kantu, Son of Satan, most often anthologies

  • self-explanatory

  • Nick Fury/SHIELD

  • Strange-Tales, characters dreaming/hallucinating

  • self-explanatory

  • passing the mantle happens often

  • when people start talking about fake sciences like Shadow Physics, cloning, or genetic alterations add this. Also add Genetic Alterations when necessary!