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Issues That Make Me Happy

List of issues (added as I read them) that just make me happy.

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  • Putting aside all the dissent between Barbara fans about her going back to walking. Putting aside some of the dissatisfaction from Dick fans about him going back to being Nightwing after his tenure as Batman, this was an issue that fans of both characters and especially fans of the characters together, will enjoy.

    I'm an enormous fan of both of the characters and they are probably my OTP in comics. For that alone, this issue made me incredibly happy. Gail Simone writes inner dialogue like almost nobody else and the tension between these two was practically jumping off of the page.

  • Hope Summers was one of my favorite characters from her inception in one of my favorite arcs ever, Messiah CompleX. It was to my extreme dissatisfaction that she was written as a somewhat ungrateful brat and extreme know it all after her emergence in the present timeline with Cable and the debacle that ensued that, Second Coming. This issue marks the first time since the end of Second Coming that the character has been remotely likable.