Yesterday DC Comics announced the first casualties of the New 52. Among those slated for the chopping block was Hawk and Dove, written and drawn by Rob Liefeld. If you are not familiar with that name (I pray to god you aren’t, he’s terrible) this is the man who gave Captain America boobs.

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His art was all the rage in the nineties, when having guns bigger than your entire body was super cool! However, he has a serious lack of knowledge on anatomy and a serious lack of y’know…talent. This man should absolutely NOT be employed as a professional comic book artist, let alone be working on more than one book.

So it was a relief to me when I heard that his book was canceled. I thought that fans were finally wising up, getting over their Nineties nostalgia and voting with their wallets to let DC Comics know that they do NOT want to see Liefeld drawing (or writing, for that matter) their books.

Well…nothing good can last forever. Heaped in with today’s announcements from DC is the news that Liefeld will not only be working on a different book - he will be working on THREE others. He will be plotting for The Savage Hawkman and Grifter and he will be taking over Deathstroke from the amazing Kyle Higgins and Joe Bennet as both the writer and the artist.

There is so much ranting I can do about this. About how is writing may have suited the nineties, but it doesn’t work now. About how his art is a joke and I can name about twenty unemployed artists whom I know personally who could do this job better than him. About how he makes a farce of comic books. But I’m not going to open that Pandora’s Box. What I AM going to say is that let DC know how you feel - show them that you’re not happy with this at all. Drop the books as soon as Liefeld comes on. It’s what I plan on doing. If enough people start putting their money where their mouth is, maybe DC will finally get the idea.

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