The Truth Revealed

She’d been up for over 24 hours straight going over the damning information she had found revealing nefarious motives from not only the US government, but specifically, from the President of the United States. Mercy hadn’t talked to her father in over a week; she knew that any contact between the two of them would only make what was to come harder. Their relation had been under wraps for quite some time, her job would make him a possible target of her detractors and vice versa. She wasn’t even sure what he did, never had been, all she knew was that it was very hush hush.

All of her things were packed and she would be abandoning this apartment as soon as her write up went out. It would be triggered to multiple mirror sites, blogging sites and transcripts would be sent to media outlets across the globe. In less than half a year, she had built up a substantial readership and a bit of a cult following. She followed the truth, regardless of whom it benefited, something that was unseen of in this day and age when everything tended to be spun in one way or another.

Tonight would be a turning point for her. Tonight would be the night when her history began being dug into. Tonight would be the night that she exposed with irrefutable proof, the dark underbelly of the current administration. It would not be pretty, it would not be fun, but it was the right thing to do and that was all she’d ever been about.

Her fingers flew over the keys of her laptop as her legs shook from a combination of fear, anticipation and energy drink overload. If there was one thing she would want to be judged on after this life, it was her unblemished need to tell the truth.

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My name is Mercy Sheridan. For eight months I have been running this blog as a non-biased source of information, free for all to peruse. I am a reporter by trade and what seems to be an activist, by accident. I never set out to create a following or have my name known – that was kind of always the opposite of what I wanted.

What I did want? I wanted people to be informed. Without sponsors or parties coloring what was reported to viewers. Without having to answer to a boss as to why something was reported. I wanted to give you the facts and let you decide from there what those facts meant.

Facts and evidence have recently fallen into my lap…well, I suppose I went and searched them out…and I cannot sit on them. It would put me in the fault just as much as those in power.

Hopefully everybody reading this knows about what has happened in Venezuela. The conflict between forces there and the stepping in of the US and acquiring the country as our own territory under the administration of Orpheus Ziev.

Orpheus Ziev is not who he says he is and the US Government is culpable in situating themselves into a power vacuum as what is presumably the first step of a larger plan.

In the links, you will find transcripts of President Ziev’s overseas accounts. Accounts that were used to help fund somebody, off the books, who was, on the books granted not only access, but official power by the US Government in a bid to create a power vacuum in Venezuela.

Anthony Park was sanctioned to go into Venezuela and kill innocent civilians and create whatever other sort of havoc he may choose to. The US Government gave him this power. The US President himself signed off on this.

But President Ziev did not just sign off on this. It’s nothing so simple as listening to your aides regurgitate the basic points of an executive order and signing your name on the X, not knowing what you were signing into.

I will repeat again, so that you can swallow what you are reading before you.

The President of the United States – a land that was once known to stand for freedom and liberty, but sadly does no more – gave a non-military citizen the power to go into another country, perpetrate terrorist acts and so in order for the US to come in and claim territory in a power vacuum.

If you listen to the audio below, audio that has been tested and re-tested by independent contractors as well as contractors allied to both parties, I believe you will find your eyes opened.

*The following audio was acquired from a private dinner at the restaurant Citronelle, during which the restaurant was closed to all patrons but them. The two voices you hear are those of President Orpheus Ziev and Anthony Stark.

President Ziev: There is rising tension in Venezuela. Forces are poised to move, chatter has been observed. We need to send somebody in to help secure its acquirement.

Anthony Stark: “I am unsure of what you are asking me, Mr. President.”

President Ziev: “Mr. Stark, your intelligence makes me think otherwise, but I’ll lay it out for you point blank. I want to give you carte blanche, a literal blank check and I want you to take your tech and whatever else you deem necessary and I want you to go into Venezuela and I want you to create a power vacuum that will allow the US to take control in the first phase.”

(Silence for several seconds as you hear a quiet tapping of fingers on a table)

President Ziev: “We need a good, patriotic man. A man who will do what’s right for his country. Mr. Stark, the US needs you.”

(Silence again as you hear somebody shifting in their chair)

President Ziev: “We thank you for your service, Mr. Stark. You will have, as mentioned, carte blanche. I don’t need to know what you’re doing, you are officially employed in a position of power by the government and it is a position whose efforts should best be kept in the dark. The small details aren’t important, do what you want with the public and with those mutants...maybe you can find some work use for them.”

(Silence again as you hear the scraping of chairs against the floor)

President Ziev: “Get to work and God Bless America.”

(End of audio)

Below are more links to communiques and internal e-mails that were passed around select members of President Ziev’s administration. Not only is he culpable, but he is responsible. It’s up to you what you do with this information; my job was in supplying it.

They will try and suppress this information. They will try and silence it. I do not doubt that they will try and silence me. But the truth is more than simple words. The truth is an ideal…the truth is a movement.

The truth cannot be silenced.

Her finger hovered over the post button for a full minute as she left an encoded voice message for her father through a secure channel. The small click of the mouse she was using echoed through the room as she pressed the button and sent the post to print.

She’d been meticulous in securing the proof and insuring its legitimacy. She had no doubt that within an hour or so, her apartment would be turned upside down by federal agents. All of her important items had already been moved to anonymous storage and everything that Mercy needed to get out of dodge and go underground was in the sack next to her desk.

She pulled the strap over her shoulder, grabbed her brand new heavily secured phone and left the apartment, shutting the door on that phase of her life behind her forever.

Raindrops darkened the pavement of the New York City sidewalk as she hailed a cab and sent a text message to one of her affiliates, alerting him that the information had been sent out. It was the dawn of a new era.