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Family: Mother (Adopted): Deceased

Father (Adopted): Deceased

Siblings (Adopted): Three older brothers, deceased.

Mother (Birth): You'll find you soon enough.

Religion: Agnostic Affiliations: Cass is now a member of Champions of Peace. She is on the Shadow Squad, which deals with most of the dirty work.Distinguishing Features:

Scars - She has a seven-inch long slash across her stomach, just above her belly button. This is from a severe wound sustained from a special sword of Warsman's.

Piercings - She has three holes in her right ear and two in her left. She has the cartilage and tragus of her left ear pierced. She also has her nose pierced. Languages: Cassidy is multilingual and speaks: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek and Gaelic.


Cassidy was adopted into a prominent police family in Boston. She never knew the true identity of her birth parents, all she knew was that they loved her and that they were the ones who chose the name "Cassidy". She was never made to feel as if she were anything less than a blood relative in the O'Rourke family. The adoption was never an issue, she was perhaps treasured a little bit more, if anything. Her father spent more time teaching her skills than he spent with some of her siblings. Perhaps because he saw the potential in her, perhaps because he wanted to make her feel included.

Fateful Night

Her father, two of her uncles and one of her aunts were all part of a special task force tasked with taking down the head of the Irish mob in the city. They nearly succeeded in their goal and were so close to breaking Patrick Monaghan's rule when an informant on the task force leaked to Patrick about what was happening. The mob dealt with this in their usual underhanded way. They contracted an assassin to take out the O'Rourke family. Only this wasn't just any assassin. It was Gambler. King of Assassins. The contract was for the entire family, nobody was to be spared. The O'Rourke bloodline was to end that night, as was the life of anybody unequivocally tied to it. He took them out one by one, head shots for the majority of them. Right in front hf her. Her oldest brother, Aiden, was shot in the neck as he grabbed her in his arms and started running for the safe room that their parents had set up in case anything like this were to ever happen. She was only nine years old and nearly immediately went into shock, she was covered in the arterial blood spray of her brother and her mind couldn't function, so it protected her by sending her into shock. He noted her in her dead brother's arms and left her there as he made his way through the rest of the house, eliminating everybody else, making sure there were no survivors. He was Gambler and he wouldn't screw up so simple a job as this. After making sure that everybody had been dispensed with, he walked over to the little girl, drops of blood across her face matching her bright red hair. He crouched down and lifted her out of her dead brother's arms, taking her in his. He put her on his hip and stroked her hair, wiping the blood off of her face with his thumb. He murmured to her comfortingly, telling her that everything would be OK. She remembers being sedated and the next thing she knew, she was waking up in his New Orleans HQ. He took care of her, he comforted her. He treated her like his own for those first few weeks and slowly but surely, she developed Stockholm Syndrome. As she grew accustomed to it, her mind paved over the memories of her dead family with memories of him, for the sake of sheer survival.

The Brand

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During her time under his tutelage, Cass was branded with the symbol and wore it proudly. The brand is grafted to her DNA making it impossible for her healing factor to overcome it. It marks her as the one heir to the League of Shadows and through some unknown means, gives Gambler the ability to track her at will.



Enhanced Senses: Due to her mutation, Cassidy has enhanced senses. These senses include: Hearing: Cass has hearing that is far more precise than a normal human's. She can hear a pin drop from a mile away if she focuses hard enough.

Sight: Cass has what could be classed as superhuman sight. It is extremely precise and she can see just as well at night as she can during the day. Smell: Cass has a very keen olfactory sense. Once she has caught a scent, she won't forget it. She is also able to use this to aid her tracking abilities and can pick out a single scent in the midst of a crowd.

Telepathy: Cass has low-level telepathic ability. She hasn't really stretched this ability to the far reaches yet, though.

Pre-Sentience: This power manifests itself somewhat like a spidey sense. Cass tends to get a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach when something hinky is going on but is not showed what that hinky thing is. Lately, she has also been picking up foreshadowing of events in her dreams, a furthering of this ability.

Telekinesis: Cassidy is a very apt telekinetic, on about the same level as Rachel Summers (without PF), this includes genetic manipulation, although Cass tends to only use it for heavy lifting and the such and prefers to rely on her fighting skill in battles. She will employ telekinetic shields if she feels that she's in a too high-risk situation. She has a healing factor, yes, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't still feel the pain from her injuries. Flight: Using her telekinesis, Cass is able to simulate the ability to fly. This is something that she uses very sparingly.

Empathy/Emotion Control: Cassidy has the ability to both feel and influence other people's emotions. This is somewhat similar to pheromone control.

Healing Factor: Cass has a healing factor. She heals quite quickly and has sustained something as serious as a fatal bullet wound and recovered within an hour. Depending on the seriousness of the wound, she is sometimes left with a scar. Her healing factor is on Deadpool's level. She does not have his immortality, but she is able to heal and regenerate from basically any wound, including dismembered limbs.

Superhuman Reflexes: Cassidy has superhuman reflexes and is able to react much quicker than a normal human. This, paired with her enhanced senses makes her an extremely apt markswoman and hand to hand combatant.

AbilitiesStrength: Cass has a peak-human strength level and can currently lift 400 lbs (on par with Daredevil)

Unarmed Combat: Cassidy has mastered numerous forms of fighting, but does her best with street (aka dirty) fighting.

Armed Combat: Cass has trained with almost every weapon that shoots a bullet or holds an edge. She much prefers bladed weapons, such as kukris or swords, but knows her way around a gun.


Pre-Sentience: The weakness with her pre-sentience lies in the fact that it doesn't show her exactly what's going to happen, all she gets is a feeling.



FN Five-SeveN
FN Five-SeveN

FN Five-seveN: Cass carries two of these semi-automatic pistols in a dual shoulder holster. The Five-Seven (trade-marked as the Five-SeveN) is lightweight, accurate with a low recoil, a large magazine capacity, and (when using certain cartridge types) the ability to pierce body armor. The Five-seven is a semi-automatic delayed blowback pistol and uses 5.7x28 mm ammunition. It's quite lightweight, weighing 1.64 lbs with a loaded 20-round magazine. It is a full-size pistol, with a height of 5.7 in. (with the standard adjustable sights) and an overall length of 8.22 in.

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Long Knife: Cass wears a long knife in a specially outfitted back sheath at almost all times. The sheath lays flat against her skin and the handle of the knife is hidden by her hair. She will sometimes switch it out for a sword.

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Lightsaber: A gift to her from Donnie. The lightsaber is a weapon that can cut through literally anything.

Kukris: The kukris are a bladed weapon and by far Cass' favorite. She carries them with her at all times and prefers them over others because they allow her to get in close for the kill.

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Akira of Repentance

The third of Muramasa's swords often referred to as the Akira (light) the blood of Repentance, Muramasa created this blade as way to repent for the evil he created with the first and second Muramasa swords. It is considered the greatest of all his swords, and described as "the sharpest sword ever forged". It is forged from the kinetic metal Vibranium laced with pure steel, giving it's molecules a high rate movement that causes immediate nanoscopic damage to any compound based element organic or inorganic matter. Physical contact with the metal is described as " trillions of vibrating knives to the skin". The constant vibrations also made the sword incredibly light as well as highly durable able to repel concussive force with little difficulty. The sword was then given an X-Factor from the ancient mutant Adam, whose cells could absorb the abilities of all who were descended from him i.e. all mutants. This combined with steel-vibranium's molecular nature gave the sword the ability to literally cut apart X cells within a mutant host. It is interesting to note that as a side effect of the vibrations the steel reflects UV rays giving it an almost invisible golden glow to the surface. Due to it's obvious power the sword has remained hidden, often moved throughout Japan until it recently made it's way into the Dark Huntress's hands.


Vis Vires

Order of Sancta Camisia

Champions of Peace

Dark Utopia

Legendary Hellfire Club

Order of Sancta Camisia

La Cours de Hibeux

Dark Legacy

Wolf Pack


RPGs that I've participated in (in chronological order):

Powers Within (my first post in an actual RPG) (Vis Vires RPG)

Ashes to Ashes (Order of Sancta Camisia)

Lost Legacies (Order of Sancta Camisia)

World War Warsman (Vis Vires)

Between Two Worlds (COPs, Shadow Squad specifically)

The Last Day of My Life

Embrace Change (COPs)

Twisted Seduction (Only DC posted in the RPG, the rest was done in PM)

From the Ashes (as Child of Darkness) (Tenebrasque In)

The Inquisition (COPs)


Legends and Legacies (The Pillars)

2031: Children of Destiny (Alex Starks and Whisper)

Where You Lead, I Will Follow (COPs)

Light Wars: The Hand of God: OOC/RPG

Return of the Prodigal Daughter



The Interview

Blood of the Exiled

French Expedition

Kicking it Old School

2021 Aftermath

Dawn of a New Generation

End of an Era

Burning Darkness

Cuban Kidnap Crisis

Hi Voltage #1

Ruin Kingdom

Gears of War

All Out Assault

The Two Kings

Turning of the Tides

Dragon Scroll Quest

Battles that I've participated in:

World War Warsman (battle with Malice in the actual RPG)

The Dark Huntress vs Homicide

KOV Round 1: Gambler vs Dark Huntress

KOV Round 2: Cly and Dark Huntress vs Overkill and Decoy Elite

Precise vs Dark Huntress: The fight for Beardy Thor and Ryan Reynolds

KOV Round 3: Cly vs Dark Huntress

Blinding Sands/Death Dealing Wolves: Dark Utopia vs Wolf Pack (Team vs team battle using Whisper): OOC/RPG

KOV Round 4: Hawk vs Dark Huntress: OOC/RPG

Fate of the Dragons: Tenebrasque In vs Champions of Peace (Child of Darkness and Dark Huntress): OOC/RPG

KOV Final Round: Dark Huntress vs Longshot: OOC/RPG

The Cash In: Uchiha NeVann vs Dark Huntress

Burning Darkness: Feral Nova vs Dark Huntress

Show Them His Blood: Akube vs Little Death

Quotes About Cass:

"Damn girl.... you know how to really take a beating." - The Hunter

"The raven is surprisingly loyal and cunning. It follows its master, chosen upon emerging from its egg, even into the fires of war. It is the raven that fights alongside its master and guards him both in life and death. That is why the raven is considered a holy animal in Symaarian society. That is why Cass is my little raven; I can always count on her to be beside me when all other hearts fail to." - Warsman

"When war beckons, give me ten Symaarians or, failing that, call my sister." - Warsman

"Sometimes I wonder if she really is adopted; her ferocity matches my own." - Warsman

"Theres a good heart that pulls her away from being a vile killing machine but her past ruins any chance of joining the boys in blue." -Azra

"He didn't have to know her name, or even speak one word to her to understand who she was. She, like him, grew up under the watch of some malicious man who took her childhood away too soon. He made her kill, made her fight and understand what pain really was, he killed a little girl and replaced her with a killing machine for his own vindictive ends. No mother or father to wake her up and tell her it was all a bad dream, only that man." - Longshot

Quotes from CassThere are people in this world with immense power, immeasurable, even. It's what they do with that power that defines them. Whether they choose to give into temptation and instill fear and loathing in others or fight the urge and do the right thing. That's what makes you or breaks you. Your choices.

Miscellaneous/Important Events

First post in the RPG forum

Engagement to Ethan

Finally Getting Over Her Fear of Darkchild