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Rising from the large crater, Pain's eyes still red from the explosive discharge of energy he'd just unleashed. He'd fired an inordinate amount of beams in this fight, and which each one she fired the next seemed to take slightly longer to prepare. It was a drain on his energy to fire them off in such rapid succession. Too much and he ran the risk of cutting into the same reserves that gave him his strength.

His eyes dimming as he changed his plan of action, opting instead to finish Nemo off up close. With the slight bend of his knees, he shot off, sending out a ripple of force behind him as he closed the distance between him and the Colossus. Drawing back a fist he felt space bend around it as he lunged forwards.

Putting all of his momentum and weight into the fist he launched it at Nemo's chest, his entire arm transforming into a black blur.

However, there was nothing.

No contact, nothing meet the supersonic blow. His fist kept sailing, past the place Nemo had been microseconds before. Instead, the punch sent out a fierce concussive wave, rolling out over the landscape. The grass lay flattened, and several ways away trees feel over with a distant crash.

His eyes darting around attempting to seek the Supraman's location, yet he knew he would be unable to catch up even if he did manage to locate him.

Rage boiling over he called out, in no particular direction. Knowing that no matter where he was the Universal Man would hear him.

"Pathetic. You can come face me, again and again, Nemo, and the result with always be the same. Because you lack conviction, you lack the resolve to follow through. You fled from ruins Grim, and now you do the same again. Too hesitant to join, too quick to leave. Some look at you and see a god, yet I see nothing but a coward. If you wish to change anything, then you must be willing to give everything you have and more."

He knew a response was unlikely, where ever he was now and whoever it was who had saved him was a concern for a later date. Ascending he looked over the various craters their clash had left on the land. He gave a small unsatisfied shake of his head before turning back to his city. Nemo was likely to return one day, until then, however, he had a city to rule.

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@supra-man: @fusor:

"The Sun?"

The stony section on Pain's face that formed his brow arched up slightly. A bemused look grew on his face as he heard what he presumed to be the ramblings of a man knocking on death's door.

"The Sun will hardly sa-"

With a concussive boom, Pain was torn from his sentence as a fist slammed into his chest. While before Nemo's attacks had caused sparks and flashes as they knicked his shield, Fusor's blow struck home. A solid red barrier appeared grinding against the man's fist, cracks forming as it resisted the blow. Energy flooded into the point of contact, trying to absorb as much of the impact as possible. Even still the sheer force and surprising nature of the strike overburdened the shield. He'd discharged far too much of his energy with his laser, a show of force more than a tactical decision, one he was about to pay for. The fist continued unfettered through the shattered shield and made contact with Pain's thick skin.

Within milliseconds the Monarch of misery had been catapulted far away from the battle, his body spinning as he desperately attempted to regain control of his movement. A futile attempt as he was hurtled into the sky, his momentum slowing only once he'd left the final layer of clouds far behind. As he left the world behind his shield slowly rehealed, the mark of Fusors fist still permanently imprinted onto his chest. Once he'd slowed down enough he finally regained control of his movements, nearly righting himself back up as the next attack cut through the air.

Slamming into him once again he was rocketed even farther into the air by a blast of pure kinetic force. No enough force to shatter his shield once more, but more than enough to sent the already disorientated titan even farther off course. Yet what the blast did more than anything was serve to infuriate the Exemplar of Agony. However, after the first punch, he was much more prepared to keep his balance, quickly righting himself his supersight caught sight of the crackling bolt of lightning with just enough time to swerve out of the way.

Whoever the man who sought to save the Supra-man, he was a threat with unknown capabilities. His punch more than spoke for what he could accomplish, yet Pain had tasted victory, he had been so close. Energy surged through his body as he avoided the next ray of heat, his senses no longer confused from the blow.

Looking down at the battlefield he honed in on where he'd come from. Building up a large amount of power he released in an enormous burst, sending him rocketing back down to the ground. The final beam harmlessly colliding with the tyrant's dense skin as he fell back to earth. Aiming to strike into the ground near both Fusor and Nemo, sending a massive shockwave out that would knock both of them away. Harnessing the power within him once more he opened his eyes and summoned forth another massive wave of intense power. Honing most of it on to the already injured Nemo he was intent on putting the Supra-man down for good.

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Feeling the combined rush of power and satisfaction, he watched his foe fall behind his mighty clap. Clenching his fists he looked down at the dazed Nemo, contempt brewing behind his eyes. He was about to move in and attempt to finish the man off he halted. As a faint glow lit up one of Supra-man's eyes it appeared he wasn't done yet. However, while the same beam had once shown the potential to cleave Justice's arm off before, now he was prepared. Not only was he prepared, he could fire back.

Heat swelled up behind his gaze, before erupting in a dominating show of force. While Nemo's laser was small and precise, his was wide and destructive. Aiming more to crush the man into the ground with the sheer force. All the while generating a stifling amount of heat, burning the oxygen in his lungs and boiling his blood. Releasing all the energy he had built up in the fight into the beam he used the raw power of it to overcome Nemo's comparatively weak laser and attempt to lay into the man who fired it.

Feeling victory on the horizon he began to taunt the stunned hero, "It's hard to believe how much of a challenge you gave me before, now... now you are nothing. I would say the mighty have fallen, but then again, you never could beat me."

As he spoke he walked forwards, reaching out and attempting to grab the Supra-man by his throat, lifting him into the air. Applying a crushing grip he would heat up his eyes once more, preparing one more laser. One he would use to burn into his brain through the one chink he had found in Nemo's shielding, his eyes.

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Feeling a surge as his opponent felt the pain of his blows Pain was empowered. His newfound body grew in power not due to the abstract idea of justice, but the very tangible pain he caused. Yet before he could use that strength to punish Nemo any farther he shot out of the crater grasping for the tyrant's head. His hands would find something to grip, but not skin or the stone that his body consisted of. Instead, it would colid with a red shell that appeared only as the hands got close enough. His hands would smash into the shield over and over again, bringing only flashes of light as the energy repelled his attacks.

Yet The Exemplar of Agony would not sit complacent against this assault. While he's shield showed no visible signs of cracking Nemo was still a being of exceptional strength. Even an uncoordinated attack stood to deal massive damage if not suitably dealt with. His reckless frenzy only made it much easier to strike him back.

Spreading both hands wide he slammed them together will a sonic boom erupting from just the speed of them moving. This was to speak nothing of the immense concussive force generated on whatever they collided with. In this case, his target was the Supra-man's skull. While he contained the force enough most directions with his hands there would be a massive shock wave that would blast both towards the sky and into the ground. Even if the blow wasn't to land exactly on the man's head, the explosion that would ripple away from the point of impact would be devastating enough.

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Even with the few words, the Nemo had spoken it was clear that this would be a much different encounter than their first. Gone with the Nemo who stood watching Mega Justice fight throughout Grim, waiting and contemplating whether he would join. Now there was not a trace of hesitation, where there used to be carefully controlled movements, there was a rage-fueled charge. Their where no bystanders to consider, no city to destroy, just the two of them raring to go. It was Supra-man who broke the calm before the storm, blasting forwards sights aimed square at his jaw. A small target, a poor target.

With a sharp movement of his neck, he let the fist scrape past his energy shield, red sparks flying as it ran along the defensive barrier. Yet to contact was far to glancing and far too brief to do any damage to the new addition of Pain's arsenal. As the rest of Nemo's body moved to streak past him he raised his hand to grasp his foot. With a crushing grip, he'd attempt to catch the speeding hero and slam him back down into the ground. If the crater that Nemo left when he landed was large, this one would be massive. Whereas once he wasted power keeping his destruction in check he no longer found a reason to justify the flagrant waste of energy. So every action he made, would send shockwaves cracking the ground, sending destructive winds that would flatten surrounding trees. There was a reason he took this as far away from the city as he could, he wasn't intending to withhold in the slightest.

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If he succeeded in grabbing and slamming Nemo he would launch himself to the bottom of the crater aiming to strike the man in the chest and send him farther into the earth. As he did an immense grin would begin to reform back on his face, one not unfamiliar to the one he bore before his transformation. Although, while previously it was an attempt at portraying the demeanor of a friendly hero, now it was something much rawer. The intense glee that came as he was able to lay into the man who had brought him so low. Who stood so adamantly in front of him, nearly ending his conquest several times. The last time his win had been not his alone, now, he could prove without anything assisting him, he was the greatest.

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Justice City

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In a city built on bodies and rubble, in a tower built by a god, Pain sat on his throne. Not as the machine who had gained it all, but the being that was created when he nearly lost it. In many ways, the man sitting was similar to the man he was before, however much had changed. While the man he was before fought with the intention to proved justice for the largest amount of people he could, Pain fought only for himself and his sovereign city. Which was the bigger threat to the world had yet to be seen. A superweapon with no free choice exercising whatever means to achieve a sense of justice for the majority while casting aside the minority or a rage-fueled monarch driven by a lust for revenge and the desire to have enough power to preserve his possessions.

The wall in front of Pain erupted, concrete and glass were through across the room. The few stray clumps of rubble that found their way to the seated monarch were vaporized as they approached his in a flash of red sparks. A soft layer of dust layer of dust floated lazily to the ground as Nemo appeared before him. Through it all Pain sat, unflinching as the Supra-man arrived. However, slowly a grin began to form on the exemplars stony face. His hands gripped the armrests that they lay on, the metal bending effortlessly beneath his crushing grip. His eyes changed from a soft glow of red to an intense and fiery light. For the first time in his new form Pain was hit with the rawest form of sadistic joy he'd ever felt. His mouth parted letting out one raspy word,


Rising from his seat he began to hover just slightly from the ground. Only emphasizing the difference in size between the two men, there was no doubt in his mind why Nemo was here, it was for a reason that Pain could relate to quite well. To finally put a decisive end to their earlier conflict, while Nemo had been forced to retreat that day, the fight had been halted not because either combatant had rendered the other immobile, but because their fight had put the tectonic plates of the city at risk. The same plates they stood on today. "Do know what happened to the last uninvited guest I had?" He asked as he floated past the man who stood before him and towards the hole in the wall he created. "I think both of would agree it would be better to take this somewhere else." He said, not sitting looking out over his city before gently flying out the hole and far away from the city itself. Landing on a patch of land that even with the two of them clashing at their full strength the city and its inhabitants would be safe. Where he would wait for the Universal man to arrive. Where they could finally answer the question once and for all.


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Pain took a moment to recall the announcement that Methodius had made days ago, one to host a global tournament in hopes to unite the world. Not actually the man Pain had taken the God King for, but he of all people knew how people could change. While he wasn't all that concerned about what took place during this tournament of his, but the future of his city was something he had been thinking on. This was a great way to secure its safety, giving him access to the forces of allied nations if needed. He too agreed with Methidous statement that mortals knew not how they manage the world, that their lives so insignificant that they failed to comprehend what the impact of their actions. While he would bow to no one the idea of an allied force seemed acceptable for now.

"Very well, I will offer you some of the greatest minds I have. Any preference on how tolerable they are of the... unsavory or will any do? I have plenty that came here for the distinct lack of moral bindings that comes with this city. And others that of more here for the vast resources and the chance to work with like-minded people. I might be able to form a better picture of who to send if you give me a clue what they will be working on. I'd rather not send everyone I have if half of them don't have the skills you're looking for." He said walking over to a phone sitting along on a small table. Picking it up he began to dial the front desk of the science center, Preparing to give the order to pause all current projects and prepare to be relocated.

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As they broke into space Pain prepared to hurl his opponent far into the reaches of the space. Instead, he found that while he had been focused on keeping his grip as tight as possible that his hand had been bound by the same material that man coated his blade with. Turning his attention back to the man while attempting to loosen his hand he saw his skin begin to burn away, revealing something darker within his human form. The skin was just a thin layer, what he truly was mattered not, was going to take a one way trip off the planet whether he liked it or not.

Before he could take further action to free himself and get rid of the man, his grip tightened unexpectedly. Momentarily confused, his eyes flicked to the side looking at his hand only to find it was empty, Worse, however, was the blade that had phased through his grip and was sweeping towards his chest. With one hand locked down, he dodging was no longer a possibility he had to hope his shield could deal with it. However, as the first cut scraped through his armor and cut a slice across his rocky carapace it was quickly revealed his shield could not.

However, as soon as the first slice ruptured a hole in his form it became clear why his new skin was so much tougher than his last. It was to keep his energy contained as much as it was to keep foreign objects out. A line of light glared out from underneath the thin slice that had been cut in him. Within milliseconds the energy rushed to leave through the small hole, bursting out in a massive explosion. With the entire brunt of the force being blasted straight into Noboru who was still right in front of him.

The massive searing blast continued for nearly four seconds of raw uncontrolled blast before he had time to place his free hand over the cut to seal the power. His face seething with anger as he opponent had forced him to waste so much energy his eyes looked to the sun tha floating idly in the sky. If anything was left of the man after the blast that was likely to have washed over him he shot off once more. This time gripping onto the man with just one hand as his other kept his energy contained. Rushing straight into the sun, hoping the heat was enough to finish off the man. Or at least break the matter binding them so he could leave him stuck at the core of the great star.

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With his eyes absorbing all the information in the room, he wasn't surprised when the man arose from the shadows once more. He was only prepared, he had gotten a brief insight to how durable his opponent was. He could use his blade to shield himself from damage, that would at least force him to choose between offense and defence. However, he needed to deal with the oncoming assault before he thought about his counter-attack. His sight picked up the blades lethal cutting power even before it struck him, however, the way it sliced through the air and any the dust particles floating around from the collapsed ceiling. It reminded him to the power Supra-man once displayed in their battle at Grim. His eye blasts that split apart molecules, one that was able to sever his arm.

However, at the battle, he learned a valuable lesson for dealing with foes with power such as that. Concentrated energy like his Justice Force he used to have, nearly always matched it. Locking the two opposing forces in a standstill that neither could overpower. It was only when he used too much energy that the beam finally injured him, luckily he had no such worries in his new form. Stepping back to avoid the first few swings of the man's blade he backed himself to the edge of the hole he plowed into the wall. It took him relatively no trouble to get away from the man's cuts. If he had been an average man then the lack of resistance the air normally gave blades would prove deadly. However Pain was not an average man, avoiding gunfire was a simple task for him and sword strikes proved no harder.

Once he reached the edge and had a feel for how his opponent swung he moved forwards to counter-attack. Rushing his opponent with enough speed to send a shockwave that would ripple through the building he moved to grip the man's sword and shoulder like a vice. Ensuring that even if he did release his sword that he'd have somewhere to grasp onto. As his constant radiation of his energy would ensure that his hands never truly touched the blade he kicked off backward. If the man hadn't avoided or gotten out of his grip from there he intended to shoot into the sky. He couldn't help but let a grin slip out as he remembered it was also a tactic that had been used against him at one point. If the man didn't faint from the rapid loss of oxygen as they went higher and higher into the upper layers of the atmosphere, then they would fly even further until the made it to space. From there he'd depart all of their momentum into Noboru, letting the vast and cold void of space decide his fate.