It isn't coming back

It won't be coming back

Atop his throne, atop his tower, atop his city, Justice waited. His gaunt form looking no better than it did weeks ago in Paris. His eyes were sunken, his once iconic smile showed no hope of returning. The bright suit he wore had been discarded for a something that fit his now small frame. He previously stood as a symbol, something more than a man. However, now he hardly looked like he could walk a mile, much less dash across the face of the earth faster than most could blink.

If someone didn't look close enough at the moment they might have thought the man was but a corpse. His looks aside he had failed to move in hours, it took a keen eye to notice that he was breathing at all. Movement, however, was not one of the things he lost in his efforts to shield France. The Ex-Exemplar of Justice's legs hadn't been crippled, but something else had been lost. He refused to move because he was waiting, waiting in vain for the power that would never come. He wanted to reach out into the world and feel the power that the people gave him. He wished to stand tall, the people's will lighting his fires and pushing him to go beyond. No matter how long he waited though, he knew it wouldn't be coming back.

His actions had corrupted the public perception he'd upheld, the one of a grandiose hero. Now he was seen as more of a villain by most, a tyrant even. While there were still those who saw him as a hero, perhaps one that took things to an extreme, it wasn't enough. He barely had enough Justice Force to keep his corporeal form, and that on its own was up to debate. He waited in vain for his strength to return, but as his hand weakly closed into a fist he knew it wasn't going to be coming back.

The world had scorned him for his act, ones that he took to help those who called for him. He fixed a city in ruins, he turned it into a pillar of advancement and peace. His deal with the world was simple, he served the people's justice, and the people would give him the power he needed. Yet here he was, betrayed by those who he gave all for. He was built to serve, and all that had done for him was leave him in ruins. As his anger started to rise a faint light began to shine behind his eyes. His clenched fist grew tighter as his nails began to draw blood, inhuman blood, the blood of a man who was not truly a man. The force that he was made up his body had betrayed him, knowing that he had no choice but to live within it only caused his rage to grow. Never before had to world given him such a large dose of clarity before. This was all a being like him could ever amount too, even for him the concept of Justice changed too fast for even him to catch up. He had been discarded, he had saved a city then was labeled its killer. No more would he wait for the world to give him back his power, no more would he let himself be controlled.

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Staggering to his feet, The Ex-Exemplar of Justice rose from his throne. Walking forward, each step sturdier than the last he approached the patio overlooking the city. This was once the site he could leap from and land anywhere he chose in the city. Now it gave him a view of what he had left. Throwing his hands out to the side he let the sun wash over him, the light blinding his eyes. Even as his eyes struggled to adjust to the light, he felt as if he could see clearer than ever. The truth of the world was finally clear to him, there was no Justice. He merely followed along with what the people thought was right, not because of what he wanted but because it gave him strength. Yet all that had done was make him weaker than ever, in body, mind, and spirit. No longer would he serve the world's "Justice", he would show them his own.

His power would never return, but in return, he had gained a will and drive of his own.


Three days... and bring your friends

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One last time, Mega Justice prepared to stand in front of the cameras. His first time had been to announce his plans to the world, one that turned out to be quite controversial. The backlash had been expected, but it seemed that he might have underestimated the amount of 'heroes' who would stand against him. Even more, the only reason that they seemed to have for it was that they thought that Grim held sentimental value. That wasn't nearly enough to dissuade him though, it just meant he would have to prepare for resistance when he put his plans into action. So that's what he was doing now.

He was confident is his own ability to fight, yet even he realized that he was going to need more strength. So he had begun gathering forces, yet as he spent more time arming himself so did his opponents. With the amount of people they already had, the rate in which they're army would grow would always beat his, so just an arms race wouldn't work.

He had one thing leaning in his favor though, that was the press. While the Outlaw of Grim did have her persona who could act as her civilian face, she couldn't directly make a public call for defenders that would reach the whole country. Doing that would likely be the straw on the camels back that had been keeping up the lie that she and the outlaw were different people. Mega Justice had to alter ego though, what you saw was what you got. He was a man that seemed to be someone who was doing what everyone wanted to see happen. This was something that the press ran with, although quite a few were far less enamored with his lawless activities. Still, the news channels that did by into his larger than life demeanor were still enough to create a mostly positive perception of the hero. Now it was time to use that to his advantage.

Stepping in front of the flashing cameras he waved to the reporters that eagerly prepared to jot his ever word onto their notebooks. Clearing his throat once he spoke up, a message he knew would likely be broadcast in every household across the country that bothered to look at the news.

"Well, looks like a made quite the splash didn't I. Here I thought that people were willing to get rid of Grim. Very well then, stand with the past and you shall be left behind with it. Change is something we should embrace, not something that should be feared and warded off. There were many people I expected to stand against me, yet there are a few I never thought would've. Either way though, I am a man who sticks to his word. However, I know not even the mightiest man can fight alone."

"So consider this a call to arms, to every hero who fights for a better world. There are villains, criminals, and mercenaries who wish to keep their haven of crime intact. They want to hold back change because they fear the precious empire they have stolen from the people will fall. I don't can if you can fly or just have a big stick, if you can fight and are willing to fight for justice then heed my call. We will forge a new future, on that has learned from the mistakes of our past, not dwell in them. If you already have decided to stand against me though, then I have a different message. I'm giving you a chance to stand down, give up now and now one needs to be harmed. I truly believe there are many of you who don't realize which side you are fighting for. Either way, if you intend to stand with me or against me there is one thing I have to say to you."

"Three days... and bring your friends."


It's time that we talked about Grim

Boston, 2:30 pm

Mega Justice looked over the piece of paper he held in front of him as he adjusted the tie on his neck. He had never been one for formal attire, but there was a time and a place for the suit and this was not it. He could hear the reporters and camera crews outside, all of them there for the press conference he'd requested. It wasn't very hard to get nearly every major news network to come to after a hero called for the press. Though he doubted that even in their wildest dreams they'd expect what was coming.

Reading over his notes once more he stepped out and stood in front of a black podium and put his paper down in front of him. He calmly waited for the reporters to quiet down before speaking up, he faces showing his classic smile. One that against all odds managed to stay since looking no matter how many times he put it on. Clearing his throat he quickly glanced down at his papers.

"People of the nation, it's time we had a talk. Not just about anything though, about a topic that some people have recently brought up. About something that has even found its way into what caused the Warden incident that nearly claimed the lives of thousands. Now a few of you might think that I'm referring to the vigilante problem, it has become a hot topic of debate in recent weeks. No though, today I come to you with another problem that was at the root of what Jacob Chase tried to accomplish. It was his goal and is still to help in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Grim City."

Mega Justice paused briefly to flip to the next page of his speech. "Grim City, that name carries a lot a weight with it. It is a place that most I'm sure are ready to forget ever existed. However that isn't going to happen, people are determined to try their hardest to piece that broken city back together. What the Warden incident showed me, however, is that the only way to fix Grim is to do the extreme. No matter how much money is given to charity, of how many business owners try to repair it, Grim will never return to what it was. This is not something that is revolutionary on its own, I am not the first to say this, but I will be the last."

Moving over to his last page, Mega Justice drew this one out for as long as he could. This was when he dropped the bomb, his plans for the future. "Which is why I intend to do what is needed. If Grim cannot be saved then the only thing we can do is cut it out before it inspires more half-baked ideas to save it. So starting today, my mission will be to tear down the city of Grim, it has been a scar on the land for too long. That is not where I will stop, Grim has proven that no matter how hard it is beaten down the corruption will remain. So the only thing that can be done is to build a new city in its place, one that will stomp out the only Grim. I personally promise to play a large part in the new cities construction. To make sure that what we build will be a better place then what we will replace. I intend to call it Justice City. From the ashes of Grim, justice will rise."

Placing his notes back on the podium Mega Justice looked out onto the crowd. The Hero of the people stared at all of the cameras that were broadcasting his words to the world. Opening his mouth he asked one question in a tone that almost bordered on threating. One aimed not only at the reporters in front of him but at the people that were going to oppose his plan. "Now, are there any questions?"