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Real Name: Pain

Aliases: The Exemplar of Agony, The Merciless Monarch, Ex-Justice

Age: 46

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Red

Height: 7'1"

Weight: 300 lbs

Species: Human/Aspect(Corrupted Omega Strain)

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Birthplace: Unknown

Relationship Status: Married to his cause.

Occupation: Leader of Justice City

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Stand before me, I wish to see your pain: Vandals corruption of the Justice Force gave birth to a new well of power that Pain draw's upon. Unlike the Justice Force that granted power the more people believed in the power of Justice, Pain pulls his power from the pain he inflicts. The more pain he causes the stronger he becomes, this has no known limit and his power can grow without end. Unlike the Justice Force, this power will not vanish, even if the pain was to disappear from the world. Instead, once he causes pain, the energy will stay within him until he releases it. While it is possible to draw pain from the world even if he doesn't cause it, this is currently disabled due to mental blocks.

Your agony, it fuels me: As long as Pain has energy within him he lacks the need to sleep, eat or breathe. Instead, he can merely burn small amounts of the energy to fuel himself. Along with that, he can use his energy to reform his body, at a high cost of energy but at rapid speeds. Unlike with the Justice Force, even if he runs out of this energy he will never lose his form. He will be weakened, but his body shall not fail him as it did before.

It hurts? This is but the beginning: The most common use of his energy is in enhancing his physical strength. Even when uncharged he easily exceeded the might of a peak human. Even crushing mutants with enhanced strength with relative ease. This is to say nothing of what he can do when he has even a drop of energy, as his power spikes when he causes even the slightest amount of pain. While what he can accomplish when on high energy is unknown it's fair to assume that he likely exceeds his old power. Increasing his strength costs none his energy, but rather increases the more that he has stored within him. So if he never expends his energy his strength will never stop growing.

Flee, run, hide, you cannot escape judgment: Just like his strength, his speed grows the more energy he has stored within him. There are a few notable changes in the way his speed works, however. For one he has now possess the ability to fly, something previously he was unable to achieve. This lets him travel faster and farther, even letting him operate in the void of space. Unlike before however, he can no longer shield the environment from his high speeds movements. This isn't viewed as a problem for him, asides from when he is in his city where he tends to take things slower. His reaction speed also steadily increases, letting him process things at high speeds.

After what I have endured, your attacks are futile: One thing that remains largely untouched from his transformation is his nearly invincible body. Able to shrug off gut shots with ease, you'd need a heavy caliber rifle in order to just get his attention. Hurting him is a task few can manage, but they normally tend to be opponents on a similar or a stronger level of striking power as him. Just like the rest of his powers supercharging makes him leagues tougher. This durability is granted because the more energy he houses his body generates a small field around him. One that covers him and deflects strikes and attacks, it takes a significant amount of force to break past it. Unlike his previous two abilities, it does consume his energy to create this field. If he was every to run out of it his durability would drop, weak enough to be harmed by force equal or more to a direct hit with a rocket.

My rage, given form: A new ability granted to Pain is the ability to discharge a large amount of his energy through his eyes. His can be either a small beam that can cut through largely anything or a wide blast of heat and force. Either one he uses he can control the direction of the beam even when it's traveling in the air. Since this tends to be rather draining he rarely uses it, waiting until he needs a large range attack before resorting to it. The power of the beam varies depending on how much energy he uses to blast it. From enough to decimate cities to just enough to light a small fire.


A hero was stuck down by those he tried to save, a monster rose.