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Is this picking up again? Maybe. 0

It goes without saying that I have been VERY critical of IDW’s new TMNT series. The series presents a take on the TMNT with some new elements, but a foundation that I find built out of the 80s/90s cartoon. Nothing terrible, but nothing particularly great.Last issue began a step in the right direction with a more action oriented plot. This issue, surprisingly, continues the step in the right direction.The writing by Tom Waltz isn’t actually that bad considering the cookie cutter approach to many ...

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Breathing Fresh Air Into the Turtles 0

Tristan Jones, Mark Torres, and Jay Fotos have done something amazing with a rather ridiculous tie-in to a rather ridiculous IDW event.To catch us all up to speed (you can also read my previous review here): Something’s been happening in the deep recesses of the New York sewer system and the turtles aim to find out what’s causing it. Creepy monsters appear and end up capturing Leo while putting the rest of the turtles in peril.Once again, the issue centers around Donatello’s perspective, but all...

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Finally! Some good, new Turtles comics 1

The first issue of this crossover by Tristan Jones and Mark Torres delivers everything the title series does not. I have lamented on the state of direction for the title series (most recently in my review for issue #7), but this issue provides me with so much hope for the future of the TMNT.First off, I have to admit my bias, I am internet-friends with Tristan Jones often tweeting back and forth with him on movies and other things. We’ve even shared a few Words with Friends games with one anothe...

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I'm Growing Really Tired of This... 0

Some of you may be wondering, “what happened to that Turtles guy who did all of the reviews?” after I neglected to post a review for issue #6. Well, I’d like to reply that it did absolutely nothing for me. How am I to write on something that I just toss away and forget about?The last issue was very bad because it was so unremarkable.This issue just continues the trend of bad dialogue and lack of detail in the art. Let’s tackle the dialogue/writing through some examples:“It’s high time he and I g...

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Better When the Turtles Weren't In It 1

Surprise! This issue is actually better when the turtles are NOT in it. In fact, they only grace the frames of roughly 5 pages.Primarily, the issue follows the tale of Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki. Both characters belong to the Foot Clan, but Yoshi leaves due to Saki extending his powers too far. Naturally, Saki seeks revenge for Yoshi disgracing him. This leads to Yoshi running off into the woods to train his four sons. Thus, the comic hints at the turtles and Splinter being the reincarnated for...

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Enjoyable but Forgetable 0

Let me go on record saying that I miss Klunk the cat. In the original Micro-Series one shot involving Michelangelo, we received a Christmas tale with the fateful meeting between Mikey and everyone’s favorite pet (not Krypto or Ace). This issue mixes things up for turtles history and involves Mikey incidentally getting involved with a jewel heist.The issue follows the usual conventions of a character getting into something a little too over his head. Mikey finds a costume party, enters the party ...

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Separation 0

Reading Swamp Thing provides a deliciously creepy experience. The comic continues to thrill as the action picks up. Things were bubbling in the story up until this point, but the final splash page amps the intensity to a whole new level.Scott Snyder continues to be brilliant in the writing by not being too flashy in the dialogue, but huge in the ideas. He has a grandiose plan to the story and it’s fascinating seeing him place the pieces together and move them forward. The antagonist William Arca...

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Wow... really? 1

This comic did barely anything for me.In the tradition of the classic comics, this one-shot/micro-series has a stand-alone tale involving Raphael with Casey Jones tagging along. They beat up some bad guys and discover *gasp* ANOTHER MUTANT.I am not a fan of the late 80s/early 90s show. I have good memories of it growing up, but, looking back, nearly every character was a mutant. This made the Turtles far from special. This comic is basically a gigantic throwback to the old show by once again hav...

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Nothing Fantastic but Decent 0

Despite all of the inconsistencies, this issue pleases.In particular, the story gains some momentum and solves a few of the mysteries that were begun in the first issue. It's clever in reuniting some characters with one another. And, some of my initial issues with the story regarding their training and back history seem to be on their way to be answered (looks like next issue). I don't think they'll do too well in answering them because they seem rather outlandish (even within the actual concept...

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Back on track? Maybe. 0

This new issue of TMNT from IDW actually surprised me. I was fairly disappointed with the last issue, but this one piqued my interest yet again. I suppose part of the problem with the series so far has been the Turtles have not had their own distinct voices. Sure, you could differentiate them from the human characters but the turtles who are the headliners did not have as strong of personalities.This issue rectifies some of those problems. We are presented with (generally) two great scenes where...

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A Promising Start Squashed 0

This issue of the IDW TMNT series picks up directly where it left off. We’re greeted on the inside cover page with a brief recap of the previous issue and off we go! Previously, we were left with Raph barging in to help Casey Jones against his abusive father. The fight ensues in this issue with some rather dynamic action. There’s a wonderful handling of motion and energy by Dan Duncan in this scene.However, that’s where a lot of the power of the issue arises: in the action. Other than that, the ...

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It Works with What it Has 0

I am quite the fan of Tim Drake. Ever since he was the third Robin and then became Red Robin, I've been following him. I read every issue of his Robin series and every issue of his Red Robin series. To say the least, I'm devoted.So, that was the sole reason for me to pick up Teen Titans #1 seeing as it was basically the primary vehicle for my Tim Drake fix.Originally, I wasn't too much of a fan of Brett Booth's art. To me, it was a little too mid-90s nostalgia for me. After reading the comic, th...

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A Big Surprise 0

Supergirl was one of those books I was secretly excited for in The New 52. I'm not exactly sure why because I HAVE NEVER read a Supergirl comic before. I suppose I was just attracted by the art, and the previews sold me.Basically, the book starts out with Supergirl falling to Earth and being intercepted after she has landed in Siberia by some giant robot guys. She's confused and overwhelmed by her new powers as the yellow sun hits her and eventually Superman shows up. End of story. Now, this may...

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I Could Eat You Art, but Your Writing Leaves a Bad Taste 0

I care nothing for vampires. They seem like an easy mystical creature to write. No exceptional hang ups – they bite, they suck, they prey, and they’re sexy. Frankly, though, I don’t find the sex appeal. I do not see how living forever could ever be something someone would want especially at the expense of other people.And, to be brutally honest, this comic did not change my opinion on vampires.Now, let’s take a step back for a minute (as we so often do in my reviews).I, Vampire is probably one o...

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A Pleasant Surprise 1

I’ll have to admit it: I’m a DC fan… However, when I heard that there was going to be a mixed race Spider-Man, I jumped at the opportunity to see such a powerful superhero symbol represented by someone who wasn’t white and privileged. Granted, this occurs in the Ultimate Universe so it’s not your typical Spider-Man. Without really reading any Marvel comics for years, I picked one up.I can say that I’m happy I did. This comic doesn’t just take a mixed race kid and put him in a suit to cover up hi...

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Beautiful Art, Decent Story 0

After many delays (a whole years worth), Batwoman #1 has finally graced the stands. Of course, this comes on the heels of DC’s The New 52 which serves as a catalyst to finally get this beauty out there.My local comic shop can attest as to how excited I’ve been for this title. We’ve been through the ups and the downs of various postponings together and finally we can celebrate. To that effect, Batwoman #1 does not disappoint.Surely, this comic will be the most beautiful one to come out of The New...

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Fun and Energetic 0

If anyone even closely knows me, they have probably experienced my incredible love for the Ninja Turtles. Particularly, I’m a fan of the older comics. I have artwork from Jim Lawson, Peter Laird, Michael Dooney, Dan Berger and others hanging up in my tiny, college-living room, I have read nearly every TMNT book that has come out (excusing the Archie series) – I own almost all of them. So, a new Ninja Turtles series has come out, and boy was I excited.IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles satisfies ...

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Dynamic and Thrilling 1

You know, it's not too often that I read a comic twice.  Sure, I may go back and re-read issues a year or so later, but when I get a comic I usually read it once, put it in a pile, eventually bag & board it, and set it away in a box.  The only comic I consistently read twice is The Walking Dead.  Well, Scott Snyder and Jock are knocking it out with Detective Comics and caused me to read it twice.Snyder's first stint on Detective with Jock was pretty cool, but by now you can tell he's...

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Mister Dark is Winning 1

Mister Dark is quite a vile villain.  I suppose what sets him apart from most other villains is that he is truly evil but clever on top of it.  He seems always determined but resourceful.  He knows when to fully attack and when to wait and build up terror.  It's really extraordinary watching him work against our beloved Fables.  He is the ultimate threat, and he is winning.This issue is a major game changer.  The outcome of which is neither a surprise or expected.  Nevertheless, it provid...

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Tim Drake to the rescue! Through convuluted means, of course... 0

It's really nice for this series to get back on track without all of those silly crossovers because --- This comic just got really good.  Alright, alright… it was already pretty darn good, but the stakes have been upped in this issue.  There are all of these threads that are culminating into the Assassin’s tournament, and I’m in on the ride. The comic starts off with a brief update in Tim’s civilian life and relationship with Bruce and then it hits the ground running with Tim meeting up wit...

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Good but not Great 1

You know, it's surprising to think that I've followed this series for nearly two years.  For that long, it has been going strongly.  And this issue keeps up the pace.Now, the series has never been phenomenal, but it's never been really bad either.  It coasts at a nice even pace that is light-hearted and fun.  There is a bright spot in the Batman universe and that is Stephanie Brown.In this issue, Bryan Q. Miller puts Batgirl up against another college student member of The Scythe.  The ...

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A Fun and Surprising Read 0

There is something so expressive by just a thin line.  It curves, it bends, it straightens, it can fold upon itself, stretch to dizzying lengths, and a whole lot more.  Matt Howarth, in his stab at the ninja turtles pulls in an expressive mastery of line and texture that unveils the dominance of black and white comics over color.  There is just something so fascinating of the use of simple lines, and Howarth shows that they can be used in quite an array of beauty.Now, this is a great, glo...

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Too Good to Trade Wait 0

 For some of the issues up until the new story of "No Way Out," The Walking Dead had gotten a little talky.  Now, I have absolutely no problem with this because I enjoy a lot of talking in my comics.  I like a nice balance between action and talking with a little more on the talking side because I love character development.  Sure, you can have people go kick ass but do you ever really know them? Robert Kirkman actually makes you feel like you know the characters in the comic.  Some of the...

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Making a Classic Great 0

 Scott Snyder and Jock have made Detective Comics a must-read series.  What's even more impressive?  He did it in three issues.  Hell, I was hooked even after the first issue (#871).Sure, my one criticism from the first issue was that the story was moving too fast, and it does.  But, somehow, there is so much frenetic energy crammed into the first part and the third part of the arc that it makes up for being a little jumpy.  Some other commentator's criticism of the second part of the arc...

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A Holiday Treat 0

For all the comics I read, I try to make my reviews very accessible to new readers who are at least partially interested in the characters.  I also try to pick comics that a reader can jump on and enjoy.This comic may not be the best Christmas gift for anyone outside of comics, but, for those of us ingrained in the inner-workings of DC, this issue makes a cheerful read.Here's a breakdown of the plot:Larfleeze, the comical soul member of the Orange-Avarice Lantern(s) discovers the myth of ...

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All Will Not Be Well 0

 You want to know my instant reaction upon setting this comic back down after reading it?  "Well, that was completely unnecessary..."It's not that the issue was entirely all that bad.  It just was not good... at all.Let's back up for a moment and consider what went wrong:First off, the whole Parallax/Flash combination was mostly used to bring the hidden little terror in the rags to Earth in his first stroke against Green Lantern et al.  Also, it seemed mostly as a publicity stunt to sell mo...

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Prize for the Bookshelf 0

It’s been a long-time coming, and now, finally, the 100th issue of Fables has come out.  Boy, does it not pull any punches! First off, your main story is 60+ pages long and features one of the largest battles to ever grace the series.  The final confrontation between Mister Dark (Duladan) and Bellflower ( Frau Totenkinder) carries the large brunt of the story.  And, for the most part, it’s very inventive.  Unfortunately, for me, I feel like Buckingham’s pencils are more convincing d...

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A Breath of Fresh Air in a Traditional Genre 0

Scott Snyder rocks it out of the park on this issue on writing duties.  There are some neat quips, some history, and some very interesting things going on in the issue.  In interviews he said that he was bringing the “detective” back into comics, and I do believe he is.  There’s a fair amount of talkie-talkie in the issue, but, hey, that’s how I like (love) my comics.  Action is overrated unless it’s absolutely necessary.  In reality, fight scenes would probably not last 10 pages of doohi...

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Some Issues, But Overall Great 1

 So, Batman has gone global!  Now, Bruce Wayne is traveling the world to recruit other superheroes like him to join his cause.  In this particular setting, it takes him to Japan to recruit Mr. Unknown. What surprised me most was the set-up of the issue.  There’s a nice variation on downtime and superheroing time.  There’s a nice balance to the whole situation, and you can tell that it will pan out over some of the issues of the series.  I seriously thought that each new issue would include...

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High Hopes Crushed 1

 Okay, the intro to this comic with Dustin Nguyen’s little mini, chibi, cute whatevers is adorable.  However, I found it a little off putting that Stephanie and Oracle would be so open to letting Proxy in on the Bat-Family’s secrets. Nevertheless, after the beginning I was hooked.  Plus, I was just really pumped for Dustin Nguyen taking over art duties. …But, something happened… The comic wasn’t actually all that good. Sure, we had Stephanie’s idiosyncratic quips that are usually cute and ch...

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Assimilationist Archie 0

All right, I’m going to begin by stating that many of the terms I’m utilizing I discovered through Herman Gray’s Watching Race: Television and the Struggle for Blackness.  While his book focuses primarily on Blackness, I believe his term of Assimilationist can be applied to out groups such as gender, sexuality, religion, or politics.  In this case, I will utilize his term to apply it to the recent introduction of Kevin, the first openly gay character in Archie comics. To begin, I would like...

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A Blip Amongst Consistency 1

 After the stunning issue from last month involving Tim Drake taking a shot for the team and getting to pretend he's disabled, we find Tim continuing down his list of targets to Anarky.Now, the comic did a decent job reviewing Tim's previous history of himself versus Anarky, but I still feel like there was a lot of back history needed to fully enjoy this issue.  This may just be a case of Fabian Nicieza relying too heavily on the previous series.  Nevertheless, my sister, who I got into t...

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The Same Ol' Thing 2

It is easy for me to admit that the only reason I continue to buy this comic is because of Larfleeze.  Geoff Johns has created a new icon in comics.  I was grinning from ear to ear when Larfleeze discovered a buffet in Las Vegas.Other than that, this comic left a lot to be desired.  It's basically just an example case of how The Predator works for the Star Sapphires, and, despite the first couple of pages, involves a substantial detachment from the previous issue.I am tired of this Entity...

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Clever but Familiar 0

 Bryan Q. Miller’s clever idea this month is to team-up Batgirl and Supergirl versus Dracula(s).  Of course, they must start out doing “girl” things and end with doing “girl” things.  Cheesecake abounds during these moments.  I feel like the comic resists, resists, and resists falling into the traditional “badass-girl but wait she’s an extremely girly girl worried about boys and does girly girl things with her girly girl friend” but does it anyway.  Sure, I totally stretched that narrative...

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A Big Surprise 0

This issue of Invincible came as a huge surprise and a major change up in pace.    Last issue we were greeted once again to Conquest, and Mark killed him but at the expense of many of his internal organs.  Nolan and Oliver arrive in time to wrap Mark's wounds and take care of him.  This is when the reality sets in that Mark has to heal.  The comic covers a good couple months of time as indicated by the number of characters slowly changing facial hair which is an often time hilarious cue.    Afte...

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The Pretty Views and Dinosaurs Couldn't Save This One 0

Before this issue, Tales was really hitting its stride and getting better with each issue.  I'm not sure if it's because this was the last issue or whatever, but a lot of things just did not work.  First off, the script was pretty darn bad.  I've always have disliked the way Renet has been portrayed in, at least, the early TMNT stories.  She's basically just a bimbo with giant breasts.  When, in reality, she has a damn important job with helping to protect the time stream.  Anyone in that positi...

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Gators and Turtles - A Match Made in the Sewers 0

Tales #6 provides yet another great example of introducing a new character into some established mythos that does not detract from the stars but enhances them.  Sure, some of the story elements were fairly simplistic and arbitrary (since when were there 70ft waterfalls and LOTR-styled bridges in the sewers of New York?), but, overall, the story works really well.  The connection between Leatherhead and the Turtles surpasses the reptilian variety to that of a relationship with the Utroms.  The Tu...

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Tricky, it got me 0

Dan Berger accomplished a lot with this issue.  First, he slightly altered his art style from what I've seen before/recently.  I believe this mostly comes down to the way he inked his art.  It's very lavish but bare, detailed but implied.  Frankly, I really enjoyed the art in this book.  One slight thing to account for is the lack of that much blood.  There's violence and killing, but it seems a little bit too implied and not so emphasized.  Nevertheless, that works in conjunction with the story...

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A Bit Over the Top and Trying Too Hard 0

This comic continues the story from issue #52, and I feel like I should have had crazy knowledge about that issue before reading this one.  Truth is, that issue was a bit confusing to me… and this one was too. I guess it was just a problem of not knowing what was going on… or why it was going on. The bad Utroms got a hold of a crystal in the last issue, and they use it to wake up Galactose, the giant space vampire.  Okay, I actually think Galactose is pretty funny… the issue’s with the Cowboys o...

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Every Last Wonderful Drop, Please 0

 So, I gave the last issue a grand 5/5 stars… seriously, I’m such a hardass, and I can’t believe I did that.  However, this series is turning into something incredibly amazing… and, dare I say it, revolutionary.  Sure sure, non-comic readers, something revolutionary for the comic industry doesn’t sound that grand to you, but then ask yourselves why the comic industry has been so damn focused on superheroes for 80 years?  Okay, yeah, this comic is a superhero comic, but it’s breaking the genre ba...

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