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Super HeroiHOT #22: Storm

Here's an excerpt from my new review of Storm found here at MechanisticMoth

"I’ve talked a lot about the myth of marriage usually in the context of some review or something else of the sort.  In this case, Ororo and T’Chala fulfill the myth of marriage.  The hetero-normative coupling is complete.  Typically, passion is subdued for normalcy and the completion of the coupling.

However, this is not the case.

They fulfill the myth, but the passion is not lost.  There is true love between the two of them, and their roles of husband & wife do not cover up their individuality.  A marriage could easily lessen the power of a character by making them reliant on someone else, but T’Challa and Ororo remain very defined characters.  Their appeal is, in fact, heightened by their sustained marriage.  Plus, it brings a whole new dimension to their characters.