Tattered Soul part (1 of 4)

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It goes to say that being summoned from hell is by far the worst experience a single creature could ever have to go through. Your very being is pulled a million different ways in a single moment. It tears you piece from piece from whatever was going on prior, demon or not being interrupted when you're having your first thrust in more than a thousand years by a very charming soul is incredibly annoying.... And this was the first moment of many being summoned to the rock.

I feel my body stitching itself back together as a drone fills my brain as they continue to chant, continuing to bastardize my name. It's infuriating but they were correct in what form to summon me in...been sometime since anyone's ever seen it let alone gotten it right. Some if not all know a moderate amount about how to properly summon anything.

As the blood of whatever they had sacrificed filled my veins, I see I am once again in London. I feel there leering eyes as I stand and extend my wings and they watch as they flutter and I lift off the dirt floor. Clicks echo as my body chitters and hums. Finally the first steps forward and drops to his knee, a sight that greatly bothers and I tell him to rise with feature of my hand.

He began and pleads for my power to save there town from an army...or something I've grown bored of his blubbering. Swiftly as he talks I plunge a single finger into his skull and he goes silent. I play with my finger while it's inside his head and his leg moved like a dog and I can't help myself. Pulling my finger out I speak a quick spell keeping his body Undead and order him on all fours like a dog.

The rest learn fast and offer their bodies, I kill all but the dog and the only female within the group. Could say it was pity but I've found I'm fond of the weak... They are much easier to mold into something else something more. And this one she was fun eager to please and willing to let me use her for my own needs. I turned her into a man physically and let her fractured mind run rampant inside the Curry for quite sometime.

I was found one night while I was slumbering and a group of priests chained my body to the floor and banished my soul back to the pit. It was a sweet release as I had grown bored, but I was sent before I had finished with my new toy. She was so much fun, they called her The Ripper....if only I had more time... She would have continued on for many more years....alas... I'm sure another set of imbeciles will summon me again... Or I'll actually crawl out again... I've got time

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