Magneto really is the greatest villain of all time

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Comics I've read.

Just a random and ever growing list of all the comics I have had the pleasure of reading. A personal checklist if you will with little notes/reviews for reminders.

List items

  • A truly awesome origin story for the Joker

  • One of favorite Joker stories that really shows his insanity.

  • Suprisingly awesome.

  • One of my favorite comics of all time and essentially what made me start reading comics again.

    All until current issue.


  • One of the definitive comics of it's generation

  • Great book, art is a little weird but awesome nonetheless. A cool first appearance of another great symbiote Toxin

  • The Merc with a mouth faces off with everyone's favorite serial killer symbiote.

  • Witty and greedy Larfleeze is an great character.

  • A truly beautiful and eerie read.

    This was a great comic and a solid showing from my favorite writer. I do feel as though the first arch was much stronger than the second. I liked the horror and suspenseful side more than the adventure and action of the second. The characters were also quite interesting and served to help carry the story to a somewhat convoluted ending. All in all I enjoyed it but it was such a strange trip to get there.

  • An incredible comic and piece of social commentary. Dr. Manhattan and Rorshach remain some of my favorite characters to date.

  • Continuation of one of my favorite Green Lantern stories.

  • Arguably my favorite Green Lantern Tale.

  • Awesome albeit strange a compelling universe no less

  • Great Series. Violent, funny, entertaining. What's not to love.

  • Horrifyingly awesome. The art is completely crazy. One of the most bizarre and F'ed up comics I have read.

  • Interesting art style extremely dark. More epic Kratos ass kicking in an adventure featuring a deeper look at the mythos. The series definitely gets better as it goes.

  • My first experience with Daken, such a badass character.

    Issue 8 is incredible

  • Decent enough little horror comic. Got the first issue for FCBD a while back and decided to finish the series.

  • Kaiju goodness.

  • Awesome side arch of The Dark Lord and his allies Laurita Tohm, and Moff Trachta.

  • Compellingly creepy universe.

  • I love the what if series and its nice to see Kingpin get what he deserves.

  • Interesting art design and plot for ol Bats

  • 3rd favorite mutant the Raging Cajun does not disappoint.

  • Read Vol. 1

    Incredibly unsettling book by the one and only, Robert Kirkman. The art truly drives the discomfort that Kyle is going through. The book leaves a very nice opening to future plot development and interesting twists and turns in the story telling.

  • Extremely cool art and concept, looking forward to see how this series develops.

  • Incredible Comic. The humor, action, art style, writing and general feel of this comic are not to be missed. Kate Bishop and Pizza Dog are also great supporting characters.

    Now that the dust has settled this really is one of the best comics I have ever read. The story and characters are consistently fun and endearing. The story has it's moments of heartache and a blast of little kid style enjoyment (Christmas Issues). It is sad the book had a rocky release schedule toward the end because that really is the only thing that mars its perfection. This comic is beyond an essential read whether you are a fan of the character or not because you will be by the time you reach the end of the greatest Hawkeye run in comics. Seriously bro this comic is futzing awesome.

  • Neat little mini series featuring all the classic DaiKaiju heavy hitters facing off again.

  • Super violent and super stylized. Ends kind of abruptly but still one helluva comic.

  • A short and fairly simple comic with a lot of heart and a big message. I really loved the little universe they created for Chuck Baxter and Archibald his arch nemesis (his words).

  • Great origin story for Johann Schmidt aka The Red Skull. The book features awesome art and shocking writing and tone.

  • Everyone's favorite father and son bounty hunters team up to take down bounties consisting of beast and other bounty hunters. The last issue in particular is a real standout of the set.

  • An fantastic story of hopelessness and despair as a virus ravages this Marvel world leaving The Punisher as one of the few surviving people on Earth as he faces off against his former companions in a bleak and gritty tale

  • Great new book. My favorite two snarky Marvel characters team up to learn the origins of a mysterious flash drive and group of thugs known as The Patriots

  • Awesome comic with the Judge. The art on some of the pages is incredible. The attention to detail in immense.

  • Unbelievably good, this is my first real experience with Moon Knight; after having picked a few issues of the 2014 run up I must say that Moon Knight is a character of incredible depth and torment. I personally do not feel that he is just a Batman rip-off.

  • Not up to date yet...

    As far as I've read though this is a fantastic comic.

  • Currently Reading...

  • Currently reading...

  • Some of Rick Remender's best work in my opinion. Perfectly captures the essence of Cap as a true hero. A lot of people found this to not be the Cap they remember but I found the tale refreshing albeit strange and at times a little violent (but hey thats Rick Remender for ya)

  • Little one off story of Eve's. She is a very good character and one of my favorite female superheroes.

  • I sadly short lived series with a great concept, unique and interesting characters and great writing. They even tied this in with Batgirl to a solid success and yet sales numbers dictated the longevity of the book. The wildly diverse cast of characters are my favorite part of the comic, with my personal favorite being Burden (A good religious kid with the power to transform into a demonic being.)

  • Awesome story arc, Doomsday is such a beast and the transformation of the world from his virus is intense.

  • Tradd Moore is an exceptional artist and this is a prime showing of that. The extreme violence and somewhat angst riddled aesthetic of the comic compels an epic character to a great story

  • Lazarus is a hell of a comic. Gritty and covered in a noir style spy movie gloss. This comic is not one to be missed. ForEVEer Carlyle is one of the most badass female characters since Andrea from TWD for me. Cold, ruthless, efficient and sometimes misunderstood she makes it seem as though being a Lazarus would be awesome.

  • Marvel's golden guardian of good is more than a mere Superman clone. The added effect of his schizophrenia in the form of The Void is an interesting struggle between good and evil in a single package.

    Good little miniseries

  • A regular Smash of The Titans. I was never a huge fan of Marvel's Pantheon of gods but Hercules has a strong showing here.

  • Incredible art and atmosphere in this story. The characters and style have a warped southern style twang to them to which I am particularly accustomed.

    I really enjoyed the character of Dancy Flammarion and hope to see her in upcoming works by the modern horror icon Caitlyn Kiernan.

  • Death in comics has always been somewhat controversial but of all the ultra famous character deaths I have read this one is among my favorites. Will Logan be back, almost certainly Marvel has made him into a poster child for the company. However the way this story arc unfolded in a very well defined and proper way.

    The art, the concept and the writing of this arc are top notch. And while the climactic "death" was much more quite and composed than I expected. I found it very refreshing and a good sign of things to come.

  • Chew is a very unique comic to me and very different from the kinds I tend to read. While still being somewhat dark Chew never loses its original charm and creativity while keeping an engaging and fun storyline going. John Layman's writing is a very dark humor mixed with police procedural that is all around quite good. Meanwhile Rob Guillory is the star of the show to me, his art is absolutely fantastic, everything from the super detailed background to the expressiveness of the characters gives Chew a feel like no other comic.

    Vol 1

    We are introduced to our main character Tony Chu an individual gifted (or cursed) with being a cibopath (He can tell the backstory to anything he eats be it good or bad). With his strange power set he gets a job at the FDA during a time where chicken has become the most prized (and outlawed) culinary commodity around. The first arc is a lot of setup but helps to expose you to a rich world of interesting characters and scenarios. My highlight from the first volume would have to be Mason Savoy a fellow cibopath with a mysterious connection to Tony and the FDA.

    Vol. 2

    I found volume to to be even more fun but not nearly as memorable as the first. This arc takes Tony and his now cyborg partner John Colby to the paradise like island of Yamapalu. Mystery and romance are big themes in this volume as there appears to be an alien plant native to Yamapalu that tastes just like the forbidden chicken. Tony also meets (what I would assume is) his love interest Amelia Mintz a food critic and blogger. The strange goes all out in this volume but ties back in later on to the storyline of the first with The Vampire

  • Currently Reading

  • Currently Reading

  • Currently Reading

  • Absolutely terrifying. Scott Snyder really shows his horror background chops here, and to remarkable success. The art is among the most unsettling things I have ever seen Jock does some truly amazing work on this comic.

  • An awesome story about witchcraft and the horrors it carries with it.

    The main character Eve Coffin is one of my favorite female protagonists in recent memory. The stories range from standard cop/crime drama to extremely bizarre occult rituals.

    Great art also drives this comic to high praise in my opinion.

  • An intriguing and thought provoking comic that reeks of The X-Files to me, which is a good thing. Justin Jordan returns again as one of my favorite writers and shows his chops in a new genre quite well. A great little gem from Boom.

  • WOW

  • Epic is the only way I know how to describe this comic. This is my first foray into a mash up title of this scale, and I have to say I was very impressed. This is one of the largest and most intense high scale power battles I have ever read and it was a thrill ride throughout. Marvel pulled no punches here, they gathered their best writes and artists together and pulled off a fantastically grand adventure. This is also the first time I have seen some of my favorite characters from the respective series face off. Scott is the main antagonist in this comic and he has always been a favorite mutant of mine since I was a little kid. Once the dust settles from the battle in this comic I was nothing short of pleased having read it.

  • Currently reading

  • An awesome graphic novel from the perspective of a hired thug named Johnny Chill as he goes on an insane journey as the Joker's main man. I really enjoyed this comic because of the aspect in which it is told. It isn't all about Batman or even "the main character" Joker. To me it is about Johnny, a guy who gets way over his head in the Gotham crime racket and is introduced to some of the finest villains in Gotham. The portrayal of Killer Croc and Two Face are among my favorites but there are also showing from the Penguin and Harley. There is immense detail in the Joker and his way of dealing with the others. For example he is constantly calling Oswald Abner as a form of disrespect and general insanity all while consistently making jokes about Harveys 2 faces. An excellent graphic novel

  • One of the most difficult but rewarding comics I have ever read. An awesome modern dismantling of the "superhero" that reeks of The Watchmen, albeit in a more modern setting. The writing, art, panel layout, and general structure of the book are top notch. Grant Morrison goodness abound in a comic that needs to be read several times to get the "full spectrum" it has to offer.

  • My first foray into the Mignola-verse and the only thing I have to say is "What made me take so long to get here." This is a fantastic comic that builds into a legendary series. The world is rich in detail and is loaded with memorable characters and set pieces. This little intro to Hellboy has some of the finest characters I have seen in quite some time. Abe Sapien for example is an instant classic and Liz (what little you get of her is equally inticing). The star of the show is obviously Hellboy but also as important to me was the villian of this particular run, none other than Rasputin himself. In a world that just oozes Lovecraftian themes, Hellboy is a series that I look forward to delving deeper into.

  • A comic that really hits home for me. I have lived my entire life in North Carolina and though this book takes place in Alabama it feels like it could be right next door. Jason Aaron and Jason Latour do one helluva job of really nailing the uneasy feeling that comes with a gritty story such as this. Overall am excellent comic that fans of southern crime should not pass up, hell even people unfamiliar with it this is a great starting point. One of the things I enjoyed most about this book was the subtle way the ambiance just creeps into you. The main character is sympathetic while at the same time stubborn and unforgiving. The book parallels itself seamlessly into the genre to become a southern crime staple.

  • My first real forray into the Archieverse and damn what an experience it is. Lovable and timeless characters from the earliest comics I can remember reading come together in an all around darker and more mature world. The was an exceptional read for me it reeked of afterschool special Halloween episodes and your favorite horror movies all melted into a satisfying scary stew. There is also some real emotion in there as well as the characters face ever growing hardships. My personal favorite moment was the Lovecraftian themes of the final issue. I had some minor concerns coming into this but rest assured it really is as good as everyone says.

  • An incredible spy style graphic novel by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice. This book is top notch in every regard. The story centers around Bucky post Red Room and now believed to be dead working to uncover a plot to arm Doombots around the globe. There are a lot of awesome cameos in this book too such as Wolverine, Dr. Doom, Nick Fury, Steve Rogers (and less cameo more main character) Black Widow. The book has everything you would want from a Cold War era spy and action franchise, Sleeper Agents, Brainwashing, Mysterious plots to blow up government embassies to incite a world war. The art in this comic is also absolutely incredible and the panel layout and book construction is second to none.

    (The original draft of this I wrote got deleted so this is a fast replacement)

  • Absolutely phenomenal. I have not had the largest exposure to The X-Men in comics but I grew up with the show and some of the groups most popular characters. This was an excellent starting point for me to want to dive deeper into the X-Men world. The comic features its namesake character broken down and with dwindling powers. This does not sop him from being a certified badass though. Magneto has some of the most creative use of powers and brutal methods of magnetism I have ever seen. A simple read carries a big message as the intense yet sympathetic Magneto goes about his classic tale of finding sanctity for mutantkind. I was so pleasantly suprised by this book though that it left me stunned and eager to encourage others to give it a try. A great great comic

  • A short and sweet carnage tale that take my favorite symbiote and makes him Superior. I was not familiar with a lot of the random things happening in the Spider-verse while this story takes place but I don't think that adversly affected the story that much. This comic revolves around only a very few characters and ramps up and ends very quickly. The characters involved were The Wizard, Klaw, Carnage, and Otto Octavius as Spiderman. All in all a solid read but a little underwhelming in the end.

  • One of if not my favorite writer teams up with an incredible artist.

    Having read the first 2 volumes so far I can without a doubt say this is my favorite Batman story of all time (so far). The first volume centers around the Court of Owls a new and ancient addition to the rogues gallery that has ties to Gotham and the Wayne family since the beginning. This book takes place in the highs and lows of Gotham and I loved it. There are crimes scene are straight out of the movie Se7en to me and the dark atmosphere surrounding it is awesome. This book introduces a startling new character into the fray as well. The Talon (equipped with a foreboding nursery rhyme) is one of the coolest Batman villians of all time in my opinion. He is the lead assassin for the Court of Owls and (with their coven and somewhat Illuminati style) is a force to be reckoned with. The book also has one of the best uses of page and panel layout I have ever seen, at times forcing you to rotate the book 360 degrees over the course of a few pages to show the insanity contained within.

    The second volume takes place after the conditions of The Court have been revealed and in turn is a much more explosive and action packed book than the first. There are a few sequences in this book that really stand out to me. The battle between Batman and the new Talon and the Jarrvis Pennyworth parts. The fight is one of the more intense fights I have read for quite some time and knowing what each of the characters is fighting for makes for even more impact. The Jarrvis story is straight up horror. The book ends away from The Court (but we haven't seen the last of them yet) and transitions into a new character named Harper Row and her brother Cullen, and concludes with an epic Mr. Freeze story.

  • An awesome side-arch with all sorts of cameos, violence and a mature styling to Marvel's world. I have always enjoyed the apocalyptic Marvel stories and this one doesn't disappoint. The story involves a new "pacifist" Wolverine that goes by Logan and a now blind and old Hawkeye. They are tasked with a cross-country road trip through the currently divided USA. There are all sorts of cool sights and scenes as they traverse this wasteland. One of my favorite was the appearance of Venom's Symbiote and Black Bolt. The story ends a little abruptly but these kinds of one offs always do. Still a solid fun and gritty experience throughout.

  • Tradd Moore is one of my favorite artists in comics and this is yet another book driven by his highly energetic and kinetic style credit also goes out to Val Staples for some incredible color work. The story itself is the only Ghost Rider tale I have ever read that didn't center around Johnny Blaze. This time there's a new kid on the block in Robbie Reyes but I feel he is a worthy addition to the Ghost Rider family. The comic has a lot of Hispanic and Mexican themes but I haven't read a lot of stuff like this before so I found it refreshing.

  • I picked the first volume of this up on a whim for $5 at Walmart of all places. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by the book. Written and drawn by industry giants Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr the book had a lot to live up to, and for the most part I can say it did. To address one thing early on that I noticed and had a bit of a gripe about was the art. I typically love JRJR art in books and this one felt a bit weak and rushed to me. A combination of that with weak colors hurt the book somewhat for me. The story on the other hand was quite good, if not a bit confusing at times (Time Travel stories in a nutshell). All in all a good random comic to try if you are new to them and are coming from The Avengers craze.

  • A great story about my favorite brainwashed Russian assassin. The story centers around S.H.I.E.L.D agent Ran Shen on a recovery mission of two HVT German scientist that have a formula for Alchemy. There are a few twists and turns here and there involving the infamous Hydra organization but Ran Shen finds a way to prevail. There is one battle in particular against Hydra agent Drain that is really really cool. If you look at this comic as a period style piece it has all the more appeal. Written by Rick Remender and art by Roland Boschi this is a solid albeit short Winter Soldier storyline. Lastly I would like to give praise to the cover art on these books. It is absolutely fantastic for showing the style and personality of the comic.

  • The combination of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely strikes again with a resounding success. Though I haven't read many Superman stories this one is without a doubt my favorite. There is a certain charm to the level of heroism and style of this book. My favorite issue of this set was the 6th A Funeral In Smallville. All in all this is the essence of what I feel a Superman story should be, and as a recent converter from disliking the man of steel this comic has firmly supplanted him into one of my favorite DC characters.

  • (Incomplete)

    A great Star Wars tale that goes deep into the extended universe. Good art and equally impressive writing make this a worthy read to any Star Wars fan

    Be warned the subject matter is very dense and unless you are extremely well versed in Star Wars EU prepare to be more than a little confused from the offset.

    That said this comic was my first exposure to a really awesome Sith Lord in Darth Krayt, a total badass in every regard with a tormented past to boot.

  • A short, sweet, and to the point Magneto story. Interesting depth of characters in this book and the art is absolutely stellar. Magneto is and always will be among my favorite mutants and this story helps to even further entrench him there. The clone battle scenes in issue 3 are a real treat as well. Seeing all the malformed clones against Magneto is very entertaining and creepy. The story is relatively short lived but has a nice exciting conclusion of Magneto at his finest against his clone Jacob. I stand by that Magneto is Top 5 if not number one villain of all time

  • A crazy science fiction story that exceeds even the wildest expectations. Everything from time travel, to alien frog princesses, to conviction against God. This comic (from the first volume) is one helluva wild ride