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The Last Laugh 0

The Last Laugh: Batman #17 ReviewThese pages of Batman 17 constitute the final chapter in Death of the Family. It’s just a fact and to be honest, this is where everything changes for Batman. Where he goes from here and whether he has the full aid of the Family has yet to be discovered. Their trust is also to be questioned as they have just gone through the single worst trauma in their shared history. This arc has bled through into all of the Batman Family books, including Red Hood and the Outlaw...

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MacGyver Returns...Sort of 1

MacGyver Returns...Sort OfBy: Andrew HinesI'm a huge MacGyver fan, born two years into the show's amazing 7 year run. Part of why I'm such a fan is because Mac always struck me as being a sort of Batman without the cape and tights. He's the everyman with a lot of know-how and more than a few aces up his rolled-up sleeves. I've been waiting for 20 years for anyone to do the series justice, though it never occurred to me to do it as a comic mini-series. Oh and I should mention, 20 imaginary points...

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Crusader In Training 0

Crusader in TrainingBy: Andrew HinesI'm going to break my own rule and cover an actual Batman issue. I've made due the last few months by not getting involved with a title directly involving the Caped Crusader. With that being said, this issue gives us something we rarely see in one issue, a glimpse into Bruce Wayne's path to becoming Batman. We all know his origin story, but this is a look at something more special: his training. We've seen a few glimpses from the old DCU and more in-depth in B...

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In The Beginning 0

In The Beginning...By: Andrew HinesThough I haven't reviewed it in a while, I've enjoyed the last year of Stormwatch. It's a big picture title, which really pulls you in. They're not just there to save America or even the Americas plural. They exist in order to deal with big threats before they become a problem for teams like the Justice League. This issue deals with their entire history. It goes from the time that they were known as the Demon Knights and gives a new reason for the name change. ...

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