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The Doctor is in 0

Mind blown! There is nothing to complain about or aleast for me there was not. Don't worry if you didn't see it I won't spoil too much. I always liked Doc Strange and getting to see him become the great sorcer supreme was fun. Really loved the dimensional drift scenes must have been very expensive to shoot. Oh, I can't forget about the cape, it had a mind of its own. Who needs an infinity stone when you got cape that beats people up like Aladdin's magic carpet. Go see the movie cause you get n...

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Heros???? 0

DC stepped up their game compared to Batman v Superman for the Suicide Squad. What I liked about the movie all of it, especially when Capt. Boomerang ended Slipknot's career in the Squad and his pink unicorn. All to Deadshot's epic shooting in and out of prison. However I do wish there was more Joker scenes. I got thrown for a loop with the villain but I understand they probably want to use Joker and Harley for the BatFleck and we will most likely see Capt. Boomerang in the Flash movie. My most...

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Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 0

It blew my mind! My comic book collection is a little over 380 comic books and I read every one of them. Don't get me wrong the comic books I have tag me along and kept me interested but nothing like what here revealing a huge turning point in the character has happen. Thanks for reading later today I will blogging about how to bulid your own action figure/prop display case. 'Til then stay nerdy my friends. -B-ry...

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Captain America: Civil War 0

I will try to keep this spoiler free for the people who didn't see the movie yet. First you must go see it because it was awesome. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, not even to take a drink. Loved the new Spiderman and his new costume he really catches the nerd that Peter Parker is and when fights it's like I watching the animated version not animated. Also loved Black Panther's ability to change his mind about getting revenge for his father's death. I also liked how Hawkeye and Black Wido...

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 0

I am not a professional movie reviewer but I have been Batman fan and movie watcher for years. Here is my thoughts on the recent Batman movie. It was ok, it was not terrible but was not great. Yes I full thought Ben Affleck was a great Batman. I just thought I the movie dragged on. Also there ws no need to for Doomsday in the movie but I do understand that it was being setup for the Justice League movie. When it comes out DVD I will be adding it to my collection....

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