Where can I buy comic books? Answered!!!

If you reading this you probably seen this question before, maybe asked it. Now everytime I seen this question in the description the express that they want the physical book not the digital versions. I search every where for the answers, then I got tired of looking and stopped the search. A few weeks later I started looking again and got the answers I was looking for both physical and web based locations.

Physical Locations

One place, and a personal favorite hot spot for comic books is flea markets. Going to flea markets you can find all sort of deals for comic books. I recommend going during the summer because it's the best time to find alot of comic book vendors. Another physical place is a comic book shop, da!

Web Based Locations

Now remeber most places charge shipping unless stated other wise. I am just gonna list the sites and you browse at your own leisure. (NOTE:I AM NOT BEING PAID BY THE SITES TO GET U TO BUY FROM THEM. THEY ARE JUST SITES I THOUGHT WERE THE BEST TO START FROM.) On to the list:

1) Facebook- search groups called Comic Books-Buy, Sell, Trade

2) comicbookpriceguide.com search the comic you want scroll down and you will who is selling one

3) the actuall comic book companies' websites example Marvel, or DC

4) tfaw.com

5) forbiddenplanet.com for the UK users on here

6) entertainmentearth.com primarily collectibles but has nice collection of comic books

7) comicemporium.com

Now of course there is alot more sites to choose from this just a handful of sites to fulfill your nerdy little heart's desires for now. Got more sites or questions just comment below. Don't forget to follow for more helpful tips and DIY projects. Thanks for reading and stay nerdy my friends! -B-ry