Uses for your old comic bags other than just comics.

In this blog I will be telling you how and for what you can use your old comic bags. Let us get started with some of the things I have used bags for.

1) To preserve your unused stickers.

Well, this is pretty self explanitory. If you got stickers you like but not sure where or what to put them on you can stash them in your bag for safe keeping. By putting your stickers in the bag helps prevent them getting wet from spilled drinks and water.

2) For your graphic novels.

If your like me and do not like your comics hard to get out to read again but like like to try to preserve your reading collection here you go. It does not matter what age your bag came from a graphic novel will take up alot of volume in the bag so it will be a little snugged. A plus to utting it in the bag is you really do not need the board because the graphic novel is pretty thick.

3) DIY Display Cases.

I am not gnna go into too much detail for this becuase I will be doing another blog telling how to make the cases. However you could use the bag as "window" for the cases. When I say display cases I mean for your action figures or small props/ replicas. Theses cases help protect your collection from every collectors bane DUST.

Thanks for reading got questions or more add-ons just comment below. Like my blogs or my easy DIY projects follow me for more.