Least Bias Way to Compare Characters

We all have compared characters whether it was a "Death Battle," "Who's Better," or even in video games (Injustice). There is even a forum on this very site! We will always tend to lean towards our favorite characters even if it is obvious they are weaker or worser of the two. My friends, who are not very familiar with the comicverse, ask who is better and I came up with this nice little method to be unbias between the two. For my example I will use Batman & Superman.

Step 1: Write down the characters' names.

Batman Superman

Step 2: Strengths and Weaknesses

Batman Superman

Skilled Fighter(s) Superhuman Abilities(s)

Human(w) Kryptonite(w)

Step 3: Count the number of enemies each has fought. This shows the obstacles the characters have had to come over which will also influence the comparison too. Don't count the ones they fought as a team. (Note the numbers are not accurate)

Batman Superman

100 87

By doing this method you can finally discuss and compare without going all "HULK SMASH!!!" on everyone. 'Till then stay nerdy my friends and have Happy New Year.

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