Is your comic book collection worth anything?

Have you ever wondered is my comic book collection worth more than I paid? Or what's my most valuable comic book? Well, I'm here to help you figure out the values.

Let's start by picking a comic book price guide, either book or website, I recommend the latter. There are many great price guide books and websites, but websites are more reliable because they are more up to date on values, which are always changing. Personally I use I use it because one there is nearly 1 million comic books, manga and comic related books. My second reason, it is up to date every day and very easy to navigate. Simply by clicking one tab you can see what values gone up or down. Now that we narrowed down a price guide you will need to get your comic books, a writing utensil, and a notebook to keep track. Make sure to take a break from time to time, so no bodyparts fall asleep or cramp up. As of this blog my most valuable comic book is Thor vol 1 #202, 9.0, valued at $21.00. My whole collection is worth $1386.76. Don't forget to follow for more helpful tips and DIY projects. 'Till then stay nerdy my friends!