How to make a comic book bag and board for mini and cereal comic books.

Who here has collect Justice League cereal comic books? Well I have and at first I just let sit out in no bag. Then I had extra comic silver age bags because I switched my collection to modern age bags and boards. Modern age bags and boards got some extra wiggle room, unlike silver and golden age bags and boards which are snug. Now first I took just put it in a modern bag and board. I did not like how there was some much extra bag and board. Then I took just a silver age bag and folded it to fit the comic. I really did not like it either because it was too bulky due so much extra plastic. Finally, I figured it out while I was exchanging old bags and boards for new bags and boards. I took one old bag, one board, a ruler, a pair of scissors, and some tape.

Now since the silver age bags were older than the new modern ones one just got it took a couple of tries to do it perfectly. First I looked for my cleaner bags and cut the flap off. Second I took my comic and my board took the scissors and made a little cut wher I wanted the board to end near the comic. I prefer to have a little extra for wiggle room. Once I finshed the board I took the bag and went to work on it. Unlike normal bags which have one flap I made two flaps instead. Since I am not a machine I cannot seal the one side so it would be perfect. Instead trimmed part of the bag so I can have two flaps. I took the tape sealed the side that would be saled by a machine. I took another piece of tape and foled the end a little so I can open the top flap with ease. If you found a better way to do this or if you found small bags and boards online just comment below. Thanks for reading!


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