DIY Display Cases for your collection

DUST, the collectors' bane. In this DIY project I will tell you how you can prevent having to clean your figures, props, and replicas. First gather the following and come back to finish reading.

Item Checklist:

1) clear packaging tape

2) foam boards about 1/8 inch thick, length by width don't really matter.

3) 17 piece hobby set aka exacto knife

4) hot glue gun

5) hot glue sticks

6) paint (whatever you like except spray paint, it eats through foam)

7) book lights (optional)

8) glow-in-the-dark paint (optional)

9) scissors

10) comic book bags or some sort of clear flexible plastic

11) popsical sticks (optional)

12) garbage can

13) ruler

14) pencil

15) Time

Alright, did find all the non optional items. Good for you,keep reading the next part is very important. Go to the kitchen and make a snack, eat said snack. Now get to work, the way I made these cases can be applied to various size items. I will saying figure for now on, so I don't have to keep typing figures, props and replicas. First thing first clean your figure. Then put it down on the board,to see how much is needed and add about a 1/4 inch or more depending on who the figure is. Oh, before I forget plug in the glue gun and load with a stick if needed, so it would be ready for use. Where was I . . . Take your back board and make another same height and 1/2 inch longer. Take that piece and cut it half like a hot dog or still same height as the back board. Make the base board the same width as the width of the back board and the length the same as the width of the base boards. Now glue it all together, one piece at a time.

Ok, take a break for a few to let it dry. HEY! WHAT DID I SAY! LET IT DRY!!!! With that aside take your comic bag, I recommend the bag because it is easy to form and cut. If you're doing a big case like for an Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade prop you only need to cut 1 side as well as top and bottom. If smaller cases cut to satisfaction and tape into place. Now listen carefully, so you only need to do this once. You got some extra take some tape and tape it down. Make a top and tape it so you can open and close it. Paint and let try, do not paint the front with plastic. Place figure and display proudly, don't forget to clean up. Don't forget to comment. Thanks for reading, follow me for more DIY projects.