DIY Customize your own comic book box

First you will need to gather the following:

1) sticky notes

2) lots of paper

3) glue stick is must be a glue stick

4) comic book box (da, that is what it is about)

5) clear package tape

6) coloring supplies (markers, crayons, pencils your choice)

7) #2 pencil ( hehe #2)

8) pencil sharpener

9) big eraser

10) handheld device like a tablet, smart/iphone or psvita

Ok, gathered the items now what. Well first check if your device is fully charged. If not plug it in and take a nap. Next start searching for your favorite comic villians/heros logos or symbols. Either save the picture and keep and searching or start tracing the symbol/logo unless you're a good drawer. Then good for you for the rest of you terrible drawers take a sticky note and trace. Sit it aside for later and find more logos. After you got enough start to copy each one to the size you want on the paper. When you are finished color it if you want. Cut off the extra blank paper around the picture. Pick where you want it and paste the back and place. Then get your tape stretch out enough to hold one side and do the same on the other. Now take same length tape over laping a little until piece is covered. The glue to to help hold in place while tape. So DO NOT use liquid glue. And repeat the process until you finish covering the box the way you want it. I added quotes to my box like "Remeber,Rebemer the 5th of November." -V of Vendetta or Joker's one bad day quote from batman: the killing joke. When done clean up and proudly display your box. If you got any questions or suggestions just comment. Thanks for reading.

- B-ry