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Least Bias Way to Compare Characters

We all have compared characters whether it was a "Death Battle," "Who's Better," or even in video games (Injustice). There is even a forum on this very site! We will always tend to lean towards our favorite characters even if it is obvious they are weaker or worser of the two. My friends, who are not very familiar with the comicverse, ask who is better and I came up with this nice little method to be unbias between the two. For my example I will use Batman & Superman.

Step 1: Write down the characters' names.

Batman Superman

Step 2: Strengths and Weaknesses

Batman Superman

Skilled Fighter(s) Superhuman Abilities(s)

Human(w) Kryptonite(w)

Step 3: Count the number of enemies each has fought. This shows the obstacles the characters have had to come over which will also influence the comparison too. Don't count the ones they fought as a team. (Note the numbers are not accurate)

Batman Superman

100 87

By doing this method you can finally discuss and compare without going all "HULK SMASH!!!" on everyone. 'Till then stay nerdy my friends and have Happy New Year.

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Where can I buy comic books? Answered!!!

If you reading this you probably seen this question before, maybe asked it. Now everytime I seen this question in the description the express that they want the physical book not the digital versions. I search every where for the answers, then I got tired of looking and stopped the search. A few weeks later I started looking again and got the answers I was looking for both physical and web based locations.

Physical Locations

One place, and a personal favorite hot spot for comic books is flea markets. Going to flea markets you can find all sort of deals for comic books. I recommend going during the summer because it's the best time to find alot of comic book vendors. Another physical place is a comic book shop, da!

Web Based Locations

Now remeber most places charge shipping unless stated other wise. I am just gonna list the sites and you browse at your own leisure. (NOTE:I AM NOT BEING PAID BY THE SITES TO GET U TO BUY FROM THEM. THEY ARE JUST SITES I THOUGHT WERE THE BEST TO START FROM.) On to the list:

1) Facebook- search groups called Comic Books-Buy, Sell, Trade

2) search the comic you want scroll down and you will who is selling one

3) the actuall comic book companies' websites example Marvel, or DC


5) for the UK users on here

6) primarily collectibles but has nice collection of comic books


Now of course there is alot more sites to choose from this just a handful of sites to fulfill your nerdy little heart's desires for now. Got more sites or questions just comment below. Don't forget to follow for more helpful tips and DIY projects. Thanks for reading and stay nerdy my friends! -B-ry


Is your comic book collection worth anything?

Have you ever wondered is my comic book collection worth more than I paid? Or what's my most valuable comic book? Well, I'm here to help you figure out the values.

Let's start by picking a comic book price guide, either book or website, I recommend the latter. There are many great price guide books and websites, but websites are more reliable because they are more up to date on values, which are always changing. Personally I use I use it because one there is nearly 1 million comic books, manga and comic related books. My second reason, it is up to date every day and very easy to navigate. Simply by clicking one tab you can see what values gone up or down. Now that we narrowed down a price guide you will need to get your comic books, a writing utensil, and a notebook to keep track. Make sure to take a break from time to time, so no bodyparts fall asleep or cramp up. As of this blog my most valuable comic book is Thor vol 1 #202, 9.0, valued at $21.00. My whole collection is worth $1386.76. Don't forget to follow for more helpful tips and DIY projects. 'Till then stay nerdy my friends!


DIY Display Cases for your collection

DUST, the collectors' bane. In this DIY project I will tell you how you can prevent having to clean your figures, props, and replicas. First gather the following and come back to finish reading.

Item Checklist:

1) clear packaging tape

2) foam boards about 1/8 inch thick, length by width don't really matter.

3) 17 piece hobby set aka exacto knife

4) hot glue gun

5) hot glue sticks

6) paint (whatever you like except spray paint, it eats through foam)

7) book lights (optional)

8) glow-in-the-dark paint (optional)

9) scissors

10) comic book bags or some sort of clear flexible plastic

11) popsical sticks (optional)

12) garbage can

13) ruler

14) pencil

15) Time

Alright, did find all the non optional items. Good for you,keep reading the next part is very important. Go to the kitchen and make a snack, eat said snack. Now get to work, the way I made these cases can be applied to various size items. I will saying figure for now on, so I don't have to keep typing figures, props and replicas. First thing first clean your figure. Then put it down on the board,to see how much is needed and add about a 1/4 inch or more depending on who the figure is. Oh, before I forget plug in the glue gun and load with a stick if needed, so it would be ready for use. Where was I . . . Take your back board and make another same height and 1/2 inch longer. Take that piece and cut it half like a hot dog or still same height as the back board. Make the base board the same width as the width of the back board and the length the same as the width of the base boards. Now glue it all together, one piece at a time.

Ok, take a break for a few to let it dry. HEY! WHAT DID I SAY! LET IT DRY!!!! With that aside take your comic bag, I recommend the bag because it is easy to form and cut. If you're doing a big case like for an Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade prop you only need to cut 1 side as well as top and bottom. If smaller cases cut to satisfaction and tape into place. Now listen carefully, so you only need to do this once. You got some extra take some tape and tape it down. Make a top and tape it so you can open and close it. Paint and let try, do not paint the front with plastic. Place figure and display proudly, don't forget to clean up. Don't forget to comment. Thanks for reading, follow me for more DIY projects.



Uses for your old comic bags other than just comics.

In this blog I will be telling you how and for what you can use your old comic bags. Let us get started with some of the things I have used bags for.

1) To preserve your unused stickers.

Well, this is pretty self explanitory. If you got stickers you like but not sure where or what to put them on you can stash them in your bag for safe keeping. By putting your stickers in the bag helps prevent them getting wet from spilled drinks and water.

2) For your graphic novels.

If your like me and do not like your comics hard to get out to read again but like like to try to preserve your reading collection here you go. It does not matter what age your bag came from a graphic novel will take up alot of volume in the bag so it will be a little snugged. A plus to utting it in the bag is you really do not need the board because the graphic novel is pretty thick.

3) DIY Display Cases.

I am not gnna go into too much detail for this becuase I will be doing another blog telling how to make the cases. However you could use the bag as "window" for the cases. When I say display cases I mean for your action figures or small props/ replicas. Theses cases help protect your collection from every collectors bane DUST.

Thanks for reading got questions or more add-ons just comment below. Like my blogs or my easy DIY projects follow me for more.



How to make a comic book bag and board for mini and cereal comic books.

Who here has collect Justice League cereal comic books? Well I have and at first I just let sit out in no bag. Then I had extra comic silver age bags because I switched my collection to modern age bags and boards. Modern age bags and boards got some extra wiggle room, unlike silver and golden age bags and boards which are snug. Now first I took just put it in a modern bag and board. I did not like how there was some much extra bag and board. Then I took just a silver age bag and folded it to fit the comic. I really did not like it either because it was too bulky due so much extra plastic. Finally, I figured it out while I was exchanging old bags and boards for new bags and boards. I took one old bag, one board, a ruler, a pair of scissors, and some tape.

Now since the silver age bags were older than the new modern ones one just got it took a couple of tries to do it perfectly. First I looked for my cleaner bags and cut the flap off. Second I took my comic and my board took the scissors and made a little cut wher I wanted the board to end near the comic. I prefer to have a little extra for wiggle room. Once I finshed the board I took the bag and went to work on it. Unlike normal bags which have one flap I made two flaps instead. Since I am not a machine I cannot seal the one side so it would be perfect. Instead trimmed part of the bag so I can have two flaps. I took the tape sealed the side that would be saled by a machine. I took another piece of tape and foled the end a little so I can open the top flap with ease. If you found a better way to do this or if you found small bags and boards online just comment below. Thanks for reading!


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DIY Customize your own comic book box

First you will need to gather the following:

1) sticky notes

2) lots of paper

3) glue stick is must be a glue stick

4) comic book box (da, that is what it is about)

5) clear package tape

6) coloring supplies (markers, crayons, pencils your choice)

7) #2 pencil ( hehe #2)

8) pencil sharpener

9) big eraser

10) handheld device like a tablet, smart/iphone or psvita

Ok, gathered the items now what. Well first check if your device is fully charged. If not plug it in and take a nap. Next start searching for your favorite comic villians/heros logos or symbols. Either save the picture and keep and searching or start tracing the symbol/logo unless you're a good drawer. Then good for you for the rest of you terrible drawers take a sticky note and trace. Sit it aside for later and find more logos. After you got enough start to copy each one to the size you want on the paper. When you are finished color it if you want. Cut off the extra blank paper around the picture. Pick where you want it and paste the back and place. Then get your tape stretch out enough to hold one side and do the same on the other. Now take same length tape over laping a little until piece is covered. The glue to to help hold in place while tape. So DO NOT use liquid glue. And repeat the process until you finish covering the box the way you want it. I added quotes to my box like "Remeber,Rebemer the 5th of November." -V of Vendetta or Joker's one bad day quote from batman: the killing joke. When done clean up and proudly display your box. If you got any questions or suggestions just comment. Thanks for reading.

- B-ry