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Endless Quests

So I both love and hate the quests.

I love them because they're fun. I've completed 153 quests at posting, closing out 28 sets, and I'm loving it. Loving it.

I hate them because so many of them are broken.

I've managed to elide a few broken quests -- the one where you have to find nonexistent concept pages for Zombies and Werewolves, for example -- but all of the video quests are broken, you can't link up to Facebook, and that's just awful. Hopefully that gets fixed. I'm not going to decry the injustice of it, because it's for fun and it's a site I use for free, but it certainly is frustrating to know that I can't possibly complete some of these quests because the mechanism that allows for it is broken.

In time, I guess. In time.