Mommy Dearest #2

Other Rim (Present Day)

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"You can come out, I know you're here" The Power Princess called out sensing the foreign presence in her dimension the moment she crossed.

"I had a feeling I'd be seeing you eventually" Maya continued levitating from her Tree House down to the plains to meet her mother.

"Is that?"

"The Treehouse Daddy is building for Tassi and Little Maya. Yes. Yes it is"

The two of them took a moment to marvel at its craftsmanship before Maya explain it's importance. "I'm creating a new universe. Each root from this tree will be a world of its own, but it's imperfect. There's no Chaos" It was the making of a perfect universe, no misery, no strife, no suffering; but as it stands no personality.

"You're worried about the Imperium." She could only stare at her mother blankly, the other rim was the only place Maya could allow her emotions to flow freely, and thanks to Matthew she was able to do it again. "The Imperium, The High Queen, The Book. It just feels like we're fighting a war on multiple fronts, victory on one doesn't guarantee victory on another. Even if we win, what will be left?

Though Ziccarra's heartache for the predicament it was no longer her burden to bear. She could only bear witness to the events as they unfold. She'd have to watch her family fight for survival without her, but she was confident they could do it.

"I suspect you didn't come to watch me worry. So, mother why are you here?" Ziccarra released a sigh, crossing her arms with her eyes settling back on the tree.

"It's time for me to go. Your grandfather has released my soul from Cardinal Hell, only under the condition that I will not be permitted into Grand Cardinal Ise. I read my book, Maya, I know you plan on sending me somewhere else.

Maya's lips curved, even in death her mother was still cunning. "I do. Little Maya won't like it though. She loves you in a way that none of us other than Tassi ever could. Uh No-offense"

Ziccarra's dismissed any offense, she was right. She wasn't a good mother; her only true unselfish act was luring Zeon to the pit to deter the Cardinal Demon from collecting debts on her children--A futile effort.

"I love you, I do. But I suppose I'm the only child who spent the most time with you. Learned the most from you." The two shared another silent glance before Maya broke out in an awkward chuckle. "I remember when I was in the womb. I could hear you and papa singing to me, I just remember thinking to myself what is all this madness."

"Do you intend to see Tassi, Leo, Papa...Cat? before I send you off?" Ziccarra's head dropped in thought. "No. I don't think I will. Tassi's last image of me was charging off into battle with Zeon, I know she knows I love her. Seeing her before I leave will bring up old feelings. I don't want her to get used to the thought of me just appearing. Leo is Leo, that knows my heart. Same with your father. I know he has changed, but as long as he has you all, life will continue for him."

Ziccarra purposely didn't say anything for Cat, their history was so detailed, there were no more chapters to be written. "I do want to see MY mother before I go."

Maya didn't understand, but Ziccarra and Sabella's relationship predates her and was essentially the basis for the series of events that spurred toxic parental guidance in the family. "Very well. When you're ready to go. Press this button. This world that you're going to I simply call it 40. You won't have any recollection of this place, your identity will be new altogether."

"I'm curious now. What is my name in this new Universe?

"Bridget. Your name will be Bridget."

Ziccarra scoffed, "Goodbye Mija."

"I'll see you again. You just won't know it..."