Mommy Dearest #2

Other Rim (Present Day)

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"You can come out, I know you're here" The Power Princess called out sensing the foreign presence in her dimension the moment she crossed.

"I had a feeling I'd be seeing you eventually" Maya continued levitating from her Tree House down to the plains to meet her mother.

"Is that?"

"The Treehouse Daddy is building for Tassi and Little Maya. Yes. Yes it is"

The two of them took a moment to marvel at its craftsmanship before Maya explain it's importance. "I'm creating a new universe. Each root from this tree will be a world of its own, but it's imperfect. There's no Chaos" It was the making of a perfect universe, no misery, no strife, no suffering; but as it stands no personality.

"You're worried about the Imperium." She could only stare at her mother blankly, the other rim was the only place Maya could allow her emotions to flow freely, and thanks to Matthew she was able to do it again. "The Imperium, The High Queen, The Book. It just feels like we're fighting a war on multiple fronts, victory on one doesn't guarantee victory on another. Even if we win, what will be left?

Though Ziccarra's heartache for the predicament it was no longer her burden to bear. She could only bear witness to the events as they unfold. She'd have to watch her family fight for survival without her, but she was confident they could do it.

"I suspect you didn't come to watch me worry. So, mother why are you here?" Ziccarra released a sigh, crossing her arms with her eyes settling back on the tree.

"It's time for me to go. Your grandfather has released my soul from Cardinal Hell, only under the condition that I will not be permitted into Grand Cardinal Ise. I read my book, Maya, I know you plan on sending me somewhere else.

Maya's lips curved, even in death her mother was still cunning. "I do. Little Maya won't like it though. She loves you in a way that none of us other than Tassi ever could. Uh No-offense"

Ziccarra's dismissed any offense, she was right. She wasn't a good mother; her only true unselfish act was luring Zeon to the pit to deter the Cardinal Demon from collecting debts on her children--A futile effort.

"I love you, I do. But I suppose I'm the only child who spent the most time with you. Learned the most from you." The two shared another silent glance before Maya broke out in an awkward chuckle. "I remember when I was in the womb. I could hear you and papa singing to me, I just remember thinking to myself what is all this madness."

"Do you intend to see Tassi, Leo, Papa...Cat? before I send you off?" Ziccarra's head dropped in thought. "No. I don't think I will. Tassi's last image of me was charging off into battle with Zeon, I know she knows I love her. Seeing her before I leave will bring up old feelings. I don't want her to get used to the thought of me just appearing. Leo is Leo, that knows my heart. Same with your father. I know he has changed, but as long as he has you all, life will continue for him."

Ziccarra purposely didn't say anything for Cat, their history was so detailed, there were no more chapters to be written. "I do want to see MY mother before I go."

Maya didn't understand, but Ziccarra and Sabella's relationship predates her and was essentially the basis for the series of events that spurred toxic parental guidance in the family. "Very well. When you're ready to go. Press this button. This world that you're going to I simply call it 40. You won't have any recollection of this place, your identity will be new altogether."

"I'm curious now. What is my name in this new Universe?

"Bridget. Your name will be Bridget."

Ziccarra scoffed, "Goodbye Mija."

"I'll see you again. You just won't know it..."


Vine Weekly: Page 27

Where are they now?
Where are they now?

The last time we saw the model Maya Liafador, she was sitting on a patio in Paris, wearing heels, slim jeans, and a clingy white tank top. Even then, you could still tell that she was something special, not just the byproduct of two different theologies; but she represent all the good aspects of both her parents--if we're being honest probably more from Thee Champion.

At just 18 years of age, she looked like a woman that'd been seducing audiences for over decades and was voted 2nd hottest woman in the world (Bested by Valerie Huntington) in that year. The truth of the matter is this-- Maya was born for modeling.

Here is a woman so popular that she had a whole Lamborghini named for her. Her face was plastered on everything from lip gloss to bicyles. In just a short amount of time she went from amateur to megastar massing an astonishing $30 M in endorsements alone.

We read a few internet blogs that contributed her success to her family's political rise in Spain; but Maya in addition to her sister Selene commercialized the Liafador family.

"There were people from all over the world that had ties to this family, and they wouldn't have known or cared to have known if she didn't put that name out there. "

Alfred Howard, Teen Magazine

"I couldn't name anyone other than Ziccarra before them; I know I'd seen Catalina, but I didn't know she was related."

Gregory Hansen - Vogue

But what ultimatly was the final straw in the career of the talented young Maya?

In those final few days before the Spanish Revolution, it was painfully obvious that something was going wrong. There were leaked messages between her and other models exposing her as a lesbian, She was a no show at events, booking her became incredibly hard; she was always dealing with family problems. I think ultimatly what happened was the dark side of the family was being exposed and we could no longer accept Maya for who she was--rather we looked at her like the rest of her family.

--Jennifer Green, AP

Maya and Valerie VS swimsuit
Maya and Valerie VS swimsuit

"I think she could definatly make a return, I don't know if the world is ready to forgive her family again; but she had a good heart. I think the future of that family ultimatly begins with her."

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From The Ashes Finale

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"I used to be a loving person. I used to care about the people and creatures around me. I was to be the rock that held my family together. Without my presence it would surely unravel. What was once thought to be held together by the love of my father, and the strength of our mother; was really supported on the shoulders of my compassion and my brother's resilence.

We fought to keep our family together, we fought aliens, we fought alternate realities, we fought ourselves. Even after Catalina destroyed Malaga we were poised to recover.

Then the modern day Pandora opened her box, and from it the abysmal parasite known as the Dreams and Nightmares curse was released.

It's a curse that alters the perception of a persons reality, If one generally see's good they will see bad, if they see bad they will see good. It's an old Suebi ritual, created to immobilize some of the strongest warriors on the planet. To my knowledge, it has been used twice. Once on my mother and once on me. It remained dormant for centuries...until we dug it up. It is in my thoughts that I know realize, my family did not succumb to a virus; we've always been the virus. We've always caused turmoil from the strict hand of the Patriarchy to the elegance of the Matriarchy we've plagued this planet for so long.

I've ended dozens of star systems because I am a virus. No more will I allow this...this virus to continue.

The Phoenix, It knows my intentions it has since relinquished control of me. The souls I've taken will follow me into the after-life where I will serve them. The Phoenix, the half I had has sought to perserve it'self inside of an egg; where it will return and one day call upon the heralds to execute it's will.

I will invoke my final curse: "The Phoenix did not attack Earth, in fact the damage it caused was but a mere illusion. The Liafador Family no longer exists. It shall be my last decree as the Cardinal Goddess of Reality....

Days Later

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To be continued.


Paying Tribute

“I don’t feel good at all” She hovered high above the forest of Outerrim with her hands positioned across her stomach. “You need to feed the darkness boiling within your soul.” Y hissed almost in elation at Maya’s predicament. “I thought you were the darkness?” There almost a chuckle in the back of her mind, it seemed as Y held all the answers; something Maya didn’t like. “No child, I am just the voice. What it is, and what I am are two entirely different things. Add in the fact that you’ve attracted the Phoenix Force and you’re a real head case.”

“How do I feed the darkness?” Maya asked, feeling the destructive yearning burning through her soul. “You’re the Supreme Shaytan’s right hand girl; you haven’t thought to ask him?” Y tantalized almost as if she were jealous of Maya’s tutor.

“You sound as if you’re jealous” Maya retorted, feeling her eyes pulsating with an insatiable desire to destroy. “I think you know the answer to your question young Liafador. You need a Tribute” Y responded avoiding any indication of jealousy.

“Tribute?” She question unsure as to what the dark spirit meant. “You must satisfy the darkness with blood sacrifice.” It hit her hard, she didn’t like killing, it went against everything she believed; but the longer her heart remained in darkness—the more blood she needed.

“A blood sacrifice may draw the attention of the false league.” Maya said with limited concern, truthfully she was powerful enough to hold her own, but wouldn’t risk an invasion of Otherrim or the Supreme Leagues hideout.

“You’re a Reality Warping Goddess that’s been marked by the Phoenix Force, you can literally go anywhere in the cosmos.” An arrogant little smile crept across her pristine features, “Anywhere in the cosmos?”

Hexan System Approximately 16 Light years from the Solar System.

“I never thought anyone could have power like this” Maya said, hovering just inches above a Metropolis. “These are the Hexan people, they’ve amassed an empire that spans several systems, and out here they are rivaled by none.” Y explained. Maya’s eyes briefly looked over the humanoid lizards with disinterest.

Her presence in the sky was immediately noted, these creatures had never seen any one person fly before. They arrived in masses underneath her boots; they even brought the military force with them. “Pleasant” Maya thought descending to greet them.

Word traveled fast here, it was likely that these lizards communicated through some form of telepathy. As her boots grazed the surface of the planet, Maya was met by the Queen and her royal court.

“^*^&)?” The queen spoke, naturally Maya didn’t understand, but Y did. She was a being that exist on multiple universal planes she’d heard this tongue in one of her many conquest before. “She welcomes you, and wants to know why you’ve come”

Maya’s eyes flashed a hot red before uttering the words Y wanted to hear…”Tribute” From the Dark One’s back, massive black tendrils coated in fire crash into the planets core. Caught in an instant array of panic the Hexan people began to scatter while those with weapons opened fire. Maya’s negation shield prevented the weapons from damaging her.

Fire exploded through the surface leveling major cities and strangling communication. The feeling was orgasmic hundreds of deaths within the first few minutes. The cosmic display of power cause the planet’s core to grow unstable, as Maya’s nether regions moisten at the site of destruction; but she didn’t have the time to allow her charade to go on.

“Tribute…” She said with titanic smile on her face. As she phased out of sight, the Scarlet Sorceress trigger pulled a solar flare from one of the planets suns and sent it crashing into the surface.

The Hexan system…Population 0.


Rise Of The Dark One

The Otherrim.

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A world filled with an esoteric ambiance, souls of the deceased and the persuasive murmurs of the dark arts, Maya created it, and as she remained suspended above a hexing seal channeling the mystic force, the once murmurs of the dark arts turned into full blown sentences.

“Who’s there?” She asked, as it was not a rarity for one of the lost souls to call out. But as the innocuous chatter grew louder, it became apparent that this “lost” entity was getting closer.

“You should already know who I am” The voice rang out, She didn’t, the voice wasn’t familiar either. “I was the spirit that perverted your sister, and thanks to your mother I’ve now perverted you”.

“Everything you are, I am in possession of, I essentially control you” By now, the former Prism Princess’ attention was fixed solely on the voice, so much that the illusion of Otherrim was shattered, leaving Maya back in a dead forest.

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“Show yourself” Maya commanded waving her hand over the forest. Spirits, almost phantom like with large yellow eyes drew ever closer. Was this what she was talking to.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t wipe your from existence” Maya threatened channeling the mystic force that burn deep within her veins.

“Because you can’t, your ability to manipulate reality is dormant. Your mother used Catalina’s heart to poison you; I was in Catalina, now I’m in you. Because my spirit is tethered to a host and can only be unlocked with three distinct blades, I can only exist in my host.”

Maya's daggar
Maya's daggar

“What the hell does that mean to me?” Maya asked her eyebrow curled, clearly not getting what the voice was putting down. “Maya your now tethered to a blade yourself, and because of it. It retains your ability to warp reality. Whomever controls the blade—controls you.”

“That’s not true” Maya denied, pushing her hands forward to alter the setting around them, but like the spirit said—it was a no go.

“Now you see why I’ve aligned you with Al’Shaytan, you don’t think he’s attracted to your pretty little pork face do you? He’s so close to the dark arts, he can help you understand your own power. Carlisle aswell. They can sense me inside you; I’m guiding everyone of your actions. But I can tell you, the blade is far more important than you realize.”

“Where is it?” She asked not fully believing the spirit. “It’s in your family’s legendary pit…just waiting for someone to find it. Or did you forget that Sabella has given your mother and sister back their lives”

At this point it was only a matter of time, Zeon, Isis, Ziccarra; Quintus (Who is fortunately dead) are the only members of the family to ever complete the pit, should they find out, it’d be nothing for them to navigate the pit again.

“So what do I do kill them? Maya asked unsure of a plan. “No darling, you love them to much to just kill them.”

“Love has killed more people than the worst of disease’s” Maya replied sounding as if killing them was an option she was ok with.

“Without your ability to warp reality, you’ll never make it past Leon; and should Selene decide to get involved then I’m afraid you won’t live. Zeon is ineffective as a leader, she’s a warrior; if she’s not fighting than she isn’t comfortable. So we make them fight…all of them conjure a mind control spell and plan a meeting with Leonardo Liafador and await my commands.

“What of Selene, what happens should she decide to get involved?”

“Then we make her join us”

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Vine Weekly, Page 17

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The sun slowly begins to set over the vast Parisian skyline, the streets are packed, and the clubs are thumping. While the youth of Paris are preparing for the weekly turn up, Maya Liafador sits in the passenger seat of her own car, an expensive Lamborghini Aventador; nicknamed the “Lamborghini Liafador” for Maya’s unique customization.

Courted to the left by her friend, Gracelynn (the one driving), Maya opened up to us about her experiences in Paris.

“I’ve been here plenty of times, more than I can remember. But, I only glance at the city because every time I’ve been here it’s been for a show. I haven’t interacted with the people much, nor have I actually visited any of the historical landmarks.”

After stopping at a rather long red light, the two girls’s posed for what I counted to be selfie number 10, before hanging a strict right down Avenue de la Grande Armée. Two beautiful young girls, both at the height of international popularity—only one gorgeous enough to be deemed a goddess.

“I guess I’ve always seen myself as a human, I mean of course I know I’m not; but the only time I realize I’m a goddess is when I’m engaged in heroics. I drive my car wherever I need to go, and trip and fall just like anyone else”

As we round the Arc De Trioumphe (Numerous times) she sends lively waves to those that recognize her in the passenger seat, before being reduced to a series of giggles.

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“I just think it’s weird, people see me; and it’s hard to tell if they’re waving at Red Cardinal Maya or at Super Model Maya. I suppose it could be both, it’s fulfilling either way.

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One of my colleges wrote: She has the quality unique to certain fashion models where from most vantage points she looks like someone you might have gone to high school with, and then the light touches her face in a specific way, like through the windshield just now, say, and all the hard angles and emphatic contours and one-in-a-million genetic collisions emerge.S

We pull up to the Four Seasons hotel and then the magic happens. The moment her foot met with the pavement we were assaulted by a barrage of camera flashes, something I was not privy to, but she and Gracelynn knew all too well. From the many videos I’ve seen of her and sister Selene, Maya usually tilts her head down and continues about her business.

Today was different, she greeted a few fans signed a few autographs and managed to squeeze in selfie number 11 before heading upstairs to her room. She received a call from none other than the Spanish Prime Minister, Ziccarra Liafador. I watched her suck her teeth before answering the phone, it was like watching someone get sentenced to detention.

Maya has the sass that would frustrate any mother (even Ziccarra); she can be stubbornly defiant and dismissive. As the conversation ended, the young teen didn’t seem happy.

“My mom needs to chill, she’s so overbearing. I understand that we’re targets, but I’m a reality warping goddess. I could literally kill someone and bring them back to life. (like Yeezus!! Gracelynn yells from the back) Yes, Like Yeezus. haha”

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Maya moves from the living room towards the kitchen removing a Hershey chocolate bar from the freezer. I watched as her look of frustration slowly began to dissipate—replaced now with a jovial grin. She tells me that the show scheduled for tonight was going to feature several of her friends to include: Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss, all super models and celebrities in their own right.

The only person missing from the equation was Maya’s younger sister, Selene.

“Selene has her own schedule and life. We cross paths a lot when we’re out and about, but it always seems like we miss each other at home.”

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Though the two were worlds away, that didn't stop the 5’11 Liafador goddess from texting her younger enigmatic sister. Maya tells me Selene won’t be at her show, which is common; but the two arrange an outing together scheduled for sometime later in the week.

Born into what someone would assume to be Spanish Royalty, I asked Maya about her thoughts on world poverty. I’ll admit, I was a bit surprised by her answer.

“Poverty is a problem, it always has been. Me being a reality warper, I want to make people’s pain and anguish go away, but at what cost? If I change something so relatively small, what will be the consequence on another planet? Or even on this one.”

We sit around a circle nibbling on a variety snacks (mostly Welch’s fruit snacks) opening the first of many gifts she purchased while out and about. The first was a gift for her seemingly unknown older brother, Leonel. Maya purchased a hand wound tourbillion chronograph a sport watch from the Audemar Piguet, Royal Oak collection.

A watch she easily spent 45 thousand dollars on, she begin to explain how the money she so easily spent without so much as a worry of price.

“The little bills I do have, my mother still pays. My car, my condos and phone are all taken care of by her or Zeon. What I make consistent payments too, are charities. Like Cancer research, Diabetes, Aids and you know poverty. So yeah, I make a lot of money, but a lot of it goes right back to people who needed.

Being the fact checker that I am, I did a bit of research to see just how much Maya actually donates. Having assets in fashion, cosmetics, television, and runway events themselves, Maya’s net worth is scratching the surface of 30 million. That doesn’t cover endorsements…which she wouldn’t disclose.

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Of that 30 millon Maya donates just over 13 million dollars to charities annually, which is obviously a hint that she earns far more than she cares to share. Though recently the target of a number of “Anti-Liafador” propaganda circulating through Europe; Maya continues to be one of the most refined teen models in the industry today.

By, Jay Cullen


Prelude to Cataclysm: Maya Liafador

Prelude to Cataclysm / Prelude to Decimation

"I really just don’t know what the hell is going on with the world anymore; hell I might as well just say the universe…it’s all going to sh!t" Maya’s words were not unwarranted; recent weeks saw an intergalactic war between foreign sides, and on a much smaller scale; a category 5 hurricane ravage the island of Cuba. The exact details of the war were unsure to her; for whatever reason her brother Leonel went to aid in the conflict—most likely fearful for the safety of Ninjan Queen, Madison Maynard, and their captive sister Catalina.

The hurricane, something she could usually handle herself; happened literally overnight. The weather forecast just a day before was sunny with clear skies, so in the matter of 24 hours a category five hurricane managed to form?

To make matters worse, in lieu of Catalina’s attack on Malaga; their mother, Spanish President Ziccarra Liafador rushed through passage of the "Matriarch Act". This unconstitutional act made it possible to arm the human citizens of Spain, and allowed for the relocation of all mutants/metas living in the southern portion of Spain to a "Mutant City".

She hadn’t seen much of her mother since her address to the nation—in truth no one had; not even her father who for lack of a better term was omnipotent. She understood the position her mother was in; but this…Matriarch Act could possibly side her family against one another.

"There’s just too much going on right now" she sighed once again taking to the Emerald City skies on a routine patrol. In the waning few months Maya’s modeling had taken a backseat to her duties as a hero—much to the chagrin of her sponsors.

Her brunette tendril-like locks blew wildly as she flew atop the resort city; she could feel the eyes of the people below watching as she elegantly floated pass them. She’d always seen herself as a human being-despite being forged by two powerful divine entities; today was different she was a Liafador the sister of the woman that destroyed an entire Spanish town. Today there was enough fear to suffocate her.

The 5’11 Liafador beauty landed, her lithe frame still concealed by her crimson cowl, she was met by a crowd of protesters; and for the fourth time this week she had to walk the sandy board walk listening to Anti-Liafador propaganda.

After the first time she’d become immune to it; these people weren’t saying anything about her family that she hadn’t heard before—except the Catalina sex-tape thing that was disturbingly new to her. "Well looks like you’ve all got things pretty much covered here" She prepared to fly back into the air, until her eyes focused on a homeless man standing about 20 feet from her current location.

He was tall, maybe 6’10; he had an ugly shotty beard with a head full of graying hair. He looked as if he hadn’t slept in weeks, but it’s what he said that initially halted her exit. "No more will I bare my back for you people!" his declaration was followed by a rather gross lougie.


Simultaneous explosions immediately snatched her attention, thick clouds of fire and ash bellowed from all over the city; people begin shouting a running in a panicked stupor. "Take cover!" she screamed, immediately taking to the skies to survey the area.

She felt it as soon as it happened; at the time she didn’t think anything of it, but now she realized how big it was. "The regions electrical grid just went off-line. Five planes each destined for different areas crashed. One of the planes fell completely out of the sky, she knew immediately these weren’t isolated incidents, but who was the culprit? The Society? Probably not her time spent with Zedora and Aphasic would’ve alerted her the moment one of them entered her proximinity.

Stretching the skies in an effort to aid in the tragedies she couldn’t help but wonder. "What the hell was going on with the world.


Interview with Maya

The 17 year old Liafador Legacy
The 17 year old Liafador Legacy

CHRIS WALLACE: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Maya: I knew you were going to ask this question (laughs), I wanted to be this, a model. I never really cared for anything else; which is why I put my all into it. Growing up Supermodels were like my superheroes. It just so happened that I became both.

CHRIS WALLACE: So what exactly can you do?

Maya: I can fly, and transform things into….other things (laughs). Trust me it’s a really useful power. Like if I wanted to I could transform this entire studio into a penthouse (laughs)

CHRIS WALLACE: Can you show me after the interview?

Maya: I’m not supposed to but yeah sure.

CHRIS WALLACE: What do you think you were in a past life?

Maya: Maybe an animal? Or an actress; I think I would’ve been a pretty decent actress.

CHRIS WALLACE: Do you have any pet peeves?

Maya: I do actually, I hate it when people rearrange my things. When I get off the catwalk; I notice some of my things were out of place. I swear to G I almost turned those girls’ into frogs. (Laugh) I also hate lint it’s something I picked up from my mom; I just can’t stand to see it on people. I REALLY hate those lights at the club that show all the lint…bleh it makes me gag.

CHRIS WALLACE: Are some of the other girls scared of you?

Maya: I honestly don’t think so, I’m not really intimidating. Sometimes we all get along fine, but other times you get the haters. You know, the ones that start rumors and what not. Those are the ones I have my mami pay a visit to (laughs)

CHRIS WALLACE: What’s your favorite place on Earth?

Maya: It’d have to be either Greece or Argentina. There’re sooo many things to do in those countries. Don’t get me wrong Spain will always be my home, but if I had to have a house somewhere else it’d be one of those two places.

CHRIS WALLACE: Have you ever been star struck?

MAYA: Hell yes! I got to meet Beyonce at the VMA’s a few months ago. It was the most amazing thing ever. I thought it was funny that I was a huge fan of hers, but she was a huge fan of my mom (laugh). Also, I got a chance to meet Valerie Huntington at one of my first shows; anyone who knows me knows she’s my idol and inspiration. I had to excuse myself to the bathroom, no lie I was going to have a panic attack.

CHRIS WALLACE: How is your relationship with your parents?

Maya: My mom is pretty strict, she really doesn’t like the fact that I model; but she has accepted it. We clash A LOT, my dad says it’s because we’re so alike. I don’t know about all that, but she’s like to do things with me, and spend time. Occasionally I still sleep in her bed when dad is away. My mom makes me feel a lot more secure than my dad does; she’s willingly to do whatever it takes for her family, just knowing that makes me feel safe.

My dad on the other hand is the complete opposite; we’re more like friends. It’s so funny, because whenever he needs to yell at me he makes my mom do it (laugh) my dad is a lot more understanding about my ambitions than my mom. I guess it’s because he can pretty much do…anything. He has really afforded me with that luxury. I love that guy.

CHRIS WALLACE: Are you well informed on your mothers' history?

MAYA: Yes, reading about the whole Venezuela thing in the history books was...weird. Reading about the Cardinals and the Registration act made me see why she's so strict.

CHRIS WALLACE: Who would you want to meet living or dead?

Maya: I would’ve loved to have met Isadora, my dead sister. She was killed in some conflict; my parents really don’t speak on it.

CHRIS WALLACE: Do you have any talents?

MAYA: I’m pretty fast, I mean fast to not have super speed (laughs), OH and I can jump pretty high. I currently have my schools high jump record.

CHRIS WALLACE: Who was your first crush?

MAYA: Oh god! (Laugh) My first crush was Taylor Lautner. No comment on anything else (laughs)

CHRIS WALLACE: What do you think of the whole Mutant-Human conflict?

MAYA: I spent most of my life living with machines; everything I was taught about that ongoing conflict was summed up in six words. “They exist because we allow it”. You’d think that since they’ve occupied the same planet for this long that it would’ve worked itself out by now.

CHRIS WALLACE: What are traits you admire in a man….or woman.

MAYA: Eyes, they are the sexiest part of a person’s body. My mom has the most amazing blue eyes.

CHRIS WALLACE: Hows your relationship with Catalina?

MAYA: Cat is amazing, now that she’s back with the family. I text her all day, we don’t get to hang out much because she’s always away doing movies, but when we are together we have so much fun. She takes more selfies than I do! (laughs)

CHRIS WALLACE: Do you plan on committing to heroics full-time?

MAYA: Nope, there are so many heroes on this planet; I don't think there is a need for me. Whenever I have to, I will use my powers to help people, but it's never something I'm activly, bleh actively looking for. My father is one of the strongest people on this planet, he knows a whole bunch of other heroes. I think they've got it handled. Besides I'm really inexperienced at what I do, if I warp the wrong thing I can cause a catastrophic reaction; needless to say it's not something i want to take a chance on.

CHRIS WALLACE: What’s something I’d be surprised to know about you?

MAYA: Jupiter, I’ve been to Jupiter. My dad took me there on an outing. It’s such a beautiful planet.'


Week One (Prologue)


The flagrant smell of cigarette smoke filled the air, calling this place a hole in the wall was probably an insult to a hole. The shack leaked profusely, small drops of water could be seen dripping through the rotten wood down on the lap of the former Primer.  The cache of shady figures patrolling the truncated structure caused her skin to crawl, however Jim Morrison on the Jutebox lightened the atmosphere for her just a bit. Having abdicated her authority over to Utopia and the Trinity Foundation, she departed the empire quickly to avoid being apprehended by U.N officials.  Fleeing came with another price; The Cajun had placed a hefty price on her head one hundreds of Mercs wasted no time in trying to collect.

Sitting at a rickety table with her legs crossed and paper in hand, she slowly read the headlines detailing the components of her power transfer. Stress and frustration are a tag team, she fought them all too well; Maya was the type of person to make a decision to ease both, even if it weren’t the best option.  “Well daddy, I’ve failed again” she said, taking a sip of cheap Turkish bourbon.  The democratic approach taken with the defunct Omega Justice proved to be useless; the Absolutist approach with the Foundation worked, but back fired under worldly pressures.

“I don’t remember this being this hard as a teenager; Life was different.  Then again, when I was growing up Hawk, LP, Nighthunter and Paragon were my babysitters so I guess I can say I was shielded.” She thought to herself taking another sip of her moonshine. “The ICE Dragons were my family, but then there were the people I went home to every night” She thought again.

Getting up she moved over to a wooden table which was acting as a bar, ordering another drink, she once again tried to think about where the bad turn in her life was.  “Once my mother adopted me, I changed my name to Lopez, it wasn’t something I’m proud of but I needed to forget the person I was”.

“I hit the ground running; the name became a gift and a curse for me; throughout all my childhood years* I lived most of my life in the shadow of Ziccarra, and my own mother. The truth of the matter is, I’m beginning to think that the only person who was; who they said they were is Y intercept” Maya thought, almost gagging off the foul recoil from her brandy.

The fact that she had to abject to such a place in society showed how far from the top she indeed fell. This time was different, the keys for success were there, and she missed one key ingredient that allowed both stress and frustration to subdue her mind. 

Exactly 10 minutes in the future

Hundreds of U.N forces had the shack surrounded, they were well aware of Maya’s ability to turn invisible. Storming the building they fired rubber bullets all over the room; all the while tossing canisters of white smoke into the room.  Everyone in attendance ran for their lives; however not too far from where the forces were raiding, a band of Mercs lusting for the head of Maya laid them to rest abruptly.


Snapping from her coming prophecy, Maya looked around the place at all the people whom would be injured if she stayed longer. Moving towards the back of the room, she placed on her Jean jacket and exited through the back of the runny shack. The moment she was out in the open a club of Paki Mercs opened fire on her.  Running through the thick forest, she could hear bullets whizzing past her blonde locks.  “What am I doing” she said, leaping into the air the moment she did so her body went soaring into the clouds in flight. 

Her escape plan was cut off by a U.N chopper, multiple bullets ripped through her clothing causing her to bleed out mid-flight. The pain caused her to spiral out of control towards the ground. The young women slammed into multiple trees on her way down; finally she was deposited near a small lake where she lay in pain.

Despite her downed position, she was in some sort of safe haven for now; with her body in a completely relaxed state she would eventually heal her wounds. “How did, I become public enemy number one? For pursuing justice?” she thought, while trying to heal her wounds.  


Tensions Rising

All trade talk and communication with the U.S has been cut off; all trading with U.S allies have been cut off. The Utopian Ambassador does not address the U.S Ambassador in meetings. T.I has made it's move; with a inevitable war between the U.S brewing, and a War with T.I brewing. Maya tries to do something both Hitler, and Neapolitan failed at...Fighting a War on Two Fronts.

“Maya, you’re on in five” the director said, tipping his hat in her direction. The last few months were stressful, the last few days happened to be more so the worse. In spite of everything, she remained calm; she had the full backing of the Trinity. Everyone across the world was voicing their opinions about her Registration act, T.I; C.O.P, New France, the U.S and the U.N. She thought it was funny that most of the places that criticized her most weren’t U.N dominated. They didn’t understand that even though she backed her act, it wasn’t her idea. King Derekken invaded Utopia, and his xechcellum poisoned 1/3 of the Utopian population. After the Trinity and, the TRINITY alone; defeated the threat; that 1/3 of the population received super-powers. So not only were a bunch of nations pissed off because she was following the U.N, they were pissed off because she was doing what was right.

The Utopian President moved to the podium to address the United Nations; though it was a world broadcast, she opted to stay within the walls of Utopia. “It’s funny” Maya started off with looking off to the right as many cameras’s flashed in her face. “Y intercept, former chancellor of China declares war on Utopia and no one comes to our aid. I become President and no one comes to our aid; I decide to rebuild and no one comes to our aid.” She said, maintaining eye contact with the crowd not even bothering to glance at her notes. “We rebuild, we don’t only rebuild we out innovate the rest of humankind and from its ashes the Trinity Foundation is formed, no one helped rebuild” she said, capturing the attention of the masses many of Utopia’s top officials in the audience capturing her every word as they flowed from her cherry blossom tainted lips.

“The United States, voiced concerns about me having a population of people running around Utopia with Meta-human abilities, The U.N backed them and forced me to come up with this act. “I did what I was told, because unlike you Non-U.N nations I actually answer to someone.” She said, finally glancing at her notes. “In the wake of this entire calamity, no one has come to our aid”

“Why are we communist? Because we have the technology and the resources to completely fuel our own country? Or maybe because all Mediterranean trade routes come through us. “No Utopia, the reason the rest of the world is mad; is because your government gives a damn. I know not everyone in Utopia likes the URA, but I didn’t leave any of you out to dry. Those people who register get government quality insurance for the damage they cause no expenses”.

“A minor infringement for something far more grand, something like knowing someone is accountable for the damage of personal property; knowing when an unstable person will explode and destroy a whole district. We aren’t a democracy, we aren’t a republic; I am not a fascist, I am not a communist; I am a dictator, and I will dictate us into further prosperity”. She paused for a moment and stepped back of the podium, a thunderous applause occurred from the audience causing Maya to smile a bit. “I’ve registered my own son with the Trinity Foundation; not to show my allegiance to my own act; but to show it’s the right thing to do. He has powers; and I don’t know what they are, but at least if he throws up napalm because his tummy hurts; YOU are covered.”

Another thunderous applause from the audience as Maya began to feed off the energy her people gave her. “I’ve heard what the czar of T.I has said, and I’m not worried about him; I will not be intimidated by murderers. My only message to all of the members of that godforsaken citadel: “You bring the ass, and we’ll bring that whuppin” the unorthodox speech style of Maya was a surprise to no one; she had been that way all of her life, and it had become widely accepted into Utopian culture.

“Right now we have more important things to worry about, there are war plans being drawn and the Trinity is not the architects”

“We captured the Cajun, Gambler and released him into the hands of the U.S; and they allowed him to escape; this very moment there are U.S Missiles locked to fire at Solace City on command; we’ve been locked in a cold war with T.I since our formation.”

Maya stopped, the camera cut to a behind the head shot showing the world, the hundreds of thousands of Utopian’s looked upon the blonde beauty.

“Finally…Cassidy” the French leader had gone missing, at almost the same time Gambler was given to the Americans. I’ve stated that from the day she went missing that it was her own fault for being so naive; despite this, if there is anything the Utopian government (Not the TF) can do to assist in finding the bit…I mean ruler then let us know”

Maya, took a step back off the podium and waved to a somewhat mixed across; despite the fact that her applause was greater than her negative response, It was a blow to her that her words weren’t able to charm the whole audience.

Walking out the back of the auditorium she was met by an influx of Muslim supporters; not for the Registration Act; however for war with the U.S. This was somewhat the advantage to building an empire from the sands of the Turks. Everything done here was religiously backed; the Muslims looked at the “meta-humans” as unholy against Allah; which was why more than 78% (by poll) supported the act.

“Are you 100% sure that the damn ecosphere of yours cannot be hacked” her driver said, worried as he was a registered meta-human. “The Ecosphere is 100% Ninjan technology, all the smaller ecospheres feed a fraction of info into the main one; which I keep here on my wrist.

“So it can’t be hacked?” he asked turning around the corner, positioning a 22 on his lap. “It can be hacked, but the only person to ever hack it; is dead” Maya said, taking note to the pistol. “You can relax…my mother is long gone”.

“Gustave?” Maya said his name whilst crossing her legs. “Get Shinji on the phone, I don’t want one bomb to land on Solace or Realgam city”.

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