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Maya Liafador-Pettis

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Reason: Maya’s parents are both powerful gods in their own respective realms, Ziccarra a Cardinal Goddess and Alexis a New God. The name Maya means “Daughter of Atlas” named for the Greek Titan that held up the Celestial Spheres. Though Maya is a “Hybrid Goddess”, her powers were granted to her by the Cardinals. She was blessed with a robust version of her mother’s illusionary prowess; allowing her to manipulate reality altogether. Because of her ability to manipulate reality (Essokinesis), Maya has awakened as the Cardinal of Reality.

Nicknames: Baby Lexis, Mya. Lady Gaia. Cardinal Princess

Age: Maya’s exact age is unknown, she was never actually born; rather her consciousness was extracted and placed in a body prepared by the 3rd Society. At the time of her extraction, Maya was 5 months old; but she was placed in the body of a 16 year old. Because of this, Maya can act infantile at times. Using strict probability techniques, the 3rd Society crafted Maya’s body and powers based on Ziccarra and Alexis’ level of fitness and power. Maya's current age is 20.

Birthdate: August 9, 2014

Astrological Sign: Leo

Maya stubbornly clings to her pride, She does not alter her opinion or behavior at the request of others. Her stubbon nature makes it hard for her to accept that there is no virtue in giving what she wants to give, rather virtue means giving what may be wanted or needed. Neither is there reward in giving misguided loyalty to those who are not worthy of it, which is another possibility with a Leo Sun sign.

Hair Color/Style: Maya wears a long straight cut, she is a natural chestnut colored, unlike both her mother and father who have raven tinted hair.

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5’11

Weight: 119 IBS

Body Type: Slim

Family: Ziccarra Liafador (Mother- Deceased), the New God Alexis (Father), Catalina Liafador (Sister Deceased), Isadora Liafador (Sister, Deceased). Selene (Sister) Mark Antony (Nephew Deceased), Tassania Pettis (Sister). Leon Liafador (Uncle) Leonel Pettis (Brother) Zeon Liafador (Cousin) Leah Liafador (Cousin) Chance Liafador (Cousin)

Maya is the first born child of Ziccarra and Alexis, but she is the third child for Ziccarra. Maya was born a “stillborn child”, however her consciousness was taken from her and placed in a prepared body, by The Matriarch Zedora of the 3rd society. Maya was implanted with specific genes that allowed her to manipulate reality. Zedora planned to use Maya to rid the world of humans. Catalina rescued Maya from Zedora and sent her back to Ziccarra and Alexis.

Realizing the 3rd society may be too powerful for her parents to combat, Maya used her powers to seal the entire members of the society in a pocket dimension.

In the months following the 3rd society, Maya has taken an interest in being a model; having been given pointers by Valerie Huntington, Maya has begun her rise to stardom.


Previously, Maya's ability to utilize her reality warping abilities were limited by lack of practice and ignorance. Shortly after Dreams and Nightmares; The young Cardinal Goddess' heart was turned black, and because of it Maya sought to use all her powers to the fullest.

Probability Manipulation - Though limited to her line of sight Maya can alter the odds either physically through her mystic energy manifestations or mentally without any sort of trail. Maya's exact control over probability is based on several distinct circumstances, If the subject is close the chances of the odds working in her favor are higher, however if critically damaged, or unfocused; the odds may backfire.

Preemptive (Attack) Negation shield - This is essentially a shield that is always constructed around the young goddess which prevents her from being hit unknowingly. All Maya's powers are dependent on her physical strength at the time too much damage will negate her shield.

Mystic Force - Maya's mystic force was thought to be her ability to manipulate probability, but through further studies it's her main power outside of altering reality. Maya can use her mystic force to light flammable objects, contain or remove air from a particular volume, raise the dead, deflect objects, stop the momentum of projectiles, open doors, explode objects, Create Life through use of spells, create force fields, teleport, deflect magical attacks, phase and shape-shift. Maya can rip out people's hearts and control them with it, she can also spy on people through use of mirror magic.

Reactive Adaption- Though physically weak in actual combat, in terms of energy Maya's a juggernaught, her body has the natural ability to heal, but also it can negate the effects of energy based attacks on her body. Maya can actually use attacks that she's hit with for offensive purposes.

Reality Warping - Maya can craft entire universes, but she'd need a basis to do so. She can also create life, armies and construct cities from literally nothing. However the energy Maya exudes to Reality Warp will literally drain her for days, Maya will not be able to do anything else once she begins to alter reality.

Quantum Consciousness - Maya has the ability to remove her own consciousness from her vessel in times of peril.

The Otherrim -


Because of her blacked heart Maya's psyche is unstable, she is completely vulnerable to any all all telepathic intrusions and mental attacks, making her physically vulnerable to the will of another person.