The Supernova Rangers: Original Sin

The Keeper's Command Center: Years and years ago...

One by one, the vibrant colors of each Ranger illuminated command center, all of them being summoned at once. After a decade of working together, the team didn't feel the need to exchange pleasantries, merely friendly nods to their comrades.

They were a diverse team, denizens from all corners of the galaxy. Red Ranger Jak, Yellow Ranger Taylor, Black Ranger Roger, Blue Ranger Srang, Pink Ranger Linda and Green Ranger Darner. Together, they were The Supernova Rangers.

Jak stepped up to The Keeper's pedestal, and gave a courteous bow in her presence. "You called for us, Keeper. From the sounds of it, we have something of a crisis on our hands." The Red Ranger slowly looked up, just as The Keeper manifested her ghostly form.

"You are correct, Jak. After years of silence, it would seem that our old foe, Commander Fenpa, has resurfaced once again to start another conquest..." Her words lingered in the air with a heavy silence following it. While none of them looked directly at him, everyone gave small and pained glances towards Darner. "...This will mark his first appearance since-"

Darner looked up, glaring at The Keeper with his intense and glowing jade eyes. "Since he killed my sister, yes. We were all thinking it." His voice was accompanied by a light clicking noise, his insect biology melding with his humanoid side.

Another silence, until Roger walked up behind the Green Ranger, and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hey man, we want to get him as much as you do, and we will bring him in. Just... Are you okay to go through with this?" He strained a supportive smile, trying his best to keep Darner calm. Everyone waited silently for the answer, knowing that Roger was the one to ask. The two having forged a strong friendship over their service together.

"..." Darner lowered his head, sincerely contemplating his condition, contemplating what his best friend asked him. After another moment, he looked over to Roger, and gave him a stern nod. "Let's get this monster, once and for all."

Roger smirked, patting Darner on the back. "That's what I like to hear!"

The Keeper warmly smiled at the moment, before regaining her serious composure and continued. "Very good."

A hologram was brought up around the Rangers, of a desert planet shrouded in perilous smoke. "This is Planet Dresken, a relatively peaceful planet with a local milita that protects a system of ten neighboring planets. Approximately one hour ago, a large battle station arose from one of it's many open deserts, unleashing thousands of battle robots to spread among Dresken. They have currently occupied a portion of the planet, killing any who show even remote resistance. Behind this attack? Commander Fenpa himself. It would seem that he was hiding underground, building this machine army for this day to come, and is now seeking to take this planet as a starting point in a new conquest."

Linda stepped up, pointing at the hologram. "And the local milita? Where are they in all of this?"

"They are putting up a decent enough fight." The Keeper replied, displaying footage of the battle currently ensuing. "But I'm afraid this war is not in their favor. They're simply outnumbered by these machines, and more continue to march out of Fenpa's fortress."

Jak rubbed his mouth while listening, already forming a plan in head. "Sounds simple enough. Touch down, get to the base, apprehend Fenpa and blow that fortress sky high. The machines lose their spawning point, then we clean up the rest and assist the milita. Probably be back before dinnertime, if we play our cards right." The leader chuckled, a cocky grin on his face as the others rolled their eyes jokingly.

"A sound operation, Jak. I leave it on all of your hands, and I will be watching over you."

The team marched over to the teleporter pad, pulling out their amulets and calling forth their power.







Their bodies were consumed by cosmic and crackling light, and the transformation occurred immediately after. The smoke settled, and there stood the Supernova Rangers in all of their power.

"Alright guys..." Roger tapped his wrist teleporter.

"...Let's get him."

Planet Dresken, The Battlefield...

The frenzy of battle was immense, plasma bolts flying about like a swarm of locusts. Both militia and machine fell into the sand by the second, with the battle literally head to head, the firing line approximate to each struggling force. The skirmish was so intense, it kicked up an unnaturally large sandstorm, making everything that much more intense.

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In the midst of the bloodshed, shined the multicolored light of the Supernova Rangers, far behind enemy lines, and right in the middle of hundreds of machines. They all leaped into action instantly, no stranger to "hot 'ports" as they called them.

"FORM A PERIMETER, WE NEED BREATHING SPACE TO CONTINUE!" Jak shouted over the blasterfire through his helmet's communicator, summing the Crimson Blade to start slicing through the opposition like wheat in a field.

Roger, the knightly Black Ranger pulled out his massive Ebony Blade, and begun cleaving the machines apart in a berserk flourish, greatly contrasting the martial arts of his comrades. "HRAGH! I'M GONNA HAVE SAND IN MY CRACK FOR DAYS AFTER THIS!"

Linda fired a quick few energy arrow from his bow, quickly looking over at Roger and begun sprinting right towards him. "Gross. RAINING DOWN, LET'S GO!"

Roger didn't need to hear anymore, as they used this technique hundreds of times. Without even looking, he held an open palm out, to which Linda landed squarely on with one foot. With a heave, he threw the Pink Ranger into the air. Pulling back on her bowstring, multiple energy arrows formed, and unleashed them down into the mechanical masses, exploding on contact.

"WELL, I ALREADY LOST COUNT! HEY DARNER, HOW ABOUT WE CALL THIS ONE A WRITE OFF!?" Roger laughed boisterously, brutally shoulder checking a robot's head clean off.

"..." Darner didn't respond, too focused and weaving through a line of machines with his Jade Daggers, his swings so fast that they were a blur. It was only when he reached the others, did the machines realize they were already dead, and started falling into pieces en masse.

"That ought to do it! Finally, I can hear myself think." Jak looked around, now joined with the whole team as they all glanced at the massive fortress ahead. "Alright team, spearhead formation, let's get in there and fast!"

And so they assembled, charging forward as a unit and proceeded to tear down anything in their path. It was only a matter of time before they reached

Fenpa's Fortress...

The bay door was blown down by the combined force of the Ranger's charge, quickly getting to work in securing the main hall.

"I got you, now's your chance!" Taylor nodded to Srang, drawing a group's attention by firing her two power blasters while moving to a metal pillar and taking cover. The Blue Ranger took his chance, spinning his Azure Glaive while flipping gracefully behind the distracted group. With a single swing, a wave of chilled air enveloped the machines, freezing them solid. "I never tire of hearing that "cracking" sound." Srang spoke softly, tapping his Glaive on the ground, causing the ice block to shatter into countless pieces.

The team regrouped in the center, always keeping their eyes peeled for straggling forces. "Looks like nobody's home." Roger sheathed his blade, and cocked the now put together Ebony Blaster. "What's the call, boss man?"

Jak took a moment to put it together, then looked to the rest while rocking his fist. "I got it. Srang, Taylor, you're our demolition experts, any way we can light this place up?"

Srang looked up with a titled head, tracing his fingers at the sight of pipes flowing with energy. "I'm familiar with this layout. It's running on a power source known as "Shimmer". Very powerful, very volatile. Taylor and I just need to locate the power source-"

"-Then we can override the output, and revert everything back to the core." Taylor mutually nodded along with Srang.

Linda stepped up, holding her bow closely and gave a nod. "I can cover you guys while you get to work, I wouldn't trust any of these bruisers to watch your back." She joked, still in a dry tone.

"Then we will head up to Fenpa..." Darner clicked, already staring at the route he intended on taking.

Jak and Roger shared a concerned glance. There was no doubt about it, they would need all three of them to rip through Fenpa's predictable hordes defending him.

"Alright. Drang, Linda and Taylor, we'll see you soon. Roger, Darner... Up we go."

And so, after a long glance to each other, the Rangers split into two groups. They didn't stop for a second, not a single one of them. Through blades slashing, and bolts taken to their shields, through the aches and pains they persevered.

Jak, Roger and Darner arrived at the final floor, with Roger throwing down a robot that was still stuck onto his fist. "Goddamn, I gotta give 'ol big head some credit, these clunkers are relentless." The Black Ranger huffed out his words, the other two also catching their breath. "Now, if I were a bettin' man, which I am, I'd say that looks like an evil Commander's door."

The black knight was referring to the massive door ahead of them, and nothing left in their way.

"I'd double down on that." Jak readied his blade. "Roger, if you would."

"On it." Roger cocked his Ebony Blaster, and blasted a hole through the door.

The trio tred carefully through the blasted entrance, weapons ready and their wits about them. It was Darner, however, that twitched at the faintest of noises above them. Far faster than the other, he rolled forward just in time, and avoided an energy barrier that surrounded both Roger and Jak.

"OH SNAP!" Roger shouted, actually spooked as it appeared around them. "Oh- Oh no..." His jovial tone switched at a sudden revelation, and stared at Darner, who barely even gave them a glance as he looked ahead. "Darner! Darner, buddy! Find the generator, we have to do this together!"He unsheathed his blade, slashing at the barrier to no avail.

"HEY! He's right, Darner, please get us out before-" Jak was cut off, as the lights in the room suddenly boomed to life.

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"Yes, Darner, help your little Rangers. Don't mind me..." A voice called out to the Green Ranger, and out of the shadows stepped Commander Fenpa himself. "I was just about to get going, what with other planets that need my... Aid." The green skinned villain snidely smirked, looking down at Darner from a small staircase that distanced them. "My creations appear to have this "in the bag" as they say. I am more than comfortable coming back once the pests are wiped out, and the weak have submitted."

"...I've waited a long time for this..." Darner hissed, firming the grip on his daggers.

"Oh? What exactly is your plan here, Green Ranger? Beat me to a pulp? Take me to The Keepers Dimension so I can spend my days weeping at such a crippling defeat?" The Commander squinted for a moment, before clicking his tongue and wagging his finger. "No no... I know that look."

Roger's eyes widened behind his visor, now giving it his all with every slash. He knew Darner, he knew this was a bad idea. Both him and Jak didn't bother talking, and just continued beating on the barrier, hoping that it would finally crack.

"Yes, even behind your helmet, behind all of that cosmic power concealing your face... I see what you're thinking. You would love nothing more than to cut me down, even with that precious Ranger Code in place. All because of... Hmm." Fenpa snapped his fingers, looking up to the ceiling, giving a casual shrug at Darner. "You know, I really can't remember her name."

"You are a DEAD MAN."Darner took his first step up the stairs.

That's when Fenpa revealed his trump card, and reached behind him to pull someone out in front of him. It was a young woman, bound by energy cuffs, tears running down her face, that was swollen from so much panic. The Commander placed a blaster right against her head, tapping it rhythmically on girl's temple. Darner stopped instantly, even taking a step down at the reveal. "Surely you didn't think I wouldn't have a contingency, hm? You're looking at the militia general's daughter. Always strike the heart before going in for the kill, I always say."

The timing couldn't be anymore intense, as the fortress started to rumble and shake from down below. "This is Taylor! We overridden the core, this thing is going to blow any minute now! We have to retrieve Fenpa and get out of here!" All of their helmets buzzed with the info, all while Fenpa looked up at the ceiling, which trickled with metal shavings.

"Well then... That is a disappointment. Seems I need to really take my leave now." The Commander seemed eerily calm, despite realizing that the tides were due to turn in an instant. Ever the egotist, though, he had to gloat before parting ways with his nemesis. "Too bad, so sad. Looks like we're due for another encounter, Ranger. I'll be taking the girl, and taking the first pod off this dust ball."

Roger ceased his attempts to get out, while Jak continued, and slammed on the shield with his armored fist. "LET HIM GO! We'll get him next time, okay? We'll get the girl back just for the love of god, Darner, don't do anything stupid!" His voice cracked with desperation, and Darner just barely glanced back at him.

"..." He remained silent, looking back at the hostage situation in front of him, and finally spoke again. "Child... How old are you?"

Fenpa scoffed, not expecting that in the slightest. "Go ahead, girl, answer the Ranger." That arrogance gleamed, thinking he was relishing a sealed victory.

"I-I'm seventeen! Oh by the maker, PLEASE HELP M-" Fenpa covered the girl's mouth, silencing her pleas. "That's enough! I said answer him, not grovel!"

Darner lowered his head, loosening the grip on his daggers. "......I can live with that."

Roger's blood turned to ice, eyes twitching at the declaration. "No- NO NO NO DARNE-"

The Green Ranger tightened his grip once more, and turned into nothing more than a green streak of light, shooting up the stairs and past both the girl and Fenpa... Blood dripped off of his weapons in a steady trickle. The girl, Fenpa, both stood there in disturbing silence, before the reaction caught up to the action. A large cut slowly formed on both of their chests, and they both dropped to the ground dead right then and there.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Roger cried out, his entire being shaking with rage and horror. Jak silently dropped to the ground, sitting with his head buried in his hands.

His screams became distorted, as the Rangers were enveloped in their respective lights, teleporting away just as the fortress was consumed by the reactor's explosion.

The Keeper's Command Center...

The Rangers were back once again, with Drang and Taylor huffing and puffing, while the other three stood in grave silence. Srang noticed instantly, looking at the them in unease.

"Where... Where's Fenpa...?"

Darner looked over to the Blue Ranger, blood still shimmering on his visor. "I rectified the problem."

Roger snapped out of his haze, his head snapping to Darner. "You....YOU RECTIFIED IT!? YOU RECTIFIED IT!?" He moved in a black blur, deceptively fast for his size, and slammed his friend against the wall. Without hesitation, he just begun punching Darner over and over and over again, not even realizing he was still screaming. "RECTIFIED IT? RECTIFIED IT? RECTIFIED IT? YOU MURDEROUS BASTARD. I'M GOING TO SNAP YOUR GODDAMN HEAD OFF"

Darner didn't even resist, taking the beating in total silence. Drang ran over, grappling Roger from behind and attempted to pull him off "What are you doing!? Get off of him-!"

Roger slapped the Ranger away, then continued beating Darner in a blind frenzy. "I TRUSTED YOU! I TRUSTED YOU AND YOU BETRAYED THAT! WHY!? WAS IT WORTH IT!?"

Taylor was on the verge of tears, looking to a visibly shaken Jak. "What the hell is he talking about, Jak? What happened!?"

Jak attempted to lift his head, only for it to drop. His answer was a shell shocked mumble. "He... Darner... Killed an innocent... A hostage..."

Both Blue and Yellow Rangers looked to Jak, both reacting in utter horror.

"Oh my god, Jesus Christ..." Taylor sobbed.

Linda stood in the back, distancing herself while keeping her cold composure intact.

Darner's helmet cracked from one too many blows, with just a single jade iris now staring at his "friend". There were no tears wetting it, not even a twitch of remorse, just a burning glare. That was enough for Roger, and he pulled his fist back for one more punch, until...

The entire command center vibrated violently, the Dimension falling apart. Next thing the Ranger knew, they floated in a void that was blacker than black, with only massive bolts of cosmic energy lighting the emptiness around them. The Keeper finally revealed herself, her face forming at an impossibly huge size before her chosen. Even at such a colossal scale, it was clear that her eyes stared down at Darner with absolute loathing.

"Darner of The Sun Lands, you are a murderer, and a COWARD."

Her voice was like an explosion with each word uttered, separating the Green Ranger from the rest. He now floated before The Keeper's massive eyes.

"I could have your LIFE if I chose it, erase every atom of your being, FOR THE INNOCENT LIFE YOU HAVE TAKEN. I, however, am not a MONSTER like you have chosen to become. I hope your vengeance is satiated, for it will be the last thing you ever relish..."

Darner's body began to vibrate and glow harshly. More specifically, his suit and Amulet were the source of this chaotic light.

"You are STRIPPED of your title. You are RELINQUISHED of your power. You will be EXILED to a world of no life, and NO HOPE of anyone finding you. This, I can PROMISE you. BEGONE FROM MY SIGHT."

"HRAAAAAAAAAGH" Darner screamed in agony, as the Amulet literally shattered to pieces from The Keeper's sheer rage. "I regret NOTHING! NOTHING! If I must be a monster to end monsters, THEN SO BE IT! NO MATTER THE COST, I HAVE MY JUSTICE! AAAAAAAGH" His rebellious cries faded out, as Darner, the Green Ranger was flung through a portal behind him, and it sealed once and for all.

The Supernova Rangers took months to recover from the incident, with Jak even retiring shortly after. The Keeper was silent for a long time after, not even materalizing a physical form for years. There was no Green Ranger for generations, the Amulet remaining in peices from The Keeper's conempt. Finally, though, she would go on to put it back together, with it's cracks still visible to this day.

The rest would go on, shouldering the grief for years to come, something Roger would have to carry with him for the rest of his life.

For every Ranger before them, and every Ranger after, this was the team that would forever be known for...

The Original Sin

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The Lone Ranger (Prologue)

"...The choice is yours, Max Morana, and the choice is a heavy one indeed. To be a ranger, means that you swear your life, your very being to protecting others. Many have worn the Red Helm before you, with most falling for justice, but they will forever be heroes for their sacrifice... So choose carefully, and choose truthfully..."

"...Let's do this."

Four months later. Planet Aro: Grotville

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The city was alive, with all of it's cacophony from it's millions of inhabitants and almost disorienting beams of neon light pouring into every corner. Every street was shoulder to shoulder when it came to foot traffic, lifeforms of all shapes and sizes grumbling and sauntering about their lives, complaining about the torrential rain that has been going on for weeks now.

It was just above the streets, atop the cluttered roofs where the chase had already begun.

Max was at a full tilt sprint, his white boots causing a small cloud of moisture to be left behind him from the intense speed. Thanks to his powers, the Red Ranger was practically passing one roof with each step, almost bounding. Still, a bead of sweat traced his eye as he stared intensely through his visor at the target ahead of him.

It was a cloaked figure, every inch of it's body tightly wrapped in decrepit garbs, looking no different than half of the homeless in this district. There was only one problem, however.

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"He's faster than me." Max muttered through his controlled breathes. True to his assessment, this figure looked like any other vagrant, but his movements, his speed and agility were almost beautiful in their grace and fluidity.

Undeterred, Max gave it his all and was able to close the gap by a few more inches, just out of arms reach. Just as his fingers were about to clutch a piece of fluttering cloth, the figure suddenly dropped off the nest ledge, and so did Max.

"Whoa whoa whoa whooooooa!!"The Ranger shouted, realizing that he was now in a free fall off the district's limits, descending towards a blur of flying vehicles the moves in no predictable fashion. His eyes were still locked on the figure, who had enough confidence and cool to look back at his pursuer before crossing his arms against his chest, shooting like a bullet down even further. "Oh no you don't!" Max did the same, comparing in speed.

He had nothing but recklessness and determination, as Max finally flew through the first wave of vehicles. If it weren't for his enhanced reflexes, he would have been struck instantly, but instead he maneuvered naturally by the skin of his teeth. Yet again, the figure looked back, seeing that the Ranger was still with him.

With matching grace from earlier, the figure slowly flipped upright and aggressively landed on a passing transport vehicle with a closed fist, the impact was even enough to make the vehicle veer for just a moment.

Max gritted his teeth, knowing the he was going to have to do the same. He wasn't going to be bested, not with this much responsibility. As if to show off, he performed a back flip instead, and landed on the vehicle much more softly. He barely raised his helm, before seeing the figure leap off of the vehicle, and onto the next, and the one after that.

"Grr. Come on!"He continued his pursuit, leaping from a different set of vehicles to stay in the chase. "Where the hell are you off to, huh? What's the rush!?" Max asked himself more than anything, now slightly above the figure. He kept glancing ahead to see where this was heading, and it became obvious. The figure was heading for the district's pumping station. Sure enough, the figure was just a leap away from a docking pad, and jumped for it.

The figure wouldn't make it, though, as Max spear tackled him through the air, both of them instead flying through a glass canopy, lower on the station. The two remained in a struggling grapple right until the slammed against the floor, sparks flying from Max's suit as it protected him from the brunt of the impact. It didn't change the fact that it hurt like hell.

The two parted as they rolled away from each other, with the figure quickly spinning back to his feet and Max doing a kip up. They appeared to be on a work floor, as station grunts gathered to stare at the disturbance. Before even looking at the figure, Max waved his arms at them dramatically. "HEY! GO! GET OUT OF HERE! GO!"

As the workers heeded the Ranger's warning, he looked back to see the figure... looking up at the canopy in silence.

"Hey, your fight's right here, you walking garbage!" Max called for his attention, tightening up his posture into a fighting stance.

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Still, the hooded figure stared for a moment longer, calmly staring down his foe next. "So... You really are the only one, aren't you?" He finally spoke, his voice came out like a croak with a chilling reverb. "You're not the one I want... But if it's a beating you want." The figure assumed his own stance, the rags on his arms fluttering while doing so. "...It's a beating you'll get."

Max didn't hesitate to make the first move, taking a large step forward to close the gap and jabbed right for his chest. He forgot about his opponent's speed, though, and his gloved fist was connected with a blurred elbow strike. Second strike was the same in succession, forcing Max to readjust and moved into a sweeping kick for his legs. Before he knew it, the figure's foot connected with his helmet as he flipped backwards. Not really a heavy strike, but more like a demeaning slap.

More sparks, as the Ranger regained his footing and pressed forward. Each strike, each grab, every kick was very suddenly avoided by the figure, not even bothering to counter. As predicted by the stranger, Max's blood was a t a boil from getting toyed with, and lunged forward with an open palm, which now passed the figure as he sharply turned. Too slow to retract his arm, the figure grabbed Max tightly, with incredible strength even and proceeded to turn the tables.

His ragged elbow slammed against Max's neck, stunning him while the figure's grip remained. Taking a step back he kicked the Ranger in the back with quick succession, the impact not at all diminished by the speed. Max couldn't recover, and stood dazed as the figure finally let go, and unleashed a spinning back kick right against his chest.

Like a rag doll, Max slammed against a nearby railing from the hit, bending the metal from the force behind it all.

"You should have let me go, Ranger. Spared yourself this embarrassment, your life."The figure rolled his neck, approaching Max patiently.

"And what? Let the dozens you slaughtered back there go without justice!? Sorry..." Max looked up, feigning his fatigue, staring as the figure raised his fist to bring down with deadly force. The Ranger crossed his arms, catching the attack in between. "THAT'S NOT MY STYLE!" He screamed, returning his foe's favor by gripping onto his arm and forcefully pulling him down, it was timed with Max lunging to a stand, his helmet colliding against his bandaged head. It was now or never, and he couldn't give him a second.

Using the moment bought from the headbutt, Max roundhouse kicked the opponent's chest, slamming his foot down and following with multiple jabs to his chest, keeping the pressure on. He finally kneed at the stranger's stomach to drive him back, preparing an overhanded strike, which the figure predictably guarded against.

No Caption Provided

It was according to plan, and Max's hand was enveloped in a bright red light as he summoned the Crimson Blade.

"Hn!" The figure grunted, as the blade slashed down his body with enough force to send him sliding back on his feet. Sparks flew everywhere, as the figure was still in one piece, with only his rags smoldering from the surprise attack. "That..." He muttered, regaining his posture. "Is much more what I expected. I'm sorry to inform you, Red Ranger, but you'll need much more than that to take me down."

Max's hidden eyes widened in awe, baffled by how this being was still standing after a cut from the legendary blade.

"Count your stars, though, as I have no intention of killing you. Not today, anyway..." The figure took one more step back, his form now glowing with a sinister energy. "It's been educational." And with that, the figure finally vanished in a streak of light.

Max stood there, still utterly confused. The massacre in the city center, the chase, the fight... Was it all some kind of twisted test?