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The men all knew. It was indeed, extra incentive to take this mission.

Incoming Transmission....

(Sarks) “Jackal, we need to reassess. Intel was scanty. We didn't know there was going to be this many guys. We are not aborting the mission. All we're doing is taking a moment to assess and-"

He saw her. Blood Red eyes locked onto her. His blood. And he saw her. Their words faded out into distant memories, seemingly some sick dream. Yet one that was closer to reality if he could just take it.

"Hey" it stung having been able to piece it all together. Really though she didn't care how things went elsewhere in the world. The little razor was more then happy to stay in this world, most of whatever was happening made no damn sense to her. What she did know though was here she actually had a dad and people she could trust in. "Wan't to go again?" She remarked nudging the bokens with a foot though not yet quite surrendering in the hug.

He exploded forward, sprinting down the hallway and cutting around the corner to-


Speed of light.

That's how fast the beams were. They converged upon two points of his armor and ionized a portion of it. This in turn, caused a piece of his armor and the air to explode into plasma. He fell back and hit the ground as residual energy hit his body and sent him backwards. Everything started to go back and he began to dream of warmth…

Who am I kidding?

He put one foot back to stop his fall anf the lunged forward. Blades appearing on his hands.

‘I was born to kill and to love killing. I don't know how to do anything else. Why was I such a jackass as to think I could suddenly change? That I could suddenly let her love drive me? I can feel her warmth…”

The men gagged and struggled. Their guns were raised but Jackal drew his vibrating blades from their bodies and sliced the weapons in a single stroke.

“But it isn't enough. The warmth of my daughter, isn't enough. I need the warmth of your blood. All of it.” He spoke to men who may as well been dead. Strangers who'd knew nothing of him. His voice dripping with an growing, maddened glee.

He did dream as all this occurred. There moonlight and the smell of fresh grillled fish as the two sparred with wooden blades. There are the two men before him, who he cut diagonally in two upoj the end of his statement.

His masked dropped to the ground and he bathed in it as it sprayed. He had never felt like this. He didn't inow what really was making him so happy. The girl or the prospect and irony of the fact that he wasn't even conscious. That his eyes were pale and the only thing that was keeping him going was the devil inside. The inner demon he had wanted to leave behind.

Blood red eyes opened and he scanned the environement with sharpened eyes and a grisly grin. More would come probably.

Good. Let them come.

Lower Decks


“Come on. She's this way.”

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The men moved swiftly through the area with every room covered. Long narrow hallways were ideal for silenced assault rifles. Small rooms and narrow corridore lent themselves well to shotguns. Their shots were eerily silently and yet oxymoronically loud. The assault rifles were ordinary but the bullets were packed explosives powerful enough to send tungsten carbide through carbon nanotubes. It was as though thunder had struck with each round fired, blowing holes in men big enough to blow out a heart and a lung And yet in the darkness of the cargo ship, this ship that they knew. Chatter was low, but it did a lot to relieve the tension when instant death could be waiting around any corner.

“She killed a few of the crew.”

“Girl is his daughter alright.”

There was no question, no discussion of how they would take her down. They never went over how they would take down the threats before them. They'd gone over it before, again and again until few dare challenge Maverick aside from gods. But it was their acknowledgement that they were men that kept them alive. Any mere man can be killed if he lives such a dangerous life anything less than carefully.

Hand signals. No words. Normal ammo.

This room. We breach on my mark. You. Get the lights. A man taps his radio thrice.

Lights go off.

Omni-Vision goggles go on. They they swap through different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum until they reach infrared and get thermal vision. That is the point they quietly move into the dark room as one of four and shoots an electrified shotgun slug.. Invulnerable? Unkillable? Didn't really matter. Conductivity and having a nervous is what mattered. A nervous system…that when charged with electricity , ordered the muscles to tense with little regard to raw will alone.


He was human, in a way. He always was. But the veil of being wholly human had long slipped away. The sensations he had when he was cyborg that beat the shit out of superhumans was the same. It was funny, the fact that in order to go forward, he had to become just like his enemies. Desiring power to no end. Nano-blood filled his muscles with levels of oxygen far passed any man. He could move at full speed with Olympian speed and relentless stamina. End of the day, it was all the same. Humans. Metahumans. Whatever. Power was all that really mattered.

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Laughing. The beams deflected from one blade and was stopped by the next. Anything that would hit would be blocked by the BNT in his armor, making the shots seemingly all the more futile.

He wasn't at home in the dark, but it was good enough. Good enough to pick up frantic breathes of near by prey. Good enough ti gauge the distance of those who yelled out orders. Good enough to know who was dead when they dropped to the ground and who needed to be split into pieces.


It was his default state of being. It wasn't some demon that had possessed him. No. It was one of his own making. A manifestation of his desire to swing his sword with wanton abandon while the enemy worried about trying to slice their own. He didn't care if he had cut down a teammate because everyone on this ship was meat lined up for the slaughter.

And before him stood a piece of very prime meat.

They underestimated the man's training. They though him simply some glorified pirate who had gotten his hands on some high end gear. But he'd the enhanced reflexes, the awareness and movement of someone skilled and experienced. Not just superhuman.

A rare find these days.

He moved from cover to cover, sniffing out positions by the means of watching where the body parts flew on the moonlight of the upper deck when Maverick bullets hit. He sent his rockets all around the upper deck to deal with the opposition, the first to draw Maverick blood among his men and much of it. Given the rockets blew those hit to pieces and sent shrapnel into those too close. Cover did well to protect all the rest.

Funny how the fate of battles like these were all determined by a couple people. And one of those happened to be someone staring at him with abhorrent and ominous eyes. Eyes that became increasingly more awake and increasingly more aware. Ones which held the expression of something that was him. But not him whole.

“I can't wait to flay you like a ****ing fish.”

The stranger didn't have any banter to return.

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"Dad!" She called out the moment she saw him enter the front door to find her. A quick exuberant hop got her on the railing to begin the slide down. Had to be alert never knew if he'd catch her or leave her to make her own landing until last minute. And there was no way she was going to fall on her butt in front of her teacher and classmates that wouldn't be cool.

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Begin recording

“You know, at one point. It was more about Wrath I think. I hated them. Metas. Mutants. And anything in between that even remotely resembled something more than a man. Smells like a superhuman? It was one. First my sister. Died in front of my eyes. Lightning strike. The chick who did could control weather. Spirits. Casual glance and boom. Fell to the ground. I lost it.

Fast forward. Adult. Military. Maverick. I got my ass beat to the ground and really, there was nothing I coulda did ti stop the guy. Run away? Too fast. Fight back? Too strong for me. I might as well have been a plastic doll. Then I became a killing machine. Literally. A metahuman meatgrinder who demolished almost everything that in my god damn way. I killed people. But then the anger stopped. The killing didn't, though. Neither did my drive. I always kinda knew it.

Then I realized that I like, killing people. Wrath. Lust. Usually those two don't go together I think.

Anyway, I just…like it. I still like it. But, it got old. You have sex too much, it gets old. You do too much of a drug and its old. Like a cycle. You're addicted. But it's all empty. I'm carried from one place to the next, giving my sword to a cause to fulfill my desire for purpose. There was nothing else for me. Then…it happened. My sister was alive.

My life was reborn.

There was something. Wasn't my sister. No. I had a girlfriend for a little. And then., I had… a daughter.

Ohoho. She was great. I can't describe it. It was different. It was a feeling, the first one I wanted to have forever. The killing addiction came but she snapped me out of it. I could put it aside for her. And then it all faded. She hugged me and then she was gone. I thought it was some sick joke…t'ill other people reported this phenomena. And t'ill I found this.”

The subject proceeds to hold up of one Abelle. Daughter of the Mutant known as Rayne. And confirmed to be the daughter of Jackal.

"She is alive. She is real. And I'm seeing her. Debt be damned. You can put a bullet right here if it means just seeing her. And I'll crawl out of hell from the grip of almighty god if it means talking to her."

The Recording ends.

Moya was the CEO of Maverick now. And she saw in this man, a great deal of service. He had been an asset over the years and even her personal bodyguard. From her perspective? The man was inhumane inside and out. But, he was effectiveness. And he'd guided himself towards them as opposed to becoming yet another mass murdering psychopath. He killed for Maverick, and he was effective. But, he was damned from the beginning. And there is no telling how he would become later as his depravity would prove inadequate.

The debt of his cybernetic body was waved. And he felt closer to freedom than he

Why not?


There she is again. There is blood in his eyes but he knows her touch. His blade clatters to the ground as ge falls to his knees. He tries to wipe the blood off to see her, but all he did was keep smearing blood on his face. Her tiny hands go up to his face and her thumbs swipe away the blood in one single movement.

Slowly but assuredly, claws stick out of her hand and she guts him. Her eyes are ferral. She doesn’t know him. And what can he do except spit up blood, smile and let her?

Bit of personal advice. I'd remember who her mother is. Let alone her father.

He almost forgot how ****ed the world can be. How she probably didn't even know who he was and how that whole thing was just some sickeningly perfect dream that was so far out of reach.

He woke up in the dank, dark depths of the ship's cargo hold. He'd fallen asleep against the wall, his arms wrapped around his sheathed sword held close to his body. He hadn't seen the sun in how long? Fifteen days? Whatever. It was a volunteer job. Nobody made them do it, and it helped steel them all the more. Food was good. And most people were pretty content with the cell service. Workout for a while. Really, the worst part was the suspense.

These weren't the same run of the mill pirates they'd always been used to. These guys had come to acquire some serious black market hardware that they used to steamroll most private security that people would offer. Owners of shipping companies were afraid, and with no military obligated to lend assistance to a business, enter Maverick. The objective was more than protection. It was destruction. It would send a message to all others who sought the same thing.

Going against Kraken inside the water was suicide. Even for them. The submarine was far too fast and far too stealthy to be picked up by anything but the most advanced sonar the world had to offer. And Maverick didn't have anything advances on the seagoing front. Only Air assets which were fast, but obvious and without endurance. Not even the Helios or any of Maverick's Surveillance sysyems could track and even then, an orbital strike would be out of the question with how close they were to the merchants.

This was a mission for which elite men and women of Maverick themselves were suited. Sit beneath the decks of some of the most valuable cargo known to man and wait. Hide what you're shipping but leave enough breadcrumbs for them to follow. All the while you keep the contract off the books and everything face to face so that they would be a surprise. The crew would surrender without resistance. That's when they'd strike.

They came at night, their movements leaving little in the realm of wake as they sped through the water and found their prey, slowly but assuredly stalking the vessel as they ascended to he surface next to the merchant vessel off the port beam. Toting plasma rifles and a daunting array of other weapons, it wasn't surprising that they took the ship in under half an hour. Indeed, they lived up to their expectations. The guys were good. And they definitely outnumbered them. A blatant, guns blazing approach was in the realm of possibility for Maverick personal, but it would incur inevitable casualties.

It got complicated. There were more people on the boat than usual. The crew was far bigger. Communication at least didn't seem to compromise. Frequency was encrypted and new intel passed along smoothly.

Did someone leak? I don't remember there being fifty of these laser rifle toting pricks.

He smiled a weary, smile. This was different. Because he didn't just want her to end up among the bodies.

They kept to the shadows, eyes open for one little girl among the men holding up this merchant before they proceeded.

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Where is she?


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[This is also Voracious]

It's been fun.


I don't wanna say that current opinions meant I didn't have fun with everyone for a while. But it's not really fun anymore.

I'll be around for Zauby's interaction with @soliton (Which henceforth may as well be my main), two ongoing interactions ending soon, to idly chat around the debate and for general shooting the shit in PMs But otherwise, I won't be starting up anything new on this site anymore. I'll be on the other one. Anyone interested can PM me or at this moment, Az if they're interested.

See you guys around.

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^ that is one of the big reasons I left that chat. I even talked to someone a couple of times about having them stop calling it “official comicvine rpg discord chat” because of all that stuff they post in there. I didn’t want them to get in trouble with staff. Especially the porn with minors in there.

I prolly wasn't around for that but there isn't porn floating around the main chat whenever I was around.

We've already banned someone for that.

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You're overstepping with that one. Most people left because it was less like an RPGer/CV fast chat and more like a haven for offensive content that wasn't allowed on here, CV. Racism, bigotry, and porn were all in that group chat in spades so, you know, keep the fox and friends rhetoric to a minimum on that one.


He sounds like that white girl that said it was racism to call her carrying a gun on campus white privilege lol

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Only if you're gonna put it on me.

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It has been a long time, since I have been truly blitzed.

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I guess it's your lucky day, tiger.