"Know thy enemy, and know thyself."

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Vengeance Squad Six

"My World Slips away and again, I taste Vengeance on my tongue." -Christine Fonseca

Official Name: Vengeance Squad Six

Alias(es): The Dark Knights, Wrath of the Innocent, Capes with guns, Capes Packin' heat, The bats,

Base of Operations: Mobile. Gothic City, Maverick bases

Identity: Secret.

Species: Human


The team "Vengeance Squad Six" is a group of Maverick Contractors who hail from Gothic, who were assembled as per request of Alexander Rook, The Second Dark Vengeance, debuting officially in the first incident of a long war known as Gothic's Hour. Their backgrounds, though vastly different, all share one thing in common; that they are all from Gothic.

They are determined to preserve what's left of the city, protect all innocents, at all costs. and through any means.


Gothic, a city that is seemingly insignificant, has actually been in Maverick's eyes for quite a long time. The corporation has been known to operate in and even recruit from third world countries because they have the tendency to breed warriors. Mentally tough, yet, desperate often times and hard-pressed to survive. Gothic's place in between a bustling economically repressed city and third country,it made it a rather ideal place to recruit. Indeed, they have been recruiting from Gothic for years. It's economic stagnancy and seemingly perpetual war-like state of it's streets sending many who wanted a way out and were willing to be molded into something greater, a way out.

Most of the time, Maverick was actually rather insistent on instituting a state of martial law in the city of Gothic. Insisting that conventional police alone are ill equipped to handle these threats, undermanned and as they came to soon discover, corrupt. The system, was in the end, what kept Maverick out, people deliberately not wanting to see the city get better, people who made the city worse, people are too busy trying to save their own hides or people who were simply afraid of the concept of Martial Law within a city "oppressing" it's people and "ruling them with an iron fist."

Ultimately, Gothic after an attack by Brahma Bull was declared a no-man's land, and was without government support. It essentially, became ruled by criminals and was seen by Maverick as hardly worth saving, as they turned their attention to primarily bigger things occuring throughout the world. Still keeping Gothic in it's eyes, not pressed to act upon just yet.

After the attack, Maverick was approached by Alexander Rook, the second Dark Vengeance. Who warned the corporation of the fact that their weapons were being used in Gothic at all, the corporation having no eyes there, and deciding take action there, government consent or the city's consent otherwise. Working in conjunction with Rook and covertly with press Industries, Maverick then decided to create a small army, or a team of Vengenace-esque protectors to serve under him for the protection of the city.

However, Gothic would thrust into Maverick's eyes once again when Satar launched an attack at their corporate HQ, seeking evacuate the city so that they may raid the company of their weapons. While, they had been able to stop Satar's forces and repel most of them, from entering the building, he had managed to injure or kill a bulk of them in the process due their unpreparedness to his tactics and chemical warfare adept metahumans among their ranks.

The process of creating the team consisted of having open registry for all Maverick personal who were interested in being tried and trained for the team. The program, was specifically structured to attract a certain type of soldier, one who was truly a protector. The team offers no extra-pay to those who decided to become apart of it. The training and tests were grueling, and only those who had the drive to save the city were capable of withstanding the mental and physical rigors they were forced to endure.

In the end, those who passed were few, but were the most capable. Many of them, were indeed from Gothic, who had a drive to turn the city into something greater than what it was and to primarily, protect and save the innocents still stranded within. Backgrounds range from reformed criminals, mercenaries, former police officers, S.W.A.T Team Members, Crime Scene investigators, crooks, Gothic's finest or merely pissed off survivors of these events and crimes all alike, all offering a wide variety of skill and training from vast previous experience within the bowels of the city.

Despite these differences, they all share one goal, to defeat oppressors and avenge the innocent.


The squad, as far as the capabilities of their own bodies are concerned, are ultimately mortal. Very well trained humans without genetic or cybernetic augmentation to their own body. However, the amount of training, drug based bodily alteration and a specifically catered diet much like those of Olympic Athletes, put them in a state that is close to what a gifted baseline human is capable of accomplishing without having to resort to esoteric or supernatural methods. Though Maverick seems to dislike the term "Peak Human", they often find themselves describing them as some of the finest specimens humanity has to offer. They truthfully do not believe in limitations, even if they know they exist.


Having undergone rigorous training, one addition to them for them to take especially made "myostatin inhibition" drugs, that lessened the amount o the body's myostatin (Often called GDF-8 ). This protein serves only the purpose of inhibiting the body's muscle growth, people who are born with less of it, having an easier time towards building muscle. Every human being is born with a varying amount and for each candidate, a careful amount was inhibited. But not to the point of trying to become the biggest, more so, to become simply allow them to all realistically train on nigh-equal grounds.

Used in tandem with a specifically trained diet and training catered to each individual, they would work to develop muscles to that of a fighter and a soldier. A well balanced degree of strength and more importantly, a high degree of striking power attributed to the explosiveness of their muscle, while still taking care to preserve stamina and endurance. They do not focus on exclusively "glamour" muscles such as the chest and biceps and engineered their entire body to perform.

In addition, in order to increase their strength past that of many of others, they also train their joints as well to a high degree, something most people seeking overall strength forget to do.

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As a result of their training, many of them can take a 75 pound weight and hold it out straight in front of them, deform bars of a solid iron with their bare hands, lift grown men with two hands, lift men with one hand when they are pinned against a wall, strike with enough force to knock ordinary people out in a single hit, strike with force many times that of an untrained ordinary person, send men flying of their kicks and support weights akin to 1000 lbs over their heads.


The members of Vengeance are very fast compared to most people, able to run at upper Olympic speeds of approximately 23 miles per hour without any armor.

Combat speed is a different matter, with their armor hardly inhibiting it. Simply, they are often too fast for an untrained person to hit, able to take on groups of people at once and barely, if at all being harmed by at times fight more than 50 men at once. Even trained fighters have extreme difficulty landing clean hits on them despite the fact that MMA fighters train at this every day.


The durability of their bodies is limited and still, much below that of a superhuman. They ultimately rely on armor for a bulk of their protection against high impact forces, explosions, shrapnel, gunfire, energy attacks and the like.

  • However, without armor, the impressive durability of their bodies is something to behold for some.
  • They are capable of being beat with wooden instruments to only have them break against them,
  • break bricks with their bare hands that as simply placed flat on the ground, as opposed to typically being placed to make them easy to break.
  • Can mostly shrug-off the strikes of an ordinary untrained person and even tank numerous punches from highly trained individuals, often said to have a durability something like Joe Grim. Bodies describe as like something onto iron and being hard for even a trained fighter to deal significant pain to unarmed.

Agility and Equilibrium

Each member possesses Agility comparable to that of many Olympic athletes, able to perform backflips from a standing position despite considerable muscle mass some of them have. Logically, they are not a good as an Olympian in the regard that they do not a have a build designed exclusively for agility.

However, the function of their agility is extremely important to enable them to dance around their enemies, evade blows from metahumans and dampen the strikes of metahumans. The most vital aspect is that of combat agility, which combined with speed, makes them hard to hit.

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And indeed, agility is vital in concerns to dodging attacks that will harm them anyway and in swiftly maneuvring through Gothic's urban terrain. As expected, the are exceptionally good at Parkour and are capable of scaling buildings with large amounts of equipment or sometimes while even carrying individuals with themselves. They find themselves at home at being able to balance themselves on tightropes and pointed surfaces such as lamp posts.

Stamina and Endurance

The members all have very, very high amounts of stamina far in excess that of a most any ordinary person. Some people struggle with running one or two miles. Or even moderately keeping up any kind of pace. Meanwhile, any one member of VS-6 is required to be able to trek over 20 miles in full combat gear.

Equipment and Weapons

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VS-6 has a wide and varied arsenal of tools, dedicated to the specific purpose of operating in (primarily) Gothic city.The technology is wholly Maverick's own but is built to specified for operations taking place in Gothic's hour and in generally fighting Gotham's criminals. Mostly, they have combinations of lethal and non-lethal equipment meant to either non-lethally subdue opponents or kill humanely and efficiently. However, some targets require special equipment, such as meta humans and heavily armored/durable targets, such as vehicles and structures.

The toolkit of the VS-6 squad requires extensive training to use, but it is one of the most balanced Maverick's division. Possessing both extended capacities for defense, stealth and "moderate" offensive capacity.


No Caption Provided

The armor they possess is a well balanced one made to tackle a variety of threats that plague Gotham's streets. Among Maverick's Armor, some very specific materials were chosen in order to create something resistant to most types of damage. It does nothing to augment strength, it does have a power source among it's combination of CNT supercapacitors and ultra-efficient lithium ion batters distributed flatly all about the suit, enabling the power source to be slim and distributed evenly. Even if the suit runs out of energy, it won't make the user a living coffin like heavier sorts of strength augmentin powered armor tends to. However, it increases the durability of any human user dramatically in the realm of superhumans.

  • Carbon Nanotube composite weave
  • P.A.S.S/ERA Hybrid Reactive Armor
  • Starlite inner coating.
  • CNT Reinforced Nano-ceramic plates on rigid areas of the body.
  • Kryon aliminium copper CNT composites to guard vital rigid areas areas
  • Negative decompression metamaterials
  • Transparent Aluminium
  • Metaflex inner layer

All in all, the armor is highly adept for in actuality a wide variety of threats in response to events in Gothic. It sports a high degree of resistance and downright, immunity to heat and energy weapons. Plasma is more or less compared to a rush of air before the armor, the starlite able to withstand temperatures akin to that of the surface of the sun and conditions comparable to that found near the hiroshima bomb, protecting from conventonal fires with ease, although some particularly potent chemically reactive fires causing the material to ignite irrgardless. Though at a drastically slowed rate.

Starlite however despite it's heat resistance, has a consistency comparable to play-dough. Metaflex can be tuned to deflect or absorb a wide variety of laser frequency, visible to the human eye and not. By forming an "anti-lense" essentially, with little regard to powerful it is. Only nuclear level beams stand a chance of penetrating one that is well tuned.

The ballistic resistance of the armor is high, able to withstand an onslaught of bullets and even multiple high caliber bullets from the like a .50 caliber rifle. Even their eye visors are armored to be able to withstand assault rifle rounds. It would take something of a .50 caliber round, point blank range to penetrate it. Although it can't quite negate the damage of the round entirely. Something such as, a 20 mm cannon round will most certainly go through the armor with ease.

Cutting resistance is high, as essentially, nothing short of a harder than diamond saw, or a blade made of a beyond conventional material such as Adamantium, Vibranium or Trion, what have you, can even mar the armor.

The Reactive Armor, augments this further. To the point that it allows the armor to shrug off rounds made of adamantium and vibranium before they even have a chance to touch the armor, because it repels. The Reactive Armor aggressively punishes those who would dare try close combat with them, unleashing plasma at the point of impact in a way to deflect rounds or turn them to their sides, causing them to spiral midair and hit the armor flat end first. Or simply, in the case of a melee weapon, knock the weapon back or unleashed an explosion with enough force to blow both the user and aggressor back at the same time. This can actually be used as an evasive maneuver to harm their target.

A person may attempt to attack them and find themselves paralyzed, or at higher intensities, find their hand explodes. This armor is especially punishing of speedsters who lack resistance to the armor functionally reacting to causing a plasma explosion midair or within their own limb. However, the weakness of the ERA lies in power required and energy of the strike. Irregardless of the material, something with sufficient force behind it can get through, and repelling a strike from a bullet made of lead will require around the same amount of energy as something

Impact resistance
Impact resistance

Impact resistance is particularly very high in this armor. Normal people usually can't harm them with even blunt weaponry. They are well able to shrug off a strike people deal while wearing the armor. Negative decompression metamaterials dampen vibration, crushing forcs high impact forces such as explosions or the strikes from superhumans.

MR fluid and liquid body armor allow for the negation of bending of the limbs, enabling the joints to be armor and protected from joint breaking holds in a variety of martial arts.

Prolonged or high caliber close gunfire, explosives and abnormal melee weapons are the general things that they have to be careful of, along with high falls. Their armor can be made of Adamantium, but the sudden G-Force impacts and falls produce can only be mitigate somewhat by the limited amount of padding the armor produces.

In response to Satar's attack, the armor also includes anti bio-chemical warfare countermeasures, featuring a self contained atmosphere, C02 Scrubber and Oxygen supply. The armor is even capable of recycling oxygen for a limited amount of time, at the cost of power. The suit must be continuously recharged in order for it to be used.


No Caption Provided

These aptly named "power gauntlets" come with numerous modes. Superconductor loops store profuse amounts of energy that can be dished out quickly when used in tandem with Graphene-Based super capacitors.


A versatile mode that augments the user's blows and grip with electricity. This enables them to stun or subdue enemies with their strikes or grip, or even render them unable to be grappled.

At higher level, it can harm metahumans, overwhelm machinery or cause people to explode.


A pulsed energy projectile. It practically cause an explosion of plasma on contact using a laser that can stun or cause instant pain and paralysis for a prolonged period of time.


The glove vibrates at high amplifitudes and differing frequencies with padding and negative decompression materials serving t avert said oscillations from being harmful to the armor and users. However, at such frequencies as the user selects. As a result, the gauntlets can send penetrating hydrostatic shockwaves that can resonate internally.

This complex technique requires the user to tune the frequency specifically to the material. Once mastered, they can use the gauntlets to bypass invulnerable skin and materials, such as Adamantium. The waves, when tuned, can bypass solid, liquid or gas alike, as sound travels through all these materials, and at sufficient intensity, causes destructive effects (like explosions.)

As such, at higher power intensities, they can vibrate their gauntlets into concrete and steel, rupture organs while leaving bones and skin in tact with minor taps or cause objects they strike to simply melt or shatter.

Fullerene Blades:

No Caption Provided

Located on the side of the gauntlets, these retractable blades have a blade edge measurable in the width of molecules, and continuously kept this way by the armor's gauntlets. Composed of a carbon-60 variant capable of denting diamond, it is well capable of cutting most materials when unsheathed, and can be vibrated at varying frequencies, causing them to emit vibrations, that if vibrated at a target's resonant frequency, can cause that material to weaken substantially.



Allows user to stick to walls with their hands and feet like an insect, as well grip objects with substantial force, or otherwise, scale flat surface. Assists greatly with wall running maneuvers and perching.


Numerous features, the cowl tends to cover their entire face,featuring a a gas mask or, a face shield capable of filtering out harmful elements, bio weapons or simply preventing anything at from entering the suit, and numerous features.


GPS and Mini Map

Motion Sensor

Detects moving objects irregardless of sound or visual sight. It can detect supernatural things and wholly cloaked enemies who get very close by detecting minute changes of pressure in the air. It does however, fail against things that are not tangible.

Heartbeat Sensor

A device that detects life forms through using devices with extreme "hearing" capabilities to be tuned to the rhythm and frequency of the heart. However, if necessary, it can be adjusted just easily to the internal machinations of robots, machines or anything with an internal system, such as a turned on car.


  • Radio vision- Enables one to see through many materials and see radio waves indicative of communications. The more radio waves in the area, the better the energy required.
  • Sonar vision- Sees through most materials and is amplified underwater, but has a limited range.
  • Infrared- Can see heat machines and people emit. As well as residual heat people leave behind with footprints.
  • Nightvision -Self Explanatory.


A radio-based telepathy that works by, instead of causing noise in the user's ear, it simply silently vibrates the user's skull, literally enabling communications to occur in their heads.

Enables seemless communication with the armor and it's features.

Can be turned off mechanically with the flip of a switch.

Lense blocker

Blocks out harmful amounts of light and constructed of metaflex materials and small traces of lead. Auto-activates. Can be used with thoughts.

Noise blocker

Blocks out harmful noise, such as those from explosions. Auto-activates in response to explosives.

"Sixth Sense"

Uses echolocation to warn of near-by entities attempting to sneak up on the user. As they get closer, the plate will press on the minutely, enabling them to feel the user coming.

Matrix-Anti Ballistic System

A system that users electromagnetic waves and optically based circuitry, it practically has middle relativistic reflexes. It warns of enrouching projectiles from long distances away. The longest recorded sniper shot was from 2500 meters away, and took 4 seconds to reach it's target, traveling at approximately 3,071 feet per second. Above mach 2.7, nearly mach 3, and much faster than sound.

If you hear the round, the bullet missed or you lived from the shot. Because the bullet will hit you much faster than the sound does. As a result, this system uses electromagnetic waves that travel at lightspeed to detect oncoming projectiles.

Misc Equipment

Whiteout Noise canceling System

Releases sound that is of the same frequency and amplitude, but on the opposite phase of ambient noise. This allows it to negate the noise of relatively predictable sources, such as ambient noises and a wide variety of gunfire.

At it's best, this allows them to take out rooms of armed men who may be firing frantically at them, without a single noise, but this can be very taxing on energy or outright negate it.

CNT Glider Cape

A cape that users carbon nanotubes and aerogel weave, with minor amounts of starlite, to help shield themselves and others from bullets and plasma alike

The cape features a high tensile strength CNT musculature that enables it to tense and change shape at will, it's lightweight enabling the user to fly or even, flap if they wish to, enabling them to slow themselves from descent.

Grappling Device

A unique device with a CNT-Spider Silk Composited cable. The device is capable of shooting thick cords with a tensile strength much greater than steel, somewhere in the gigapascals. The end is actually, flat and selectively adhesive, meaning that it can attach and disattach with the flick of a switch. It can also has two ends, and the other end can be disattached and shot onto other objects. This has a plethora of uses.


Composites of Carbon nanotubes or spidersilk, these especially made restraints are capable of holding down 100 tonners if they are able to successfully subdue them with it the spider silk composite ones. Pure Carbon Nanotube constraints? They can restrain people with strength in excess of thousands of tons.

Firearms and munitions

No Caption Provided

A small variety of lethal, and non-lethal weaponry. Geared to of course, take on men and superhumans alike.

"Kali" Storm Handgun

A metal storm based weapon, as pictured at the very top, can have four barrels in total, using stacked magazines to electronically fire ammunition. It can store different types of caseless ammunition.


Homing- Rounds that literally seek targets out, even at long range. Enabling the weapons to be used far beyond their ordinary effective range and to track particularly fast and nimble targets they'd otherwise have difficulty tagging.

High Velocity- Nicknamed "HV", they are rounds that use more efficient and powerful nanopropellants. They simply travel Faster.

Shaped Charges- These rounds laugh at "body armor." Few types of armor can withstand it, as the rounds explode and shoot forth a molten sphere of copper propelled by deutrium tritium microcharges. These small cones travel at mach 25 and put holes in tanks. The impact forces can hurt certain varieties of metahumans as well.

Armor Piercing- Comprised of typical FMJ or Nanocrystalline Tungsten Carbide Flechettes stored in a SABOT and propelled ar

Hollow Point- Rounds meant to prevent excessive pentration, insted flattening on targets and causing ultimately, much more internal damage due to hydrostatic shock.

SABR Directed Energy Rifle

One of Maverick's small arms. (See Small arms section of bio)

A versatile rifle that uses primarily Infrared Frequencies, with the blaster configuration most often being configured against targets. However, it is not uncommon for even frequencies of visible light to be used to "dazzle" or blind enemies, focused on a single target to permanently blind them or for other uses. It can also be configured to use microwave and radio frequencies. Microwave has uses in boiling the target's water molecules for non lethal or otherwise use and for destroying electronics. Another such notable use is to use microwaves to heat up metals and other targets, particularly adamantium. Thus heating blades, armor or augmentations, with one speculated use to be to boil targets alive in their adamantium armor if they cannot withstand the heat. Radio frequencies are very good at destroying electronics and can be used in conjuction with omni-goggles to map out an entire are if the user is so inclined.

A unique feature of the gun is the PASS (Plasma Acoustic Shield System). Only able to be utilized by skilled users, it basically allows the gun to generate plasma by flash ionizing the air some distance from user, creating a loud bright explosion of plasma. This can be used non-lethally to disorient the opponents with a loud noises. This can easily be made to be lethal to fry an opponent instantaneously and cause a small short range EMP (Though using a Radio or microwave beam would be far more efficient, or shooting the target causing it to flash into plasma.) Some people are capable of using this to deflect bullets, disrupt air craft and to non-lethally or otherwise down speedsters.


Cause a 180 Decibel explosion with a blinding flash of light, disrupting the inner ear fluid of users to throw them off balance and otherwise.

Concussion Grenades

A type of grenade that is an explosive, contrary to what call of duty may teach you. Indeed, this grenade is a pure explosive meaning it has no shrapnel. The minor modifcation Maverick made towards the weapon is the disintegration of the pin, causing it to be utterly shrapnel-ness. As a result, the explosive radius is increased as it the force of the grenade, able to flip cars and send people flying away signifigicant distances. However, it's overall area of effect is drastically decreased to around a few feet. The more potent explosives Maverick uses enable them to be smaller, but just as effective.


Very high grade explosives, ranging from thermobarics, super explosives or in the absolute most dire of situations, a small man-portable, fissionless nuclear explosive. These are not thrown, only planted. They are more so made for taking on the likes of giant monsters, purging entire blocks or just destroying buildings. The power of these planted explosives vary with the explosives used and the amount used.

Skills and Training

Due the wide variety of backgrounds among the group, they are very knowledgeable of criminals and criminal tactics. Some of them were even criminals and mercenaries before this, knowing very well the tactics and motivations of thugs. Former police, well trained previously and well equipped, are capable of accomplishing great things that they typically couldn't before and have vital skills for saving people.

Hand to hand

Each member of VS-6 is an extremely formidable hand to hand combatant, made to tackle the modern threats that plague Gothic and utilize their equipment to maximum efficiency. Hand to hand is a vital aspect of their training, due to the non-lethal aspects of combat their job entails

The basis of their martial arts lies in Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazillian Jujitsu, Judo and Krav Maga. This merging of styles enables them to have extensive options. Having furious hand work that the fists provide, enabling them to take on multiple close range aggressors in a swarm of well placed punches or otherwise pressure opponents with their own select style of pugilism, styles vary from outfighters, swarmers, sluggers, counterpunches, etc... and many in between.

Muay Thai and Krav maga allows for substantial striking power and additional tools to their arsenal. While most strikes from a human are simply going to cause someone to drop to the floor like a sack of bricks, Muay Thai features strikes with the knee and feet that can hit with over a ton of force if done correctly, able to send stationary and vulnerable targets off their feet if they hit correctly. Even without armor, a practitioner able to draw blood on one's forehead with a well placed elbow strike, well capable of rupturing and cutting skin. Krav maga teaches many practical and easy to learn mechanics.

Brazillian Jujitsu and Judo offer a strong grappling base. Combined with the armor's "lock down" capbility that enables their joints to become rigid, and their body, like a statue, they can submit superhumans or place them in holds they in actuality cannot break, enabling them to restrain multi-tonners if careful enough. Not only this, but through premises of leverage, they can throw metahumans around if given oppertunity if said metahumans aren't significantly heavy and have no way to anchor themselves. But this can be very, very dangerous at times and higly situational. Often times, only usable when they are stunned. If they decide to do it, it is never a "struggle" or wrestling, because trying to wrestle someone with too great of a strength gap is going to lead to them being easily overcome

Aikido can be used with their armor, to deflect strikes from multiple aggressors and use their own momentum against them, to greater effects against superhumans who overcommit to attacks, particularlly, speedsters and fast opponents.

Another vital aspect, is hand-to-blade combat. A vital part of general CQC is the utlization various attacks to fight or otherwise disarm blade wielding opponents. This is because of the increased predominance of typical "blades that can cut anything." Often being magical in nature or made of unconventional materials shaped into forms of exceptional sharpness, they pose a high threat to such Maverick armor that it is a very vital aspect in their training to defend against these blades. Mostly, the users are trained to learn all possible strokes one can take with a blade and how evade, as well using the environment, they train against a multitude of swords. One very notable addition is incorporating the "Geckotech" into blocking blades.

More often then not, attempting to catch a blade with your bare hands is an impractical maneuver. But using the gloves to adhere the opponent's blade to your own gloves allows one to stop such blade by adhering their gloves to the side of the l blade, sometimes, by clapping or just by slapping the blade and allowing it to stick. Through anchoring and careful of armor locking, they can even block hits from opponents with some superhuman amounts of force. However, this can't be used against bullets or too substantial amounts of superhuman force.

ENCU (Extra-Normal-Combat-Unit) Training

Training that allows them to fight the supernatural. They are all genre savvy, and tend to be aware how to go about fighting metahumans. They are aware of give aways, such as ominous glowing eyes, charging up powerful attacks, and the like. They often react accordingly, and take care to record new types of power when encountered.

  • Counter-Telepathy: Achieving telepathic resistance through training that alters the way the brain functions, making them highly resistant to all forms of telepathic assault.
  • Indomitable Will: Aiding counter telepathy training, this is a requirement of CT, often times. But very often, this enables them an additional endurance, enabling them to endure both and pain corruption. This prevents from being easily corrupted by exterior forces who seek to subjugate them to their will. It also works, due to their training, against debilitating effects of things such as drugs and chemical weapons. Each and everyone of them needs this to get through their training.


Crime Scene Investigation

Maverick Equipment Usage

Enables the usage of Maverick's often, complicated equipment, because they are trained in how to use it, unlike those who steal some of their weapons and equipment.




Special Operations



  1. These are NPCs. Ones that only I control.
  2. They are killable and can be fought one on one and in groups (if you really wanna do that.) They meant to be however, more or less treated like players.
  3. Faction is semi-joinable if your character fits their build.
  4. This may or not be riddled with mistakes. So, eh, bare with me ^.^