"Know thy enemy, and know thyself."

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The M.O.R.S.

"Love is just a shout into the void."


As threats continue to grow, more and more casualties are induced. More lives are lost. And more and more soldiers are required.

The M.O.R.S as they are called (Maverick Omni-purpose Response Servicemen) are an extremely large group of synthetically engineered super soldiers intended to be one of the penultimate solutions to this problem, funded and ultimately caused by the invasion of Hawaii by Warsman's forces.

Maverick has a history of genetically engineering soldiers in for the express purpose of augmenting their physical and mental capabilities, such as for example with M.S.C (Maverick Shadow Company), a lesser known group of former special forces and otherwise highly skilled personal of varying backgrounds who are trained and genetically engineered into being among the next generation of super soldiers

The MORS (often simply pronounces "mores") are a similar approach, but on a much more massive scale and with soldiers who are not meant to be human or have all the same capabilities. These soldiers are commonly mistaken for genetically engineered soldiers when they were in actuality, deliberately considered "human" at all. They are entities who owe their existence to synthetic biology, the practice of assembling molecules into DNA and thusly, into "living" cells. As such, they are categorized as "Artificial Life".

It used to take millions to simply sequence a single genome, advances has allowed these soldiers to be produce able for staggeringly less, to the point that they make up essentially 65% Maverick's already massive army of 2 Million. Second to the people's republic of china.

Current Status with the public: Highly unknown and obscure. They mostly reside at bases outside urban areas that corporate HQs and the like are located or in areas that cannot be seen, as well as on the Olympus.

Psychological Evaluation

The personality of a M.O.R.S is relatively simple to understand in that, they essentially do not have one. They are often described as "organic machines." Having no semblance of soul. Similiar to the concept of a Philosophical Zombie in mindset and to that of an intelligent machine, they are incapable of feeling true emotion, unable to feel things such as fear, love, remorse, sexual attraction or agony.

Each M.O.R.S. is programmed for a variety of different purposes, such as with training and even a chain of command.of who to follow and obey. They are all completely and utterly loyal to that that they are programmed to follow, to the point that they will do anything they are physically capable of doing that their programming allows them to do. Up to and including self destruction. (However, they won't turn their weapons on or act against certain individuals such as other commanders and allies, often times unarmed, unaugmented (non-metahuman) civilians. However, this can be overrided with the change of their programming, with them following exactly to do.

Generally, from an intellectual standpoint, they are good at doing very linear things with great ease (such as mathamatical equations) but are inferior to human being when it comes to things such as grasping concepts and battle concepts. Their lesser capability in cognitive abilities is very deliberate so as to prevent....

...unwanted developments.

Role on the Battlefield and in Maverick

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The purpose of the M.O.R.S is simply to be commanded ultimately, by humans and other soldiers, to bolster and amplify Maverick's forces through augmenting their numbers, to be an extension of the commander who's effectiveness is very dependent on their tactical and strategical use. Because they are their gear are so simple to make, they are highly mass produce able and excellent for numerous waves of other enemies.

Maverick is often rather well equipped to deal with single, very powerful targets such as metahumans, and mutants. However, they run into problems in actuality with larger armies of armies who they cannot effectively tackle without causing massive collateral damage through the use of thermobarics, nuclear weapons, incendiaries such as white phosphorus and current generation bio-weapons, not to mention the general disapproval for the use of these things against human adversaries. Although M.O.R.S are generally considered a group of Bio-weapons, they are more considered like machines then anything else.

Crowd control
Crowd control

Their mass production, lack of true "experience" that people have and lack of any intelligence that cannot be achieved through being programming, each troop, unlike a human soldier, is considered completely and utterly expendable. Rather then be built like robots, they can be made to cheaply reproduce in laboratory environments on mass.. The masks they wear, aside from the practical purpose of protection from hazardous atmosphere, allow them to be otherwise, unreleatable as human beings, and thusly, deliberately less valued.

Recon, scouting, data retrieval, threat evaluation
Recon, scouting, data retrieval, threat evaluation

This makes them ideal scouts and recon for hostile and unknown environments or against enigmatic or powerful metahumans. Due to the often eagerness of metahumans to use their powers, they will often use them against whoever opposes them. This allows for divisions such as the E.N.C.U (Extra-Normal-Combat-Unit. Currently to be written) and the rest of Maverick to choose how best to approach the foe. Able relay data back through mostly the use of Cameras and other such recording devices to stream data from their helmets and sometimes, their very brain with implants back to them, all without endangering actual human soldiers.

They are not meant to at all replace standard human soldiers, more so, compliment, amplify and join them on the fields of war.

Physiology and Abilities

The physiology of a MORS is different from a human beings as they are made specifically for war. Notably, they lack genetilia and sexual organs due this being considered generally a waste of space, with each one being made organically from stem cells. This allows for a more numerous set of organs to be used throughout the body and to have actually more of them.

This makes each individual MORS generally much more difficult to kill than a human, requiring extensive bodily damage to put down, espcially if they have things like titanium foam reinforced bones or ballistic ceramic foam in their bones.

Emotional Absence/Suppression: Lacking any "real" emotions, they do show signs of feeling fear, anxiety, love, hatred or anger. This enables them to carry out their objective to the fullest of their extent. They thus cannot go insane or have room to have mental disorder because of the way their brains are structured.

  • Agony Suppression: They are capable of feeling pain in actuality. Their "feeling" of pain is actually technically greater than human beings, to be able to detect even the smallest of bites and miniscule of wounds. However, this is simply to alert them to it's presence so they can react accordingly to it

Olympic Strength: Each M.O.R.S has about the level of strength of a very well trained human often times, usually depending on their build. This is amplified further by their ability to overexert their muscles (at the expense of tearing joint/ligaments). Can be further amplified with Spider-Silk Reinforced Joints and ligaments and augmented bones.

Superhuman Durability: When you actually consider their abilities below, they are extremely tankish in damage comparable to most humans and even some superhumans and mutants. They can shrug off being shot in the head multiple times, losing limbs, heal very quickly, can have their bone structures reinforced to the point that a non armor piercing bullet may or may not bounce off their parts o their bodies, often survive blows from superhumans and are disease immune in many cases and highly toxin resistant.

  • Telepathy Immunity: The structures of their brains are varied to the point that they sporadically show up to a telepathy or otherwise do not. It is ambiguous as to whether.
  • Radiation Resistance: Synthetically engineeredRadiotrophic fungi are added to their bodies allows them to, a certain degree, absorb gamma radiation and convert it to chemical energy. Combined with a high resistance towards alpha and beta decay, and they function and survive in radiation better than an unprotected ordinary human.
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Superhuman Speed: The M.O.R.S in general have superhuman or peak human speeds, depending on the amount of weaponry they are carrying and their loadout, they can sprint anywhere from 27 to 45 miles per hour with gear on, and can possess equipment from Maverick'sown arsenal to make themselves even faster. This makes them efficient at chasing and hunting targets, and they can very well catch an automobile, often able to perform superhuman feats of parkour and mantling up structures with "startling" fluidity and efficiency.

Bacterial Computer Augmented Brain(Optional): Augmentation that grants enhanced reflexes, and greater calculation capabilities. This usually makes them good at storing data within their minds and better shots. It also aids in the facilitation of bodily functions, such as controlling their nervous system. Allowing them adjust the way they heal and how they heal, control bodily functions as well as perform tasks such as hacking more efficiently.

Vasculoid Circulatory Augmentation System: A rather standard growth within the blood vessels, this causes each MORS to grow cilia on the side of their blood vessels to aid in the pumping of blood and allow them to in actuality, pump fluids without actually needing a heart. It in fact, amplifies when the need arises (such as when higher physical performance is needed and when under high duress. This also means they can survive the complete and utter destruction of their heart, with that usually only slowing them down.

R-Telepathy: Radio-based implants that allow them to receive commands via radio in their helmets and/or their minds. Allowing for completely silent communications.

Enhanced Reflexes: They have unerring focus and as a result, very high reflexes. Allowing them to react very quickly to subsonic and perceived supersonic threats.

Enhanced Senses: They are described as having the eyesight of an eagle and the sense of smell comparable to a bloodhound, as well as dog-like hearing. This allows them to very easily track things. Their sense of touch is also finely tuned for them to feel things like small bites from insects as well as

Survivalist's Build: Rather than be built for each one to be as strong and as fast a possible, each one engineered to survive off less, and to generally have hyper-endurance and stamina, as well as other traits. This is enables them to survive for very long periods of time without any requirement for rare or exotic power sources.

  • Augmented Diet: Can eat borderline anything (though gaining actual nutrition from it is another thing) due to a very advanced digestive system. They can eat grass, plants and other abundant foods. They generally have little issue eating things like rodents or insects for survival if needed.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Where they excel over other super soldiers, they have extraordinarily high endurance superior to that of even many animals. They do not buildup lactic acid can sprint for several hours at a time. Scientists learned how to gear them to not require sleep at all by studying dolphins and
  • Controllable Metabolism: Can make their metabolism more or less efficient dependent on the situation.
  • Adjustable Body Temperature: Can raise or lower their body temperature at will to become tolerant to higher or lower temperatures caused by the environment.

Amphibious physiology (Optional): Located in actuality in both sides of the neck to allow for them to breath underwater. At exceptionally deep pressures, they must completely empty their lungs, lest their lungs explode. If they do empty their lungs, they are able to survive pressures on part with other deep sea creatures, at pressures that would long have crushed a ballistic missile submarine or sinking frigate.

Claws (Optional): Functionally like a tiger or animals. Often used as a last resort.

Sharpened Teeth: If one can actually get their helmets off, they will find their teeth adapted for being able to tear through primarily meat, as well as other materials.

Nanocellulose placed within a cup filled with water.
Nanocellulose placed within a cup filled with water.

Dermal Armor and/or Bone Augmentation (Optional): Naturally occuring armor produced within the body, allowing for an additional measure of impacts. Can be used in conjunction with most often, an organic extreme tough nano-cellulose (stronger than steel) produced by micro-organisms within the body or a a tough nano-ceramic.

Healing factor: An exceptional healing Factor that allows any MORS to reattach limbs, regrow vital organs and limbs over time and survive grievous wounds, even allowing for the regeneration of parts of their brain. This makes them very difficult to truly put down.

Stasis: Can place themselves in this for particularly prolonged periods of time. Using an engineered micro organism based off the pseudomonas syringae bacteria, this allows them to place themselves at a drastically lowered body temperature to preserve themselves, with only essentially chemical reactions taking place, and them coming back once their body "reactivates." They do not lower their temperature to a point that they are frozen, but that their metabolism is at it lowest.

Advanced Immune System: Their immune system is highly resistant to most forms of ordinary disease and highly resistant to many forms of toxin, with most toxins being efficiently excreted from their body at the area they breach.

Killswitch: Certain M.O.R.S or groups of them have "killswitches" genetically or surgically implanted in them. Some are drastic enough to be able to self destruct in the sense of literally detonating with explosives engineered from their own bodies, made within them or implanted. They are activitated through a variety of means and it can be difficult to tell when a M.O.R.S will randomly explode.

Biological mmortality: Study of the cells of the "Immortal Jellyfish" Turritopsis dohrnii have lead to the development of cells that revert back to their youthful state instead of aging. Thusly a M.O.R.S, though able to be killed, can live indefinitely if kept within optimium


This more or less serves as a guideline, as this faction was meant to be able to actually be properly player controlled. They can basically be thought of as machines of flesh and when I use them, I generally don't have qualms with people using them or killing them off in droves in things like large scale conflicts, events and other such things where they are present.

However, as always, I'd ask that every sells my mooks please.

But all and all, have fun with them.