"Know thy enemy, and know thyself."

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Profile: Jonathan F. Bold

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Name: Johnathan Francis Bold

Age: 46

People debate about this. He appears to be in his 40s but there are questionable records and accounts that point to him having lived in world war II and that was a grown man then.

Gender: Male

Occupation: CEO of Maverick Incorporated

Height: 6 ft 5

Weight: 290 pounds (?)

Religious affiliation: Unknown. Speculated atheist or agnostic


"As if I'd let you see my file."

In concerns to the general public, there is very little known about Bold's personal life where records are concerned. Even higher powers have trouble finding exactly where he originates from. Significant events listed include him founding Maverick inc in the 1970s in pre-dominately, Africa (where he lived for a time.) He does not have a wife, or any children. He states he was married at a time, but otherwise leaves little anything of his personal life for the public to see.

In the present day, Bold is the current leader of one of the world's most currently predominant private military corporations, Maverick Inc. A powerful military group who's objective appears to be "security" and to aid in the maintenance of global stability. With the state of the world now, it seems that in actuality, the corporation makes profits well into the hundreds of billions a year from taking job to protect people during large scale events and combat high scale threats. As the manger of such a corporation, he holds influence and power within many parts of the world.

Powers and Abilities

It is speculated with logical assumption and some evidence that Bold has some degree of artificial enhancement, given how he able to augment his soldiers, it should come no surprise that he seems to be possess superhuman abilities through some means.

He rarely engages in physical combat however,because he doesn't need to. Most people simply cannot get near enough to him to actually harm him, and he seems to himself be intelligent and resourceful enough to have a plan of action for most attacks a human, metahuman or otherwise would launch. He seems to successfully emerge unscathed these days from such attempts, to the point that he shows very little concern over his own personal safety.

On one occassion approximately two decades ago, there is an actual report of him being attacked by a legion of warlords in Africa who ambushed him and his men. At the end of the conflict, though seperated from the group during the conflict and unarmed, he suffered no injuries whatsoever, not even from the explosion that killed every man in the truck. The conflicting part of this report that often has it dismissed is that Maverick had no augmentations of that kind at that time. There were however reports of damaged to his clothing.

Currently, Bold hold's unlimited access to his company's resources, and may use any of it's weapons and summon powerful forces in very short amount of time to combat those who would actually try to attack him.

It is actually rumored there is a more detailed file of him, somewhere in existence, that alludes to a more thorough and detailed presentation of his background and abilities.