"Know thy enemy, and know thyself."

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"PERSES" Bipedial Armored Drone

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Name: Perses

Alias(es): Landwalker, Two legged tank, Walking War Machine, Mobile Artillery platform.

Number produced: 3

Phase: Prototype/Testing

Height: 50 feet

Weight: Approximately 43 tons (Approximately 86,000 pounds)


Though officially, Perses is described as a Heavily Armored Bipedal Combat Drone, Perses is often described as "Mech" or "Mecha" by men and those who see it.

Purpose behind the design and creation of such an armored fighting vehicle/drones lied in some proposed advantages of such types of vehicles over today's tanks. Primarily being all terrain use, more maneuvrability and sheer psychological effect of having such a tall and imposing force on the battlefield. A whole host of advantages and disadvantages that can be discussed in great deal, Perses niche roles and effectiveness have yet to be seen.


Perses was designed with primarily, numerous means for keeping it walking upright. While humanoid in a sense, accommodations had to be made and by no means did Maverick feel obligated to wholly emulate man in Perses design. So understandably, Perse's design differs from that of a human's due it's much grander scale.

First of this being it's hind legs being more ideal for lowering the center of gravity of it's knees, causing it's leg length to decease and each stride to cover less and less distance. Each joint contains numerous superconductor motors that enable itself to conduct itself efficiently. The model is also a very lightweight, weighing less then tanks and only weighing a bit more than some APCs. It's spring like musculature is used in particular thickness within the confines of it's hydraulic and piston like mechanisms.

It's hands enable it perform various feats of dexterity similar to that of humans, but on a larger scale. It possess two hands with 4 fingers and set of thumbs on each hand that allow for relatively precise and careful manipulation of objects roughly human sized, to even shifting large amounts of debris.

It's intelligence can be difficult to of course quantify, but it has been described as something roughly on par with perhaps, a "Dolphin" and it has a deliberate reliance on humans for carrying out instruction and capacity for true creativity.

Physical Capacity and Performance

Lifting Capacity: Approximately 10,000 tons, over 357 times it's own weight.

Speed: 80.4 Km/h (Around 50 miles per hour)

Striking power: Upper End megajoules

Jump (Y/N): Yes

Jump Height (If applicable): 40 feet

Class Ranking: 4

Power supply:

Deutrium based Fusion Reactor
Deutrium based Fusion Reactor


"Indra" Gauss Cannon

Muzzle energy: 69 MJ

Damage Type: Kinetic (Primarily). Thermal.

Firing mode: Single shot.

Muzzle Velocity: 4898 Meters per second

Projectile Weight: 5 kg

Propulsion: Chemical Electromagnetic Hybrid

The round is levitated within the chamber to be frictionlessly fired via a coilgun like mechanism. The initial charge is Chemically based while the round is accelerated all the way along the barrel through high temperature superconducting conducting coils.

The round can sometimes cause plasma discharges that, in addition to kinetic impact, can disable enemy electronics of that which it hits.

Effective range: 400 Miles

Location: Right arm

TGR Tunable DEW

Power output: 500 kW

Damage type:

  • Thermal
  • Mechanical
  • Electromagnetic

Firing mode:

  • Continuous
  • Pulsed

Muzzle Velocity: 299,792,458 meters per second.

Projectile weight: N/A

Propulsion: N/A. Directed Energy Weapon

Effective range: 20 miles.* Up to 200 miles (Vs Infantry)

Location: Left arm

*The curvature of the earth is 20 miles and most directed energy weapons cannot be steered mid flight or arced like other weapons can be.

Performance often depends on whether and conditions.

Multi-Use Hybrid Missile

Location: Back and the hips

A set of missiles loaded with ultra efficient super explosives, these roughly 1 meter long missiles can reach speeds of 5145 meters per second. Each missile is approximately 1 meter in length and capable of acting in all whether conditions to attack targets as distance as 3,000 miles away. Each missile is capable of acting as SAMs, destroying enemy aircraft and oncoming infantry. Also has use in decimating enemy infantry and chasing down speedsters.

Capable of being modified with High Explosive, HEAT, EFP and Thermobarics, with a wide variety of guidance methods. From thermal, to radar to even being manually guided (though this takes effort on the user's part.)

Storm Mounted Anti-Infantry

Muzzle energy: 5.5 KJ (Per round)

Damage type: Kinetic

Firing mode:

  • Single Shot
  • Burst Fire
  • Full auto

Fire Rate: Up to 1,000,000 RPM

Muzzle Velocity: 859 meters per second

Projectile weight: 230 grains

Propulsion: Chemical

Effective range: 1.5 miles

Location: Left arm

Using a highly compact stacked projectile system, the Storm can store large amounts of ammunition and fire it rapidly. This allows for them to fire rounds at speeds of up to 1,000,000 rounds per minute, or 16,000 rounds per second. To put this in perspective, a minigun fires 3,000 rounds a minute. Or 50 rounds every second.

What is more to this kind of firepower is it's ability to lock onto specific targets. This makes it useful at seemingly wiping out thousands upon thousands of exposed targets in one single shot. These relatively small rounds, in great number, can annihilate armor targets by converging onto one single point, enabling the weapon to be used against APCs and even tanks with moderate effectiveness. The fire rate of it, does not always need to be high, and is normally adjusted to match that of the threat before it.


Small Lightweight tactical nuclear device, capable of being launched via ballistic missile (Not to be confused with ICBM) of 2 meters in length at speeds of up to mach 10 or via the Indra Railgun. (Correspondingly, it shares the same effective range.)

Gleaming Blade

No Caption Provided

Weapon Type: Melee

Kinetic Energy: Dependent on Force of Swing

Sharpness: Nanoscale/Molecular Level

Location: Left Arm (Mounted.)

A melee weapon designed to penetrate the most hardened of structures and to engage potentially other combatants of similar size at a close range, the gleaming blade is capable of being wielded manipulated by Perses hands. The blade's incredibly sharpness combined with it's ability to vibrate the distinct frequency of a given target (based on Perses' knowledge) allows it to weaken the target by vibrating it's molecules at the frequency at which it vibrates the most. Higher frequencies are ideal for cleaving through harder materials such as steel, reinforced glass and concrete. While lower frequencies would be better for cleaving through softer things such as durable metahuman flesh, liquid and other such gelatinous materials. This also can be used to simulate earthquakes to disrupt enemies for potentially miles.

The sword is composed of a CNT Artificial Muscle Composite on it's inside to bend and contort like a wipe and actuate in response to electric current and nanofullerene blades to provided some the hardest conventional material available to man. The blade can thus extend to cut large objects, and contort with the muscle fibers within it's inner layers. Thus enabling it to cut through various buildings of different heights and lengths, before contracting back into a more portable length.


Composite Plating was one of the best ways to protect against numerous types of threats. However, what was prioritized for protection was against the oncoming age of directed energy weapons. Weapons such as lasers, plasma weapons and particle beams. These types of defenses allowed in actuality, for it to be much lighter in comparison to defenses required against purely kinetic weaponry.

With Perses said to be able to survive the little boy hiroshima bomb with hardly much damage from 300 meters away, it seems rather safe to say that his general tolerance towards most form of directed energy weapons, is high. Though one should keep in mind that ordinary tanks are capable of accomplishing the same feat of durability.

Generally, it has a high degree of kinetic resistance, able to shrug impacts equal to 100 tons with little difficulty and practically no harm at all. However, a combination of impact force and force concentration some types of rounds can provide to strike with 13 MJ of energy (rounds from tanks) can cause notable damage to Perses chasis

Graphene Aluminium Composite Frame

Provides immensely reinforced yet, highly lightweight frame.

Kryon Armoring

Protects against potent kinetic weaponry

Composite Ceramic Plate

Insulation capabilities enable great degree of protection against plasma.

Starlite Inner coating

Provides immense protection against blast waves and sun-like to nuclear levels of temperature through unbridled insulation. Even if it encounters temperatures hot enough to melt it, it won't actually.

DEW Reactive Armor

Armor that arcs plasma upon being struck, used to deflect and outright repel magnetic projectiles. Aids repulsor.

Superconductor Mesh

Enables the absorption and channel of seemingly limitless amounts electricity, should layers fail and protects against EMPs to core components.


Cloaking and metaflex

The very outer layer of it's armor can serve numerous purposes and players a vital role in it's defense.

The very outer layer, or skin, is lined with an metamaterial that while weak, can adjust itself at the molecular level. This enables to manipulate electromagnetic waves, such as light. And through this, it is capable of cloaking from most any frequency of electromagnetic radiation short of raw gamma rays.

In addition, this enables it to form lenses with negative refractive indexes, perfect coherent absorbers to utterly absorb whatever EM radiation is thrown towards it. Indeed, a common tactic is to absorb EM radiation from the HELIOS orbital DEW and gain power from it.


Not to be confused with any technology stark related, this defensive measure functions as a means of countering other EM propelled and steered weaponry.

A magnetic field could hardly be considered something effective at often deflecting bullets and most modern ammunition, however, the same can't be said for plasma due to it's very nature being charged. This means that charged beams of plasma are very vulnerable to being stopped or even, outright steered by such magnetic fields. The same can be said for charged particle beams as well, which often use magnetic fields to prevent blooming and to keep contained. Such a field can curve a very large beam around and even be effective for neutralizing nuclear explosives to a degree.

Railguns and coilguns use magnetism as a means of propulsion for their bullets and invariably, their bullets are also forced to be magnetic. This seldom exploited weakness can be used to otherwise deflect projectiles traveling towards them at stupefying velocities, often propelled by Gauss weaponry.

A side effect of this is repelling enemy explosives, most of which contains some mechanism used to magnetically steer it. However, this powerful electromagnetic is useless against most conventional "Dumb" kinetic rounds because most munitions used are either not magnetic or have no strong enough charge that would enable it to be efficiently deflected at the velocities they travel.

Electric Smoke

EM countermeasure, that shoots out a black smoke, composed of particles of conductive material, along with a conductor, that blinds practically everything in the area. Combined with mixtures of white phosphorous

The effect of this is that it disrupts enemy communications through the smoke and renders everything within visible as it's contents burns and distorts everything in the area, temperatures jumping up to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit from white phosphorus contained within the smoke.

It is then, that the smoke is capable of both concealing Perses if released via it's canister shot and harming smaller things around it.

Additionally, another use for this is that the smoke absorbs light due to being black, dissipating most lasers to being nigh harmless. Charged particles throughout the air interfere with particle beams and depending on how much charge it has.


Chaff, originally called Window[1] by the British, and Düppel by the Second World War era GermanLuftwaffe (from the Berlin suburb where it was first developed), is a radar countermeasure in which aircraft or other targets spread a cloud of small, thin pieces of aluminium, metallized glass fibre or plastic, which either appears as a cluster of primary targets on radar screens or swamps the screen with multiple returns.

Modern armed forces use chaff (in naval applications, for instance, using short-range SRBOC rockets) to distract radar-guided missiles from their targets. Most military aircraft and warships have chaff dispensing systems for self-defense. An intercontinental ballistic missile may release in its midcourse phase several independent warheads as well as penetration aids such as decoy balloons and chaff.


Typically, chaff grenades are launched within the air or the ground and contain measure for defeating radar and other means of EM detection. Additional metamaterial filaments are added as well as addition smoke, to render the chaff typically black. This causes it to functionally scramble all forms of EM detection.

Acoustic Apparatus

Perses possesses acute means of generating and detecting, sound. The megaphone located in it's mouth enables it project sound and detect it via echolocation, enabling highly efficient means of locating things around it, not unlike a bat, but on a larger scale.

The louder and more powerful the noise, the more it can detect, and very often, it's own noise can be used to get clear maps of the area. However, the noise of busy areas such as battlefields and cities can often be enough to provide a clear sight of the area.

Another use disruption of enemy echolocation, sonar (if underwater) and enhanced senses. The megaphone can be used to generate and even focus sound into a DEW capable of massive amounts of destruction, enabling it to generate high amounts of pressure to blow opponents back, and even focus it like a laser to cause physical damage to surrounding objects, heat things as well as already cause extreme amounts of damage to those who already have enhanced hearing.

COM Array

The mech's high height makes it an ideal for receiving and distributing information, enabling it to access satellite, GPS and even have it's own HUD that displays the environment.

Communication purposes are useful in that it can relay formation in otherwise desolate areas if need be and with relative discreetness, as it can "lase" these signals directly towards those whom it wishes to communicate with silently, a la Maverick's notorious R-Telepathy through which it can receive commands. In addition to this, the mech can send informtion to others, such as the positions of enemies, enemy communications and objectives even that it is ordered to search for an mark. Such information is often sent to the HUDs of users, and even highlighted.

When active however, it is vulnerable to being disabled by EMPs, though it is more durable then most other types due to it's use of Graphene over silicon. It also can and does often shield it by retracting or covering it within a moment's notice.